honestly, I really would have liked a slower Kenji = Talos reveal, like, MC and Talos working together as heroes, but also MC and Kenji working together on the nightclub thing and possibly flirting/dating, and MC is like “ok so I like Kenji but shit I think I’m kinda crushing on Talos too” and vica versa, and then BIG REVEAL

but at the same time, it’s so obvious that I’m genuinely surprised Kenji’s ass isn’t already in jail or at least severely grounded by his mom. guy doesn’t even wear a mask, okay? sure, his face is bronze, but it’s still the same face?? I’m supposed to believe his own mother doesn’t recognise him? come on guys.

short pre-reveal scene up for your consideration: Kenji and Mrs Katsaros are out in public when Supervillain Guys attack. thankfully, MC is there and quickly changes into superhero clothes. Kenji tries to sneak off long enough to transform subtly, but he can’t pull it off with his mother so close, so two things happen

1) at one point, MC in superhero costume totally forgets they’re not supposed to know Kenji, and refers to him by name. cue both Kenji and his mom being like ??

2) Mrs Katsaros is about to be crushed by a car that was thrown by the supervillain or something. MC catches car, sets it down, turns to her “With all due respect, District Attorney, I would have loved to see a policeman do that” and flies away

A Smitten Hero

“It’s quite ingenious, really.” The villain guided the hero to their lap, enjoying the look of complete and utter helplessness on the lover’s face. “I could do whatever I wanted, and they’ll still beg me for more. They’d do anything for me.” They stroked the hero’s smitten face, stole a long kiss before glancing at the lover once more. “What do you reckon I should have them do to you? I do believe they might still be in there somewhere, screaming.” A nasty smile crossed the villain’s face. “I hope so, anyway. More fun that way.“

Prompt courtesy of @the-modern-typewriter



This batch of Overwatch tarot cards will be available until 26th August  11:59pm GMT (7:59pm EST)!

I really hope you guys like them because I won’t be able to order them otherwise :’^) and if everything works out well, I will be selling some at Deecon on 9th September too! - If you have any question about why I’ve assign a character a certain arcana, don’t hesitate to send me an ask! I should have an answer ^^;;

Thank you @thatsthat24 so much for always making me smile and helping me through a really hard time. I know I’ve said this before and I probably will in the future, but you have helped me so much and I’m forever grateful for it. THANK YOU!!💚

I love you so much, Thomas. 💚
You are my hero.


(P.S. there’s a letter to go with the picture up on my Twitter, @/howlingnia, in which I might overshare a bit, but I just really want to thank you Thomas.)