Hey guys! So I don’t really have a simblr or anything like that but I wanted to share some CC c: I really like Star Trek and I was upset when I couldn’t find female full body uniforms for TNG. So, I made my own. These took a while to figure out but I am happy to have gotten them done. They’re under the category of jumpsuits and costumes, and they’re wearable for parties and everyday. Aliens can wear them too! Teen-Elder, 3 colors, female only (sorry fellas). This is the 6th piece of CC I’ve made, and it was the hardest to figure out (well, second hardest). I’ll try to make a male one soon if anyone likes this uvu"

Oh, and I accidentally enabled it for men. Ignore that unless you want your male sims to have breasts.

Download at Google Drive x

I’m considering doing some star trek posters/pictures too c:


Imagine: Watching Despicable Me with Cas.

“I don’t understand why we have to hold this yellow creature while we watch them at the same time.” Cas asked in the middle of the movie.

“It’s just for fun, and besides aren’t they cute?” You say as you hug the minion.

“I suppose they are.” Cas says as he looks at you holding the minion.

cas is so floofy-haired and sweet and he probably smells like dandelions and nutmeg and he probably has loopy handwriting and dots his i’s with circles and collects rocks and takes pictures of snails and ladybugs and he probably enjoys lemonade a lot and likes it extra tart and makes a cute face when he sips it through the straw and he’s just so wonderful

The Mind Game


The Mind Game // Cas x Reader

Words: 1731

Warnings: Disorientation. 

Request:  I was wondering if you could do a story where the reader can somehow see Angels’ and Demons’ true forms? At first, she thinks Cas is terrifying but comes to believe that he’s the most beautiful she’s ever seen (or something like that)

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I wonder when Cas realised that Dean was mortal. I wonder if it was on a hunt when Dean was almost killed, or when Dean stretched out aching joints and made an off-hand comment about not being as young as he used to be. I wonder if, at the peak of his power, Cas thought he could keep Dean alive indefinitely with his Grace and sheer force of will. I wonder if, when he Fell, the worst part of being barred from Heaven was that someday Dean would end up there and Cas would never see him again. I wonder if becoming human was a relief because it meant they could grow old together. I wonder if getting his Grace back was the prelude to heartbreak. I wonder if Cas regrets falling in love with a human… but somehow, despite it all, I don’t think he does.

Supernatural fanfic: what I hope to happen in season 11

“Sammy!” Dean called out, coming back to the bunker from the store. “You’ll never believe who I found; alive, well, and the knowledge of a Hunter!”
“Who?” He called back from the library, buried in a book.
Dean walked into the room with a blonde-haired woman. Sam looked up and dropped his book standing up, in shock.
Jess nodded and covered her grinning mouth in excitement. 
“Is it really you?” He asked in an awed whisper. 
“Yeah, it’s really me. Is that really your hair?”
Sam laughed and ran his fingers through his long hair and wiped away a tear. 
“Oh my god. How are you, here?And alive?”
“I don’t know. I’ve been back for about a year. I’ve been looking for you. And the demon that killed me.”
Sam laughed. “Dean killed him. About two years after you, died- we caught up to him.”
“Oh, Jess. I never thought I’d see you again.”
“With this life, you can die more than once.”
Sam couldn’t speak. He just nodded. 
Dean gave Jess a little push towards Sam. She went with it, right into Sam’s arms. They embraced, holding each other, making sure the other was really there, and that they weren’t dreaming. 
When they finally realized that this was actually happening, Jess pulled away a little and turned to Dean.
“So in all this time, did you ever find someone?”
Dean opened his mouth to speak, but Sam beat him to it. “Yes, he did actually.”
Jess gasped. “What’s her name? Where is she?”
“It’s, um, he, actually.” Sam said.
“Oh! Well, I want to meet this handsome fella of Deans. Where is he?”
Cas popped into the room, right behind dean. 
Jess jumped at Cas’s sudden appearance. 
Dean spun around and was practically nose-to-nose with Cas. Cas had been listening in on the conversation so he said “hi honey”
And pulled dean closer against him and kissed him lightly on the lips. Dean was stiff for a few seconds, but then melted into the kiss, reaching up to Cas’s face.
“Is this the first time you’ve seen this?” Jess whispered to Sam, seeing his expression. 
“Yep.” He whispered back.
“Nice. Been waiting long for it?”
Dean pulled away form Cas, panting slightly. Dean laughed. “Damn, Cas. Where’d you learn that from?”
“Oh, shush, dean. We do that all the time.”
Dean grabbed Cas’s tie. “True.” And pulled him in for another kiss. 
Cas reached up for dean’s shoulders and held them firmly. With a slight flapping, they were gone. 
“We’re all one big family now, aren’t we?” Asked Jess, twirling her fingers in Sam’s hair. 
“You betcha.” Sam said, as he smashed his mouth with hers, and picked her up, walking back to his bedroom.

complaining about the little things is all cas can do, like he’s never ever complained about dying four times or losing his grace, or all the angels that have tried to kill him but if he can complain about the number of buttons on his sweater or the temperature of his showers, or the exact bitterness to sweetness ratio of his coffee in the mornings, then maybe he can begin to feel complex again, like someone whose emotions deserve to be felt

honorreid asked:

Since your still taking Sastiel prompts how about Cas finds out the hard way that he that he has an allergy that's makes him break out in hives. Cue Sam some taking care of him.

(Aww, I love this prompt. Enjoy, cutie!)


Sam turned around to the sight of Cas shuffling along the floor, draped in a white sheet, looking quite small and substantially scared.

Ever since Cas had fallen, Sam had been teaching the ex-angel all the new things he needed to do, now that he was human - how to brush his teeth, tie his shoes, eat something other than hamburgers (it was Dean’s fault that Cas thought humans could live solely on White Castle meals). But every day seemed to present something new for Cas to learn. And it looked like Cas was ready for his next lesson.

“Hey, Cas - what’s wrong? Did something happen?”

Cas merely looked up at Sam with wide, wet eyes, biting his lip nervously as he did so. Sam began to get worried - sure, Cas was a little sensitive right now, but he’d actually been pretty level-headed so far. Sam had never seen Cas this openly uneasy before, as a human or as an angel.

“Cas?” Sam said again, more softly this time. When he didn’t get a response, he reached out to grab Cas’ shoulders - making Cas jump back in alarm. Sam thought he’d seen a flash of something puffy from beneath the sheet as Cas’d moved, but couldn’t be sure.

“Cas, show me what’s wrong,” Sam insisted, trying to go with a firmer approach this time. Cas finally conceded and removed the sheet (he was wearing the yellow-and-blue stripped pyjamas Sam had bought him underneath it) to reveal the angry, red splotches that covered the lengths of both his arms.

“Am I -” Cas shivered, pausing before finishing his question - “am I dying?”

“No no no no no, Cas,” Sam said hurriedly, looking at Cas’ arms more closely and confirming his suspicions. “You’ve just got hives, is all.”

“Hives? Like, like bee hives?”

Sam laughed a little. “No, not like those hives, Cas - these hives are caused by things your body doesn’t like. Now think. What have you eaten in the last two hours?”

“Uh, nothing except those green things you bought yesterday.”

“What, the limes?”

Cas nodded his head in affirmation.

“And you’re sure that’s all you’ve eaten recently?”

Cas nodded his head again, a little faster this time.

“Well, Cas, I’m afraid to say you can’t have any more of those,” Sam said, and Cas’ face fell.

“But they tasted amazing, Sam!”

“You’re allergic to them, Cas. Every time you eat them, you’ll get hives again. Do you really want that?”

After a moment’s hesitation, Cas slowly began to shake his head.

“Now, let’s see if I still have those pills…” Sam mumbled to himself, leading Cas into the kitchen and sitting the dazed man down before beginning to search the cabinets.

“Aha!” Sam said, triumphantly holding a small box in his hand. He opened it, took out a pill, and put it in front of Cas. He also got a small glass of water and placed it next to the pill.

“Take that - it’ll help with the hives,” Sam told Cas, putting the pill in one of Cas’ hands and the glass of water in the other. “Don’t bite down on it, just take a sip of water and swallow the pill with it.”

Cas mentally went through Sam’s instructions and swallowed the pill without incident.

“I don’t feel any different,” Cas said, reaching out to scratch a particularly big patch on his elbow. Sam gently pushed Cas’ hand away.

“Don’t scratch them, Cas. And the pill will take a few minutes to set it. In the meantime, though, we’ve got this,” Sam said, holding out a bottle of calamine lotion. Sam sat down next to Cas, got some of the lotion on his hands, and began rubbing Cas’ arm. Cas sighed as he felt the relief.

“You know a lot about these ‘hives,’” Cas commented, amazed at how quickly the itching feeling was going away.

“Well, a long time ago, when I was still in high school, Dean and I went with Dad for this hunt somewhere in North Dakota,” Sam said, starting to work on Cas’ other arm as he did so. “But while we were there, both Dad and Dean got hives. I ended up having to research it and patch them up so they could finish the job, and ever since I’ve kept this stuff handy just in case Dean ever runs into whatever gave him hives again.”

“Well, I’m glad you did,” Cas said, leaning against his chair weakly.

“Here, let’s get you back to your room - sleep would probably be a good thing for you right now, and you look exhausted,” Sam said, helping Cas out of his chair and guiding him back to his room. Sam brought Cas down to the bed lightly and made sure he was comfortable before turning to leave.


Sam turned back. “Yes, Cas?”

“I…” Cas gulped, and resisted the urge to start scratching his arms again out of habit. “I - I still have trouble falling asleep. It might help me if, uh, if you stayed? Just for a little bit?”

Sam smiled. He turned off the lights, closed the door, and settled himself next to Cas, holding Cas’ hand to let the other man know he was there.

“I’m right here, Cas,” Sam whispered, hearing Cas’ breathing steady as he did so. “Just close your eyes and let sleep take you.”

And that’s exactly what Cas did.

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Growing Castiel - part 1

I cherish the idea of an overprotecting Gabriel towards his siblings, especially Castiel.

I like to think Gabriel is the kind to worry so much about his family behind his casual and disinterested-like behavior, that he actually fled from Heaven because he couldn’t stand seeing his brethren tear each other apart. ಥ_ಥ 

So, as I absolutely adore Cas and Gabriel and felt they had some sort of a strong brotherhood, here is the first part of small drawings representing them throughout Castiel’s growth.  ・:*:・◝(˙꒳˙)◜・:*:・