(Requested by @blondhumain: Can I get a fluffy imagine with Clara Oswald for Valentine’s day? A love planet maybe? Thanks! I love your blog btw ❤)

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Show: Doctor Who

Pairing: Clara Oswald x fem Reader

Warnings: Fluff


“So where are we off to next?” You asked your dad, walking around the Tardis console.

Being the Doctor’s daughter was certainly interesting although it meant trying not getting too attached to people. You had learned that the hard way. So life was lonely. Well, until Clara came along.

You couldn’t help but smile whenever you were around the Lancaster woman. She was beautiful, smart and witty and after a while you had begun to fall for her. You kicked yourself sometimes for allowing yourself to care so much for a human, not only that but for a woman who seemed to be straight.

“Oh, I don’t know. Why don’t you two gals pick?” your dad answered, fiddling with the controls.

You looked at Clara, shrugging your shoulders to tell her to choose.

Clara subconsciously licked her lips whilst deep in thought, not knowing that she was still staring at you.

‘God, this woman will be the death of me.’ You thought to yourself.

“Hmm. Today’s the 14th, right? Valentines Day! Let’s go somewhere Valentines Day-y. There must be a planet like that somewhere.” Clara eventually spoke.

“ ‘Valentines Day-y’ ?” You raised your eyebrow at the brunette, amused.

Clara narrowed her eyes playfully at you. “Shut up.”

“Valentines Day? I think I know just the place.”


“So where are we again?” Clara stepped outside the Tardis.



דIt roughly translates to 'love is love’.” You told her, looking around.

It was dark out but warm light emitted from every lamp, building and star. The stars above your head shone with a pink glow and the nearby restaurant was adorned in red. The epitome of Valentines Day.

“It’s beautiful.” Clara gushed as she took in the scenery.

“You arrived on the right day, lovelies.”

The three of you turned round to be greeted by an old woman. You raised your hand in a slight wave.

“Welcome to Amareestamare. I feel at liberty to point out that any feelings you usually bottle up no longer stay secret here.” The elderly woman smiled. “You see, because Amare- is a romantic planet, we don’t believe in repressing feelings of love. So the whole planet’s atmosphere emits a veritum gas.”

“Gas?” Clara glanced at you, worry visible on her face.

“Veritum gas, it makes you tell the truth.” Your dad explained, simply.

“Now that we’ve got the necessities out of the way, would the young lady like to keep me company whilst you two lovebirds enjoy yourselves?”

Your eyebrows furrowed until you realised the Amare- native meant for you to follow her. Even though you knew your dad had no interest in Clara, it still hurt you to think that other people viewed them as a couple.

“Oh, no. We’re not together. I’m married and quite frankly, she’s not my type.” Your dad spoke.

דOh, so you’re not…?” the woman gestured between the pair of them.

“God, no. I mean, well, I did find his old face attractive.” Clara began to speak. “But the real reason I ran away with him is because I secretly fancy his daughter.” She grimaced as the words came out of her mouth.

×Your head whipped around to look at the beautiful brunette. You were stunned. You knew that on occasion she’d flirt with you but you just chalked that up to Clara’s naturally flirty nature.

As she turned to face you wide eyed, you noticed out of the corner of your eye that your dad had begun walking with the old woman, giving you privacy.

“I did not mean that to come out. Not like this, anyway.”

“So it’s true? You… fancy me?” You raised your eyebrows, trying to remain calm all the while doing an internal dance.

“I’m not good with articulation but… Yeah. I fancy you a lot.” Clara admitted. “And I’m hoping to God that it’s reciprocated.” She closed her eyes with a small chuckle.

“Clara, I like you too. I have done for a while, actually. I just always assumed you were straight.”

Clara opened her eyes. “Oh hun, I’m as straight as a circle.”

You couldn’t keep the smile off your face. She actually liked you back.

Clara stepped forward, taking your hands into yours. “Would you like to have dinner? We’re beside what looks like a nice restaurant. I think. I hope.”

“I would like that very much.”

Clara broke out into a grin, glancing down at your lips before reaching up to place her lips on yours.

You could feel your heartbeat in your ears. There were no words to describe what you were feeling.

“Wow.” You breathed as you both pulled away.

“I know.”


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Okay, I think we can all agree that Jenna Coleman is one of the most beautiful creatures upon this earth. Like, it should be illegal to be that beautiful

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Tell me about her

She was brave, beautiful…I can’t picture her face, I can’t remember how she talked, I know nothing but her name. And if I met her again, I would absolutely know it was her.