Imagine the last episode of Supernatural. You’re disappointed becuase Destiel never became canon. But you’re also happy because Sam, Dean and Cas finally get the peace they deserve.

The last minute of the show is nearing. Dean and Cas are taking it all in. No more drama, no more lucifer or apocalypses to worry about. “It’s a perfect ending.” You think. And then, during the last 30 seconds, Dean reaches for Cas’ hand. Cas looks up and smiles. Dean rests his head on Cas’ shoulder. The screen then goes black. The credits roll. 

And that, my fellow Destiel shippers, is how I imagine Destiel becoming canon.

Amen (GOD!stielxReader SMUT)

Whelp. If i wasnt going to hell before, im definatly going now. 

@abaddonwithyall wanna know your thoughts on this. tbh. 

You stand there; eyes wide as he circles around you.

How had he found you? Oh father, he looked so angry.

Castiel’s jaw clenches, his knuckles white as he takes you in, beaten, bloody, and slumped on the floor, your knees cushioning you from the hardwood of his office. His grunts had done a good job of roughing you up.

“Did you think you would get away, (Y/N)?”

You bit the inside of your cheek, refusing to make contact with the blue eyes you’d fallen so very in love with; blue eyes that now held coldness and anger.

“I-I am sorry Castiel I just-”

The sound of his fist slamming against the glass of his desk made you jump. Cas stood in front of you, one hand in his pocket; black wings spread wide.

“Sorry? I am sure you are. You attempted to contact the Winchesters behind my back. You think I’m wrong for the way I’ve been acting, Do you?”

There’s a painful weight on your chest, almost as if it’s crushing your vessel. Castiel’s grace is pushing down on you.


He sneers, bending to his knee in front of you. Rough, calloused fingers take your chin, forcing you to look into his burning blue eyes, which are glowing.

“Well, My sweet fledgling. If you are not with me, than you are against me. You have sinned, gone against your commander, your next king.”

Fear rises in you.

“C-Castiel please.. mercy.. what would father d-”

His eyes narrow, jaw clenching.

“Father isn’t here, dear sister.”

The angel flings you to the side with so much force that you fall to the ground. In an instant he’s straddling you, one knee spreading your legs.

“You are mine, (Y/N). You know this. So why would you betray me? Why would you go against me and hurt me so?”

You squirm, heat pooling in your core despite the situation; despite wanting to run and hide and get far away from this stranger. This was no longer the Castiel you’d fallen in love with upon meeting on earth. No. This man was much, much more sinister. He wore a shit-eating smirk.


Your gasp is nothing but a shrill whisper; two of his fingers sinking inside of your folds. His knuckles gently bump against your clit, making you writhe under him. A tortured cry of pleasure escapes your lips.

“You must be punished; must be cleansed. This is your penance, (Y/N). I will remind you who you belong to.”

Tears are building in your eyes; of what you aren’t sure.  The emotions are so complex. You’re terrified of him, you’re in love with him, and you’re aroused despite the fact you don’t want to be.

Your head shakes against the hardwood floor, nails clawing at the slick surface as if to find purchase. Your skirt is removed, along with the panties you’d picked out for today. He throws them haphazardly to the side, before settling his face between your legs.

“Recite to me our fathers prayer, (Y/N).”

You cry out as the tip of his tongue trails between your folds, circling your swollen clit.

“C-Castiel please-”

“Do It.”

“O-Our Father, Who a-art in Heaven”

He watches you with narrowed blue eyes, his tongue flicking against your clit, making you squirm and cry out.

“H-H-Hallowed be T-Thy name;”

You’re trembling, shame burning at every nerve ending. Castiel smirks, dipping the tip of his tongue into your weeping entrance, Your body jolts upward, but he keeps you pressed to his lips.

“Go on.”

You shake your head, the tears now spilling over your cheeks.

“C-Castiel please dont- Dont make me-”

The angel bites down against your clit, sending your body arching off the hardwood. You cry out, whimpering as he returns to licking up your slit.

“T-thy Kingdom come, Thy will be d-done on earth-!!”

Castiel grips your ass hard, lifting you against his face. Your cheeks are flushed, chest heaving. You cry out again, a sob of embarrassment ripping from your throat.

“a-as it is in Heaven. G-Give us this day our daily b-brea- a-ahh!”

Your orgasm rips through you like wildfire; burning every nerve. However Cas isn’t done with you. His pants are off, revealing his hardened cock. You tremble as he takes your legs, spreading them apart for him. For a second the angel takes you in, a satisfied smirk on his face.

“This is how i like  you; being obedient and good. Following orders…”

You cry out, voice breaking as his tip nudges against your seeping entrance.


Your fingers grip in his hair; an attempt to ground yourself after such an intense orgasm. Castiel  purrs, rocking himself into your scorching heat. Do you want this? Your mind screams no, that right now this isn’t the same man you love. But your body is desperate for him; for all of him.

“A-And forgive us our t-trespasses as we f-f-forgive-”

The angel’s pace quickens, his hips slapping against yours with lewd, wet slaps. You arch off the ground, whining when his fingertips brush gently over your clit. Castiel’s wings are spread wide over your body, much larger than your own fledgling sized ones.

“T-Those who trespass against u-us; a-and lead…and lead-!”

A strangled gasp escapes past your lips, the familiar white-hot burn ripping through your core. You’re close, so fucking close. Castiel’s eyes are almost completely black; lust blown as they watch you writhe and cry beneath him.

“And lead what, (Y/N)?”

His voice breaks, a raspy growl vibrating from his throat. He’s close too.

“ ME. Castiel! L-LEAD ME not into temptation, b-but deliver ME from…from…OH! F-From evil!”

You clench around him, crying loudly as your orgasm rips through you, juices soaking his abdomen. Castiel follows you; pounding with reckless abandon. The glass tabletop of his desk shatters beside the two of you, shards flying around the white room.  The sound his hips make against yours is positively lewd, and dare you say sinful. There’s sweat gathered at his hairline; his brows are furrowed, plump lips pulled back in a sneer. He looks primal.

The heat of his essence fills you; painting your walls with his thick cum. Castiel pulls himself from your trembling body; his forehead pressing to your own.

“Finish it.”

His voice is a low rasp.


Your voice is barely a whisper.


He repeats, picking himself up off the floor, but leaving you there, a wet, trembling heap.

“Get dressed. And do not betray me again, (Y/N). Your next punishment will not be as generous.”

You fumble with your clothing, mind reeling from what you’d just experienced.



Fat clumps of snow fell softly from the sky, catching in your lashes and tangling in your hair. The corners of your lips curled up as you spun slowly around in circles, your arms clutched to your chest. 

When you came to a gradual stop, you opened your eyes to look at Cas. Your eyes met narrowed ones, and you let out a soft giggle at his look of confusion. 

“What’s wrong, Cas?” you asked as you glided over to his side. The angel looked nothing more than endearing in his trench coat and bulky back hockey skates, and the sight of him made you smile.  

“You are very good at this, Y/N. It was very graceful” he exclaimed after a moment of silent contemplation. You grinned, and you were about to thank him when he added softly, “You looked very beautiful.” 

The words caught in your throat, and your lips opened but no words followed. You could feel the heat blossom across your cheeks, and you hoped the crisp winter air covered up most of your embarrassment. 

You stood there for a moment, your eyes glued to a pair of snow-framed, crystalline eyes that could both warm you and simultaneously send chills down your spine, and you were overcome by the realization of just how much this angel meant to you. 

Averting your eyes, your grin softened into something softer and shyer. You reached forward and tenderly straightened Cas’s overturned tie, before dropping your mitten-clad hands and grasping softly onto his own ungloved ones. 

“Come on,” you said, pulling on his hands as you slowly drifted backwards. “I’ll teach you.” 

Cas’s face lit up, and with a sheepish smile, he followed after you on unsteady legs.

And on a frozen pond under a soft snowfall, the world drifted away and the only people left were you and a certain blue-eyed angel. 

{Dedicated to a friend who inspired me to write this imagine}

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Pray Again Soon

Summary: You get a pleasant surprise when your dreams of a certain blue eyed angel become a reality. 

Cas x Reader

Words: 4k oops

A/N: I’m still relatively new to this fandom in terms of writing fics so feedback is very welcomed! I’m tagging a few authors I follow/love. Hoping 1) they won’t mind and 2) will enjoy reading this as much as I did writing it. Enjoy lovelies! @abaddonwithyall @castielspahdehrah @bkwrm523 @stephizzle94

Warnings: Smut - enough said.

His breath is hot on your neck as he ghosts his lips across your skin. Feather light touches of his fingers trail down your stomach at an agonizingly slow pace. He has barely touched you but your entire body in humming with need. You need him to touch you, to taste you, to sate this burning desire that is consuming you. Finally his hand has reached your hip and is sliding even slower to dip between your thighs. You moan at the thought of what is to come, his name escaping your lips. ‘Cas.’

You wake with a start, breathing fast and pulse racing. Disappointment runs like ice through your veins as you realize it was just a dream. As much as you wish it weren’t true you’ve become used to waking this way. These dreams of Castiel have been pulling you from your sleep for weeks, leaving you frustrated and wanting.

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So about this deepest, darkest desire thing...

Alright, so, prepare yourself for a rant. 

 In the most recent Supernatural episode we see the Winchesters battling a creature(not really sure how to spell it so we’re just gonna go with creature) that shape shifts into the deepest, darkest desire of its intended victim. 

 And when Dean is its target, it becomes Amara. 

 For starters, this does NOT mean as much as some people think. And in no way does it invalidate Destiel. Let’s start off with what Sam said, yeah?

 She’s God’s sister, it’s not like you had a choice in the matter. 

 Thank you, Sam, thank you. Because he didn’t. He had absolutely no choice whatsoever. He was the one with mark, so he was the one to set her free(unwillingly, I might add). For this reason, she chose him. She’s a supposedly unstoppable, all-powerful force: if she wanted to be his deepest, darkest desire, she could ensure she was his deepest, darkest desire. Dean doesn’t want to desire her, he wants to kill her. And he even said, he only feels the whole desire thing when he’s around her. You know why? Because she is able to bend his will so that he feels that way. That’s why it was so easy for him to attack the creature when it made itself appear as Amara! Because he felt nothing for her in that moment. 

 Now let’s talk about what would’ve happened if Amara had never come onto the show and this episode still happened. 

 It would’ve been Cas. 

There’s not a single doubt in my mind that that thing would’ve showed up as Cas. And, you know what? If it had, Dean wouldn’t have been able to attack it. He wouldn’t have been able to grab that knife and attempt to kill it(despite the only way for it to die is to have its heart stabbed, which wasn’t in its body). The only reason it was Amara was because Amara wanted it to be her. She created the bond between them, and Dean wants nothing to do with it. He made that very clear. Amara may desire Dean, but the only reason Dean desires her is because she has forced him to. If it weren’t for her, we would’ve seen Dean battling Cas in the latest episode.


OMG you guys. I just found this video and it is AMAZING! Fuck. Everyone who loves Cas should watch it. Fucking Christ. It’s so well done. And the song goes so well. Plus with their campaigns about being strong and never giving up, this is the perfect time for everyone to see it. 


Song: Fight song

Uploaded:  Wendy Winchester 


“You flatter me too much, Castiel,” you said with a smile.

“Has, uh… Has he always been like this?” Sam asked.

You shrugged. “Ever since he got here, yes.”

“So I guess we can conclude that he’s a little…” Dean made a motion near his head to signify that Castiel wasn’t really in his right mindset.

“Yeah, but I think he’s adorable,” you giggled.

kay18115 asked:

60 with Castiel 😂

Are you watching porn?


   Being the youngest Winchester meant I spent most of my days locked away in the bunker with Castiel. Most of the time it was fine, I was left to wander the bunker and do what ever it is I wanted, then there were days when Cas decided that we just had to watch a movie together. Normally that would be a fun thing, but with Cas, you never knew what movie he would put on. Being an angel meant that Cas know very little about movies. Which usually meant I was watching some weird ass movies with him.

  “Y/n come and watch this movie, I think it is one you`ll enjoy. It`s about Harry Potter.” Castiel called from his bedroom, his words causing me to raise an eyebrow.

  “Coming Cas.” I yelled back, sighing as I put the book I was reading to the side. I jumped up from my chair and made my way to where Cas was curled up. I hummed as I walked, rolling my eyes playfully at the man child sitting on the edge of the bed. The light from the TV flashed across his face, the sounds of moans filling the air.

  “Cas? Are you watching porn?” I squealed, glancing at the TV long enough to let out a surprised squeak. It was certainly about Harry Potter, only not any Harry Potter movie I saw. Harry and Draco where naked, Harry giving Draco a blow job. “Jesus it`s gay porn!”

  “No I am Cas not Jesus and this is porn? It said Harry Potter?” He muttered, cocking his head to the side in utter confusion.

  “Yes it`s Harry Potter themed Porn. I`ll grab the actual movies.” I giggled, smiling at the angel sitting on the bed. He nodded, keeping his eyes on the screen.

  “Would that not hurt? Draco is putting what he calls a wand up Harry, but that`s not a wand.”

  “Okay, that goes off, I`ll be back.”

  “Y/n I am confused.”

  “Ask my brothers I`m not explaining this.” I said, shaking my head as I ran to my room, scooping the 8 films into my arms. When I walked back into the room I dropped onto the bed beside Cas, passing him the first movie.

  “Put this on my dear Castiel, we are going to Hogwarts.”

  “I have been I don`t think I want to go again.”

  “That was porno Hogwarts, this is actually Hogwarts. Trust me you`ll love it.”

  “I trust you, so lets go to Hogwarts.”


Request- Hi I am new to requests and stuff but I was wondering If you can you please do an imagine where Cas becomes a leviathan and keeps you hostage until your brothers save you so he can kill them

A/N- It’s slightly different than requested. But just a little tiny bit. The title is very misleading. x) Also, you can blame my sister for the ending. It was my idea but she picked between 2 different endings. Sooo um tell me what you think! x)


Word Count- 1218

Warning- character death~

“Don’t go on that hunt… He’s dangerous… He’s off limits… You’ll die…” That’s what they told you, your brothers that is. You, though, were never one to stray from a challenge, because of course, that’s how you took it, a challenge.

You were hunting a leviathan, the newest kind of monster on the playing field. This one though, was an angel first. You had heard of him before, the angel Castiel. He was now a leviathan for some reason that was never quite explained to you. The thing is, he’s bad now, and has to be taken care of. You had everything you needed to kill this son of a bitch and you sure as hell weren’t going to let him get away. Not because it was dangerous. Not because he was off limits. This thing was killing people and it had to be stopped. That’s what motivated you.

You had been following its tracks but have yet to get to him. You drove from town to town yet he always seemed to be one step ahead of you. ‘Not today’ you thought as a smile formed on your face. You were literally ten feet away from him. You had to pass threw a group of people but once you did, he was gone. You looked around in all directions and nothing. You stared at the spot he had just been, blinking several, confirming that he was actually gone.

“It’s not very nice to follow stalk a person.” you hear right next to your ear.

“Good thing you aren’t a person huh?” you responded. You had turned you head enough to see his face and you could see the unbearable smirk he had sarcastically change into a frown.

“It hurts to hear you say that.” he said.

“Aw, you gonna cry?” you questioned.

“Hmm, sorry to disappoint but I’m not much of a crier.” he said, smiling.

“That’s too bad.” you sigh, slowly trying to take out your knife.

“Do you really want to fight me here, in front of all these people? These sweet-sweet innocent people. I surely don’t mind.” he whispered.

‘Shit.’ you thought. He was right though, you couldn’t fight, not there at least.

“Follow me. I have the perfect place for us.” he said.

“Right. Like I’d go somewhere where you would have the advantage.” you growled.

He chuckled, “I don’t think you see the disadvantage position you are in already.”

You wondered what he talked about until you felt a knife on your back. ‘Shit’ you thought.

“You don’t think I’d actually let you get this close to me right?” he chuckled again.

He took you to an isolated plain looking house. You walked in with him right behind you, knife still against your back.

“Sit-” he ordered.

“No thanks I’ll stand,” you said.

He chuckled but then turned completely serious. “I said sit.” he said, throwing his hand out.

You were pushed toward the nearby chair. You were about to stand up and take your knife out when he suddenly knocked it out of your hand. Then he tied your arms and legs to the chair. You looked up at him and he had a devilish grin.

“You bastard!” you spat.

“This is going to be fun.” he said.

Seeing that expression on his face, the smile, the gleeful eyes, the overall manic aura that poured out of him, all you could think was, ‘My brothers were right. I shouldn’t have come on this hunt.’

“I see. You were warned about me. That’ll make this all the more- fun.” he paused, “Now… who gave you such sound advice?” he inquired.

“I’m not tell you jack shit.” you respond with a scowl. ‘As if I’d give away my brothers’ you thought

He laughed, “I see. Your brothers told you about me. We should call them shouldn’t we?”

Your eyes widened, even more so when you saw that his smile grew when you realized that he could read minds. You panicked when he took your phone and messaged your brothers that you had taken the case and you needed help. Your heart nearly stopped when they responded with ‘We’re on our way.’

“If you’re going to kill me just do it.” you shouted.

“Kill you? Oh no, I’m not going to kill you. I’m going to keep you strapped to that chair and make you watch me kill your brothers when they get here. Then, I’ll untie you and let you go on your merry way.” he explained.

“You sick bastard!” you growled, struggling your way out of the damned chair.

“That isn’t going to wo-rk.” he said in a sing song voice. He then walked to the next room, leaving you there all alone.

You struggled a bit more once he left, but it was as he said, it wasn’t working. ‘Useless,’ you thought to yourself. You looked around for anything that might help you escape. Then you spotted your knife on the floor. As quietly as you possibly could, you tried to get the knife, only to result in you falling on the floor. You looked up towards the door Cas had gone through to see if he had heard. You stared for what felt like centuries until you noticed he wasn’t going to come. You reached for the knife with your hand and started to cut away the ropes when you managed to get it. Once one hand was free the rest of the ropes were cut off fairly quickly.

You stood up and saw him standing in the door way. He clapped, “I was honestly expecting you to take much longer to escape the chair. Now let’s have some fun.”

You tightened your grip on your knife and without a word in response you charged at him. He stopped your arm and punch the air out of you. You recovered fast and dropped the knife to your free hand. You swung again. He moved his head back almost dodging the slash. Unfortunately for him you managed to get in a scratch.

You both fought for hours. Neither wanting to yield for the other. You had to kill him before your brothers arrive. You couldn’t let them come. No matter what. Somewhere between your fighting he had taken out his blade. You both had scratches and cuts all over you. You more than him since he healed a lot more quickly than you.

The moment a car could be heard from the outside a body dropped. There was blood everywhere. Most of it was yours but some belonged to Cas.

Your brothers could be heard outside, making their way toward the front door. You limped toward the door, holding your injured arm. You met with your brothers, you managed to smile, “H-Hey guys.”

“Y/N! Are you alright? Where is he?” one asked.

“I killed em. He’s in there. I don’t recommend you goin in though. He kinda shifted into me so… I look kinda dead in there.” you chuckled.

“You? You killed him?” they questioned.

“Yep- nothing but a dead body in there…” you paused, “Now can you guys help patch me up I don’t really want to bleed out.”

“Yeah! Come on let’s go.” they said.

You turned your head and smiled devilishly, “I told you it’d be fun Y/N.”

Hope you liked it! x)