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Can you pretty please do an imagine where dean and Sam fight/bicker over who gets to be with the reader but she's already in a relationship with castiel and she tells them but they still continue , then castiel shows up and kisses you. But they still carry on

oh lol cas finally gets the girl ;) x

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since im a cas!girl can i request a cas imagine? the reader is an angel and her and castiel like each other (castiel is protective over her) shesscared to admit her feelings because she thinks shes going to loose her angel powers but cas talks her around and they have passionate sex.

this is so cute,Of course I can write that for you x

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This is one of the most beautiful DESTIEL videos i have ever seen

it’s really wonderful , watch it you won’t regret it

You can also watch it here X

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Credit to the extremely talented @stardustshea on Twitter

JAMES ARTHUR (feat. Chasing Grace)

“Certain Things”


Something about you

It’s like an addiction

Hit me with your best shot honey

I’ve got no reason to doubt you

‘Cause certain things hurt

And you’re my only virtue

And I’m virtually yours

And you keep coming back, coming back again

Keep running round, running round, running round my head

And there’s certain things that I adore

And there’s certain things that I ignore

But I’m certain that I’m yours

Certain that I’m yours

Certain that I’m yours

There’s something about you

It’s when you get angry You have me as your mercy

And you’re like the shoulder to turn to 

‘Cause certain things mend us when we’re hanging on for dear life

We held on so tight

I adore you… I adore you… 

Certain that I’m yours