Soundsational - Ariel by Nay


Prince Eric custom doll. 

To join my custom real world Ariel doll I made Prince Eric. I thought the Superman/ Henry Cavill Ken doll resembled my favourite of the Disney Princes and so I made his outfit out of a pair of made to move Barbie yoga pants (I wanted to show of those muscular legs) which i altered the waist so it would fit his waist. I sewed the hem of  a white action man shirt to the top of the trousers as it was too tighter fit to tuck in. I altered the shirt so it had a deep ‘V’ neck and tailored it so it was less baggy. The necklace is a Pirates of the Caribbean medallion (suitable for a nautical Prince), the boots are from eBay and I painted the turn over part of them gold and sprayed it with matt varnish so it contrasted to the glossy part. Then finished off with a red ribbon sash/cummerbund.


Aries - Jasmine; wistful, feisty, independent

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Taurus - Belle; creative and loyal

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Sagittarius - Rapunzel; adventurous and spirited  

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Capricorn - Aurora; devoted and classy 

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Aquarius - Ariel; idealistic, openminded and rebellious 

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Pisces - Snow White; compassionate, dreamy, and charming

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Gemini - Alice; curious and childlike

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Cancer - Cinderella; nuturing, gracious, and empathetic

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Leo - Charolette; provactive, flamboyant, and demanding

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Virgo - Tiana; realistic, knowledgeable, and modest 

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Libra - Mulan; intellectual, brave, and easy-going 

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Scorpio - Pocahontas; secretive, passionate, and intense

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