Forget Me Not - 12


“Madness, as you know, is like gravity. All it takes is a little push.” – The Joker

For all of my angsty Cas girls out there in hiding, this one’s for you.

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warning: This series is my break from fluff. There will be blood, gore, nightmares, mental illness, swearing, physical violence and pain. If any of this would be triggering for you, please do not read this. If you would prefer something lighter I have a few slightly less angsty fics on my masterlist that you may enjoy instead.

Word Count: 4,128


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The Boys Find Out About You And Castiel

You giggled as Castiel ran after you through the bunker. He had been reading all day. All day! The reason you had sent the boys out of the bunker was so that you could spend some one on one time with Castiel. But he had spent all his time reading up on whatever he could. You had all agreed, it was a day off and a much needed on at that. And that meant no one was doing research.

Not even your lovely Angel.

So, you had done the only logical thing you could. You had swiped the book from undeath his nose and ran. It had taken him a second to register what had just happened and he pushed the chair back running after you. But by then you were already a good bit away, thanks to your years of hunting and years on track in high school. 

Castiel could have easily just used his Grace to stop you but he always loved playing these games with you. He always loved to catch you, and listen to you squeal in delight when he wrapped his arms around you. The laugh of joy when he finally caught up to you, and your giggles when as he chased you. It was something that brought a smile to his face, watching you run happily, not because something that could possibly kill you was chasing you. But you were enjoying yourself.

So here you were running through the bunker corridors book in your hand, wearing a pair of pajama shorts and a tank top with Castiel a few metres behind you wearing nothing but his slacks and shirt. It was a funny sight, two adults running around like a pair of children. It was even weirder due to the fact that it was you and Castiel, a serious hunter and a stoic Angel of The Lord.

You skidded into the wall as you turned a corner almost toppling over onto the floor. It gave Castiel enough time to finally close the last few metres between you two. You felt arms wrap around your waist. Your giggles stopped as you squealed happily. Castiel lifted you from the ground spinning you around in the air. You let out a loud laugh closing your eyes. Castiels laugh vibrated through your body. 

When he put you down you spun around in his arms. You threw your arms around his neck with a large smile. ‘Let’s go have some fun?’ You breathed. Castiel’s smile got even wider. ‘What do you have in mind my darling?’ You giggled again before leaning up pressing your lips to his. Castiel’s smile disappeared quickly as he pulled you closer to him kissing you as if it was going to be the last time for him to do so.

You threaded your fingers through his hair. Cas’ hands squeezed your ass ‘Woah’ Both you and Castiel pulled away from each other looking down the hallway. Sam and Dean stood at the bottom their jaws almost on the floor. Dean’s duffle bag was dropped on the floor by his feet. You pulled away from Cas. ‘Close your mouth boys you’ll catch some flies’ You giggled. Castiel stood beside you a deep blush on his cheeks. 

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anonymous asked:

Hey mom, I'm kinda having a bad day, with me being sick and several other factors, so, I was wondering if you had any Castiel head canons? They don't have to be Destiel, just little domestic ones would be fine.

Yes yes of course love! (I hope u feel better soon, ily a lot)

  • cas loves animals. a lot. cats most of all, but they can be a little rude sometimes, even for him (which involves in many sassy glares from both sides). but he still loves them and gives them the scratch behind the ears they need.
  • but like i said, by all animals, i mean… all of them. when he isn’t hanging out with sam and dean, and when he actually has time to himself, he likes to explore the world and everything it has. sometimes humanity even gets a little much to him. so he goes whale watching, and the whales stick around him because they have really great conversations about what family means to them and the mysteries of the ocean.
  • cas also tried to talk to the birds, but they don’t stay focused well in conversations. he’ll take whales anyday.
  • cas likes to go to bakeries even though he doesn’t need to eat anymore. he likes them because of the warm air, and because you never see someone with a frown in a bakery unless they’re having a hard time picking what pastry they want.
  • and he likes seeing all the designs made with frosting. humans really do have a knack for decorating food, and though he doesn’t understand why you’d put so much love and work into the appearance of food (you’re just going to eat it anyways? it’ll be gone), he still appreciates it. a lot. the elderly woman who runs the bakery always asks him how his day is and if he likes her most recent icing design, and he always says if the day’s been kind to him (sometimes it isn’t), and of course, her food art always impresses.
  • she tells him about her grandkids. he always listens, and sometimes he gets to see them when they visit her bakery.
  • cas visits the local craftsman’s shop too, because he always carves intricate designs into his woodwork that reminds cas of ancient artwork from civilizations long past. the local craftsman is a big old guy with lots of facial hair, and he constantly seems tired and worn out, but he always greets cas with an appreciative smile and calls him “kid” despite the fact that cas’ outer look is quite obviously an adult. cas likes it anyways, since even though he’s been alive for far too long, he still feels new to earth and human things.
  • cas also helps people if he sees they’re in need. people carrying too many bags. people who are ill. people who are crying. there’s a poor woman near the downtown shops that he buys pastries for, from the bakery he likes to visit. she’s usually sat at a bench, watching the clouds before she has to return to her busy life of scraping together money and taking care of her family.
  • sometimes he and the woman – her name is laura, cas learns – talk about the struggles of living, or anything that comes to mind, like their favorite flavors of icecream or what music genres they dislike. (cas’ is screamo and laura’s is classic rock, which makes cas smile because he ‘has a friend who would disagree to that with his last breath’.) and sometimes they’ll just sit there and watch the cars pass.
  • cas sees she’s in a particularly rough shape one day, tears on her face, and as he hands her a warm blueberry muffin, he tells her, “i’m bad at.. wording my thoughts properly, but if you want my opinion; things are rough. and i still don’t fully understand how to get past that. but there are things like.. muffins, and kind people, that make it alright.”
  • laura looks at her muffin and she smiles and says, “yeah. i know.” and the next time they meet, she gives him a blueberry muffin.
  • cas makes lots of friends. he thinks about them often, and he smiles when he does.

“Hey, Cas?” you said wondering as you laid in his arms on your bed together, lightly tracing your hand along his chest. “Yes?” came his deep voice as he put you under his intense blue eyes. “I’ve never….. You’ve never” you stopped with a light blush, choosing your words carefully.

“You haven’t showed me your wings” you blurted our biting your bottom lip nervously, looking up at him.

He tilted his head to the side and gazed at you curiously. “I usually show my wings to intimidate my enemies or to give proof of me being an angel of the Lord. You need neither, then why?” he replied making you chuckle at his innocence.

“Dean and Sam have already seen your wings and I haven’t. Being your girlfriend, I believe I have more right don’t you think? Besides I can’t see the real you, at the very least, I’d love to see half of you” you smiled and sat upright, making him sit as well. “Alright” he closed his eyes.

There was a small ray of light making you unintentionally close your eyes for a second and when you opened them you saw it. Beautiful black shadow, on the wall behind Castiel, showing the length and width of the magnificent projection before you. It stretched wide over the wall, long and beautiful, making you stare completely awestruck.

You could see it vividly through the shadow, the feathers of the wings of Castiel. “Beautiful” you mumbled, wanting nothing more than to stroke those extraordinary feathers, to feel their texture and softness.

“You think so?” he whispered looking at you and only you, as if he could never have enough, even if he spent an eternity staring at your angelic features. “Yes” you lightly said still in daze, after seeing his wings.

“Thank you, Castiel” you looked at him and grinned. “I’m glad you showed them to me” you smiled. “Anything for you” he said as his wings disappeared again, as did the light and he opened his arms for you again with a small smile.

You gladly accepted his embrace and laid with him in contentment.

Imagine...Being Hunted By Team Free Will

Originally posted by yourockmoose

Request: Could you write an imagine where Sam, Dean and Castiel hunt the reader down, mistaking her as a deadly demon. Then, when she wakes up tied down in the bunker, she can’t remember anything, not even her own name. Then, when she steps outside, she’s exposed to the danger. Crowley finds her, attempting to convince her that she’s his daughter. And at the last minute, the reader is reminded that she was sent there for a reason, to kill the Winchester’s. 

Pairing: none

“What the…” you said, waking up groggily to find everything hurt and your limbs tied down. Lifting your head, you found three sets of eyes trained on you. One very tall with gorgeous long locks, one in a trench coat with piercing blue eyes and one with crossed arms and short blonde hair.

“Welcome back, Y/N,” said the blonde one. You froze for a second before struggling.

“Let me go,” you said. “I won’t tell anyone just-”

“Wow, going for the whole innocent thing, aren’t you, Y/N?” asked the tall one. You shook your head.

“That’s not my name. I’m…” you trailed off. What was your name? “What the hell did you give me. I don’t remember anything,” you said, feeling a splash of water on you. “Stay away from me!” you yelled, trying to sound tougher than you were.

All three shared a look as a little more water was splashed on you. You stared at them dumbfounded. These guys were nuts.

“Tell me we didn’t do what I think we did,” said the blonde one. The trench coat one approached you and held out a hand. You tried to hide back in your seat but two fingers were on your forehead for only a moment before he pulled away.

“She is not a demon. She’s human and her memory appears to have been wiped away,” he said, sitting back. Okay now these guys were nuts.

“We kidnapped her then is what you’re saying,” said the tall one, running his hands over his face.

“Someone tell me what the hell is going on!” you yelled, straining against the ropes that had begun cutting into your skin.

“I’m Sam,” said the the tall one. “That’s Cas, he’s an angel,” said Sam as he pointed to the trench coat man. “And that’s my brother Dean. It sounds crazy but we hunt the supernatural and kind of mistook you for this demon we’ve been looking for.”

“Oh no, that sounds perfectly normal,” you deadpanned to him. All three looked a little sheepish at your change in demeanor. “Just let me go and I won’t call the cops,” you said, hoping that if they didn’t think you were this demon you could leave. They looked hesitant and you scrunched up your face.

“We’re sorry, we didn’t mean…yes, we’ll let you go,” said Dean, walking over to untie you. You kept your hands to yourself until you were free. You gave him a hard glare. “I’ll uh, show you out I guess.”

You followed Dean down a hall and out through a garage, finding yourself looking at a long dirt road.

“I follow that and I’m good?” you asked, wanting to get away from there as fast as possible. Dean nodded.

“I can give you a ride,” he said as he caught your face. “But I think you’d rather we not do that…The memory thing, we can-”

“Sorry, I’d rather get away from you at the moment,” you said, taking a step down the road.

“If you decide you want a ride or change your mind, just knock on the door,” he said, pausing a beat before heading inside. You were glad to be free, about a quarter mile down the road when something grabbed at you from the tree line.

“What the-”

“Y/N, it’s me darling,” said a voice. A man in a black trench coat this time released you. “It’s dad.”

“Do I have a sign over my head today saying please attack me psychos? Dude, back off, I’ve had enough weird crap happen already for one day,” you said, stepping away. He looked a little hurt.

“It’s okay, this is all part of the plan, sweetie. You’ll remember real soon,” he said, holding up his fingers to snap them.

“Oh my…you nutjobs just stay away!” you yelled as you heard a snap. You got a massive headache as years and years worth of memories hit you, a helpful hand keeping you from falling to the ground. It took you a moment to regain your balance as you looked up to see your father, Crowley, standing before you.

“Sweetie?” he asked as you smiled.

“Hey dad. It worked, I’m in,” you said happily. He looked so proud of you.

“Now go on and take care of those Winchesters and their pet angel,” he said, nodding back towards the bunker. “They’ll never suspect the damsel in distress is on a mission to end their lives.”

“I’ll give you a call when it’s done,” you said, turning away and heading up the road. 

“That’s my girl. Be careful sweetie,” he said before he popped away.

“Always am,” you muttered to yourself. It didn’t take long before you were knocking on the door. Dean answered with Sam and Cas close behind.

“Um, that memory thing, do you think…?” you asked innocently. They each gave you soft smiles.

“Of course, come on in,” said Sam as you walked past and inside. “We’re glad you came back.”

“So am I, Sam,” you said, eyeing a blade on a shelf you could use to end all three of them. “So am I.”

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