Hate to Love You (Part One)

Summary: You hate Castiel. Or at least, you tell yourself you do. In turn, Castiel feels the same about you. Exactly the same. 

A/N: Part 1 of 3!!! Part two will be up tomorrow and part three will go up Saturday!

Warnings: language, a little violence (Castiel and the reader are a tad rough with each other), some public sexual stuff. This also has a sprinkle of angst (Just a little)

Word Count: 1.6k

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Dean sat in the library, staring at his beer on the table; trying to focus on anything except his two best friends on either side of the room, arguing.

“And what would you have done, flappy bird?” you questioned, gripping the back of one of the chairs at the table, digging your nails into the wood.

“I would have-” Castiel began, but you interrupted him, his hands balling up into fists.

“Stabbed him with your shiny knife or-”

Guys!” Dean shouted. His voice radiating off of the walls of the library, causing you to jump and bringing Cas’ attention to him.

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Being with Cas (A Drabble Series): Shopping with Cas

warning: language/sexual references

Being with Cas Masterlist

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“What about this one?” you asked, coming out of the dressing room in a floor-length red dress, twirling in it for Cas.

You and Cas were out shopping for a fancy dress for a hunt that involved blending in at a fancy dinner party. But so far, Cas hadn’t been exactly helpful.

His eyes widened as he took you in, shaking his head slightly in awe of you. “Stunning.”

You smiled, rolling your eyes playfully. “That’s what you said about the last one. And the one before that.”

“But it’s true,” he responded, not taking his eyes off of your form. “Absolutely stunning, no matter what you wear.”

“Baby,” you grinned, walking over to him and taking his hands, helping him stand up. “As much as I love hearing that you love the way I look no matter what, it’s not helpful when I’m trying to pick out a dress.”

Castiel pondered that for a moment, nodding his head. “I suppose that’s true.”

“I know what will help us decide,” you said. “Which dress would you rather fuck me in?”

Castiel’s eyes darkened immediately, a smirk appearing on his face. “This one,” he responded, his hands gripping your waist and pulling you close to him. “Definitely this one.” 

“Well then,” you said breathlessly, not expecting such a reaction. “The red dress it is.”

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Preferences: Forehead Kisses

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Whenever you’re upset, Dean finds the most effective method to calm you down are forehead kisses. It makes you feel protected and safe, something every hunter needed once and a while.


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Sam likes to kiss your forehead when you two are just relaxing and enjoying each other’s presences. It’s a really nice way to feel loved and safe before drifting off in his protective, strong arms.


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Being an angel isn’t easy, you know that. You learned that kissing Cas’s forehead was quite relaxing for him, so you make sure to do it every time he’s having troubles with heaven, hell, and beyond.

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This isn't good guys, Cas is being manipulated (again)...

He’s too pure and still wants to believe there’s hope and something to look forward to. The power surge changed everything in him.

He got all his powers back, but his faith will cost him. And he’s gonna end up feeling guilty again and worse than before.

Why are the writers doing this?! He’s once again portrayed as a traitor, as naive.

I’m happy he got his powers back, but at what cost?


The Story of Castiel [Tribute to Misha’s 100th episode] - my edit

(Yeah, I noticed the voiceover error at the scene. But I had the vid already rendered which took about half an hour. Hope you enjoy it anyway.)

This is my tribute to Castiel. To me, he is a true hero and one of the most significant fictional characters ever. He saved the world and rescued the boys so many times.

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