You groaned and rubbed at your temples, a headache forming as you closed the millionth book you checked for a spell to summon one of the gods you were tracking. Sam and Dean were interviewing while you stayed back at the motel and did all the research. Right now, you just wanted to relax and take a break, you couldn’t get anything done with a throbbing head anyway.

Flopping on the bed, you sighed and closed your eyes, smiling to your self as you though of Cas. 


You whipped your head to the side to see Cas laying next to you, a smile on his face, “Jeez, Cas!” you laughed and slapped him playfully on the shoulder, “I am never getting used to that”

“How are you?” he asked, face serious again. 

Your smile faltered and you shifted closer, “Tired… I feel useless” you said quietly.

Cas reached his hand up and trailed it up your arm, “You are not useless, you’re just…stressed I believe is the word. You work very hard, Y/N, you need to remember that you are a human”

You laughed softly and looked into his eyes, “Sometimes I wish I wasn’t, I sometimes wish I was an angel, that way I could figure this out”

He shook his head and placed his fingers on your forehead, a vision of you saving people popped in your head before he pulled them away, “You do more than I can…you will figure this out”

“Thank you Cas” you whispered, your eyes still locked on his blue ones, eyelids feeling heavy as you snuggled more into the pillow, “But you do a lot too”

Cas smiled and watched your eyelids fluttered as you tried to keep them open, he didn’t know he would fall for a human so easily, “You need to rest. I’ll watch over you” he said, honestly. 

You smiled and leaned over to kiss his cheek, not missing the surprised expression on his face, “I know you will”


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Castiel --> Cassiel

Because I can’t stop with thinking of stupid angel stuff theories/headcanons: 

- The reason why Castiel doesn’t remember the darkness despite being there is because he’s actually the archangel Cassiel/Kaziel with memories and powers that God locked away after they defeated that great evil. 

- Cassiel was very sad and had too much heart (archangel of solitude and tears) and God wanted to protect him.  After Lucifer’s fall, most of Cassiel’s grace was taken in order to downsize him, along with memories of the darkness and his being an archangel. 

- God erased Cassiel’s existence from the memory of every angel (including Lucifer, who already fell).  He planted memories of the angel Castiel instead, who was a good soldier but not any “special” sort of angel.  At least not yet. 

- Although Castiel retained the problem of having “too much heart,” which was ingrained in his very existence.  Hence why he eventually fell for the Winchesters and turned on heaven.

- In rereleasing the darkness, Sam and Dean have pissed off God, not only because he needs to fight this shit again, but also because with Michael, Lucifer, and Raphael out of commission, he needs all the help he can get.  Thus, he needs to restore the rest of Cassiel’s grace and memories to Castiel, putting Cas back into fighting shape and archangel status, complete with badass armor and everything:

(Art by thedurrrrian on DA.) 

(This headcanon right now is underdeveloped but I have thought Cas was more than what he appears for a while now, and this whole darkness setup seems to be something that will make God and powerful angels both players again.)

ok but can we talk about

  • cas calling the bunker their home
  • cas repeatedly touching dean’s shoulder
  • dean repeatedly noticing cas’s hand on his shoulder
  • cas refusing to let dean leave the bunker bc dean needs to actually talk about what has happened
  • cas literally being like a fucking rag doll because he knows this is not dean
  • dean killing an innocent boy, but not killing cas, who has done many bad things
  • the dean/cas relationship in this fucking episode