Ich bin kein politisch gebildeter oder sonst irgendwie intelligenter Mensch, aber ich finde, wenn ich schon das Sprachrohr hab so viele Menschen hier zu versammeln, dann kann man kurz einen kleinen winzigen Appell daran geben, dass einfach niemand von uns jemals irgendwen irgendwie benachteiligt wegen seiner Herkunft oder seines Aussehens benachteiligt. Vorallem nicht wenn irgendjemand der von ganz weit her kommt und hier ein weiteres zu Hause sucht weil seins kaputt gebombt wurde. Und, dass es scheiss egal ist wer wen liebt solange er ihn wirklich wahrlich und ernsthaft liebt. Können wir bitte jeder beide Mittelfinger in die Luft strecken gegen diesen ganzen engstirnigen Pegidaarschlöcher oder sonst irgendwen
—  Casper Castival 2015 Dresden
37. “Wanna dance?”

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You giggled slightly as you saw Castiel grabbing a beer from the fridge and failing at opening it with his bare hand. “H-How does Dean do that? I thought the lid was like the one from a bottle, but that one actually hurts my hand…” He said thoughtfully and you had to bit your lip to stop yourself from laughing as he switched the bottle to his other hand to try and open it that way. After a few seconds you couldn’t hold it in and you stood up, grabbing the bottle from Cas’ hand and putting the top of it on the edge of the table. With your other hand you gave the bottle a hard tap on the top and the cap fell of immediately. You handed the beer back to Cas and he stared at you with big eyes. “You are not the only one who doesn’t manage to open the bottle with bare hands.” You grinned and did the same to your bottle. Cas took a seat at the kitchen table and eyed the beer before taking a sip of it, scrunching up his face in disgust. “Dean drinks that as…as if it was water. This is gross!” He said and you laughed again.

You didn’t know why you were so calm, but since Cas came back yesterday and revealed to you that he was human due to the lack of his grace, you had a feeling in the pit of your stomach that told you not to worry. “Here, you can have mine.” Cas handed you his bottle and went to the fridge to look for something else. “If you want something sweet, you should try the lemonade. I made it myself yesterday.” You told him and pointed toward the big bottle that had a yellowish liquid inside. He grabbed a glass and after taking a sip, his face lit up. “That’s amazing!” he said and you smiled happily.

“Dean and Sam called; they said they found a lead to Metatron. They should be back in a few days.” You told Cas after you hung up the phone. He sat on the couch and cheerfully ate one of your cheesy toasts, drinking your lemonade. “You are an excellent Chef, (Y/N).” Cas stated and you laughed. “Toast with cheese isn’t really a hard dish Cas…” you said and he shrugged. “It still tastes amazing.“ he said and you thanked him. You both sat in silence for a while, listening to the TV that played in the background. You couldn’t help but blush whenever your knees touched or when he looked at you, the butterflies in your stomach fighting to break free.

“I have an idea. I want to show you something.” You said after a while and got up. You grabbed his hand and pulled him to his feet, dragging him towards the main door. You threw him one of Dean’s jackets and pulled on a sweater yourself, getting out of the warmth of the bunker and into the fresh air. Castiel didn’t question your actions. He trusted you with his life and he knew, if you wanted to show him something, it was for sure worth it. You kept holding hands as you walked around the bunker and on top of the hill where the bunker was built in.

“Wow.” Castiel’s voice wasn’t above a whisper as he saw the scenery in front of him. The bunker wasn’t close to any town or city, but thanks to the hill they were on they saw a small town in the distance as well as a big lake which shimmered from the moonlight. You stood next to him and watched as his face lit up with a smile and how his eyes trailed over the small buildings and over the lake. “Do you remember how you once asked me where I went after long and rough hunts?” You didn’t wait for his answer as you continued. “I always come here, sometimes read a book or just listen to music. It’s totally quiet up here, I love it.” You whispered. He nodded, his eyes moving to your face. You didn’t know it, but the moon shone on your face in a perfect angle, causing Cas to lose his voice for a second. “You are so beautiful.”

You both blushed at Cas’ sudden confession, him moving closer to you and grabbing your other hand. “Wanna dance?” He asked and looked down at your way smaller form. You blinked, looking at him with a confused frown. “There is no music?” You said and he grinned proudly. “Now, do you remember how you told Sam about this? How you wanted someone to dance with you, without music, without anyone around? I eavesdropped. And I’m glad I did.” He smiled and started to sway to the music. It didn’t matter if he was an angel or if he was human, his movements were awkward and stiff, but you loved them.

You lay your head on his chest and it calmed you to hear his human heartbeat and to feel him take in nervous breaths every now and then.  One of his hands had moved to the small of your back and he pressed you towards him softly, just so that nothing could fit between your bodies. “I want to try something.” He said and you pulled away, staring at him expectedly. “Close your eyes.” He said and you did so, waiting for what was coming next. You felt his warm breath before you felt his lips, but after a second he pressed them on yours and pulled you closer by your waist as he realised you weren’t pushing him away. And there you stood in the moonlight, kissing your human angel.