I don’t think we talk enough about how lonely and hurt Cas actually is.
His whole family hates him and the angels who used to understand him are now dead and gone.
He’s been called expendable so many times that he feels that he has to constantly proof or even sacrifice himself. And even that isn’t enough.
He’s broken, but no one cares.
He’s lost everything, but he’s still fighting for the Winchesters and expects nothing in return.
Castiel is one of the strongest and bravest characters on the show and I’m afraid of how little we appreciate him.


Pod of CA transients spotted in Monterey Bay on Feb. 3.

Top three photos: two young calves, including a newborn! The older calf can be seen carrying a piece of kelp. The second mother was right behind these three, and the female pictured may have been relieving her of mother duty at the time.

Bottom photo: male CA49B

Photos by Captain John Mayer of Monterey Bay Whale Watch.

Prank Gone Wrong

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Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 270

“YOU DID WHAT?!” You nearly choked on your lunch, eyes widening as you ran towards your room with guilty-looking Castiel following you from behind. You were breathless when you got there, but you were hyperventilating when you laid your eyes on your dearest resting place. Your room was pink. And not just any pink, but hot pink. The best part is that not only the walls, your bed sheets and a couple of your stuff were also covered in the goddamn hot pink paint.

    “I’m really sorry, I had mistaken your room with Dean’s. It was supposed to go there.” The blue-eyed angel tried to explain the situation, not really sure what he should do to calm you down.

    “The paint’s supposed to go where?”

    “Dean’s room…”

    And you groaned. You knew Castiel wouldn’t have done something like this on his own and the only person –or angel in this case, you know who would plan to do something like this was that one damn trickster, Gabriel. 

    “When I get my hands on him, I’ll make sure he regrets this very moment.” You cussed under your breath, making the poor angel fidget even more.


    “Not a word, Cas!” You hollered, stomping your way back to the kitchen to continue your meal in desperation, passing through the Winchester boys on the way.

    “Cas, what did you do– Holy hell, that’s one pink room.” Dean was trying his best to hold in his laughs, but his brother on the other hand had realized the small pout on the angel’s face. 

    “You should, uh… repaint?” Sam suggested awkwardly, as Dean’s cackles echoed across the bunker.

I swear it feels like every time we come up with five reason or ways Dean Cas can come close, the writers and everyone involved comes up with fifteen ways to separate them. I just hate that they fear Destiel so much they sacrifice Dean Cas friendship and mess up storylines and archs just to keep them apart. The wort part is less Misha time.
I hate being pessimist and i am not being negative here, just kinda pissed and disappointed. Sometimes I feel I am among the last hopeful destiel shipper. I will never give up on Dean Cas but I really don’t like that the creators make it so difficult for us.

Downloaded a bunch of cc, and I wanted to try it out so I made a sim! (not part of the 30 day challenge, which I will continue when I am actually home and not in a shitty dorm)

I didn’t know what to call her, so I called her Cutie Pie (she’s also a klepto, because why not)

I called you abomination… because, I didn’t want to admit to myself that I like you. But every night I secretly wanted you to be on the other side of my bed… I wanted to play with your hair while we’re talking… I wanted to look at you while you’re sleeping… I wanted to kiss you when you’re crying… but all I want now is… for you to come back to me…

You know, I think that I’m starting to hallucinate Destiel - meaning is it actually real? The show takes one (sub)step forward then puts the Impala in reverse for 80 miles. I don’t even know if what I hold dear as the OTP I’ve been rooting for for YEARS is real or not. Seriously, this is not cool. It makes me really upset. I mean, is it so hard just to throw it in there? Considering some of the other shit they’ve pulled out of their ass, is it so hard to do this? It doesn’t even have to be overt at this point. I just want some verification that I’m not crazy.


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