I’ve Always Wanted You

Pairing: Cas x Reader

Prompt: Sam and Dean are gone sooooooo…..yeah.

Tags: fluff, Cas is adorable, smut, rough(ish) sex, unprotected sex, yum.

Words: 2,498

Note: *throws this at you and runs away*

S/O to my beta: @ilovetardisblue

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Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warning: Light sexual references

Word Count: 559

This is part of my “500 Follower Celebration”. There will be five drabbles in total; fear, happiness, anger, love and sadness. These are just scene shots in the form of drabbles. They may eventually be turned into fics. I hope that you enjoy them and thank you again for following!

Listen while you read here.


The light streaming in through the window was warm against his skin as he laid there, tangled in the sheets. He sighed and opened his eyes to see you lying there next to him with your head against his chest, sound asleep. Your arm was draped over his chest, your hair lying down on your shoulders in soft waves; the curls from last night having fallen down. You were perfect.

He couldn’t stop the smile on his face as he watched you sleeping, watched your chest rise and fall with each breath, your heartbeat right next to his.

He gently put his arm around your shoulders and softly ran his hands up and down your back, sliding the sheet down to your waist, careful not to wake you.

Last night had been a blur of tuxedos and dresses, champagne and dancing; your smile that lit up the room. He only had eyes for you. When you looked up at him the whole world disappeared and it was only you. He had spent the night watching you laugh and dance with everyone in the room; they all wanted time with you. But he was the one who got to take you home at the end of the night.

You shifted closer, sliding your leg over his and moving your hand up his chest. He looked down at the band on your finger and he could feel his heart skip a beat. You were his and he was yours; forever. He had promised to love you through this lifetime and the next; whatever the future brought for you, he would never leave your side.

He placed his hand over yours and held it there, feeling the love in his heart overflow at the mere thought of you. You were so fragile lying there, so very human as you slept against him. He would spend his dying breath keeping you safe. You were everything to him; his world revolved only around you.

He lifted your hand to his lips and kissed your knuckles, smiling even bigger when he saw your eyes flutter and look up at him through a halo of soft waves. Your smile melted his heart as you moved up to place your lips against his, kissing him softly in the early morning light. He slid his arms around your waist and pulled you up closer, sliding your warm body up against his.

He sighed at the touch of your hands against his face and rolled you back so that he was over you.

He broke the kiss and looked down at you in complete awe; the woman who had captured an angel with a smile. He rested on one elbow and cupped your cheek, sliding his thumb across, memorizing every detail. There was no world outside waiting; no people, no danger. There was only you and him, there entwined in a perfect morning of slow kisses and warm sheets.

You placed your hand over his, smiling up at him, whispering ‘I love you’ in the quiet of the morning. He leaned in and pressed his lips against yours, drinking you in as your bodies moved together. For now he was happy. For now he had everything that he had ever wanted. For now there was nothing that could ever come into the world that existed within these four walls.


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Go Home

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: Just fluff :)

Length: Drabble/not that long- 335 words

Summary: You come back from a hunt with the boys, wanting nothing but bed. Cas comes to join you 

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It has been too long of a day.

You knew it, the boys knew it, and even Cas knew it.

The four of you walked into the bunker and didn’t stop to rest your tired feet until you reached the living room.

You, Sam, and Dean immediately collapsed on the couch.

“Man, I’m beat.” Dean said. He looked at Sam. “You just had to find a case that involved not one, but two wendigo?”

“Like I knew what we were dealing with when I found the article.” Sam said. “Let alone knowing there were two.”

“Uh huh.” Dean said. “Sure you didn’t.”

You rubbed your face in your hands before noticing Cas watching you carefully.

“Well,” You began. “As much fun as this was, I’m going to bed.” You got up and began to head toward your room.  “Night.”

“Night.” The Winchester’s called after you.

You entered your room and closed the door with a sigh. You quickly got dressed into your pajamas and slid under the covers; closing your tired eyes.

A moment or two went by before you heard a flutter of wings.

“Y/N,” You heard Cas say.

“I’m tired, Cas.” You said.

“I know.” You heard him say.

You felt the bed tip followed by a pair of arms encircling you.

“Cas, I said I’m tired.” You said. “Go home.”

“I know.” Cas said, pulling you to him. “And I am.”

You opened your eyes and turned to face him.

“I said-” You began.

“I know what you said.” Cas said. “But I know what you really mean. So, using the words of a very good friend of mine, shut up and come here.”

You smiled a little, as did Cas, and did exactly as he said.

Cas laid down flat on his back holding You close to his chest.

“Goodnight, Cas.” You said.

“Goodnight, Y/N” Cas said.


Cass possessed as Dean SPN Minncon 2016