char: wan

I think the only part that really wants to make me cry at the moment is when Korra’s connection to the past avatars is severed.

Because not only were they being ripped apart from Korra, they were being taken away from Raava, too.

They are her past lives because of Raava. Because when one dies, the light spirit moves onto the next human - thus creating the avatar cycle. When she is being destroyed, so are the connections of the spirits of all the avatars before Korra, and that is because they are a part of Raava. They are fused together. All of them. They are all one.

So when I think about Raava being killed, all I can imagine is every avatar she has bonded with, one by one, just… vanishing from her. They are all pieces of her, she cares for all of them, and not only is she starting to be wiped from existence but they are also being torn away from her at the same time. Can you imagine that? With every blow another spirit, another being that has bonded eternally with Raava, is just gone. Like they were never there.

And then it comes down to him.

Only Wan is left.

The first avatar. The man she came to trust so much. Her best friend. The human she had become one with all those years ago when he swore to use her light spirit to keep balance in the world.

Wan is the last piece of her now, and he is about to be taken away from her too.

Then just like that..-

he’s gone.

And so is she.

Korra may have Raava’s spirit back in the end, but her connection to the past avatars has been severed permanently.

The connection is gone. For both of them.


They’re all gone. All of them. All those parts of her.

Raava is never going to get them back.


waava week (2016) // day 4 · differences 

the difference between ‘like’, ‘love’ and ‘in love’
is the same as ‘for now’, ‘for a while’ and ‘forever’

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Taken a small break from school-related projects for wan more doddle. Avatar Wan and Raava (+Mula who is totally aware of what’s cooking) returning from their fight with Vaatu. See? I can do something else then depressing stuff! Also, I think I am getting faster at this art thing. 2h doesn’t sound that bad in the grande skeme of things.

Wan and Raava (stage 2)!

Kyonz and I have been keeping busy brainstorming concepts and writing story ideas for the AU. It’s been a lot of fun! …But inevitably it’s taking forever too. (So sorry for taking forever to reply to notes… I was hoping to post new art before posting replies again, but getting around to doing so took longer than I’d hoped. Will get to notes soon! …_〆(≧□≦ ू )°゚°。。 )