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so the 1993 plot outline has me strangely convinced jon and sansa will end up together

Warning: If you haven’t read G.R.R Martin’s 1993 letter to Waterstones, in which he outlines his original intentions for the ASOIAF series, get outta here. Here be spoilers and all that.

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So. As we all know, Martin’s original plan seems to have been for a romance between Arya and Jon, with Tyrion also attempting to win Arya’s affections. Obviously this is not going to play out now. But it might play out in another way - with Sansa, not Arya, as the love interest. Quite a few elements of the original plot have survived, or reappeared in another form (Tyrion’s exile, Dany’s flight, Robb and Catelyn’s deaths, etc) so it’s possible a more mature version of the “love triangle” may yet take place in the series. There are several points in favour of this.

  • Jon and Sansa’s plots have been paralleling each other for some time now. They each have experience of being “the bastard”. (Jon as Jon “Snow”, when we all suspect R+L=J, and Sansa as “Alayne Stone”.) They are each forced to play a role they find unpalatable for the greater good - Sansa is forced to denounce her father and brother as traitors in order to stay alive, and Jon is forced to kill Qhorin Halfhand and infiltrate Mance Raydar’s camp. Both have been involved in a siege - Jon at the Wall and Sansa at King’s Landing.
  • Much is made of Sansa’s red hair - it is such a recognizable feature that Littlefinger has her dye it when he spirits her away from King’s Landing. To date, Jon’s only canon love interest has been Ygritte, who is famously “kissed by fire”. 
  • Part of the reason Jon and Arya ( and Tyrion and Arya) seems such a ridiculous pairing now is Arya’s youth. Sansa, on the other hand, is older. She has been engaged three times and married once already. In the world of Westeros, she is definitely old enough to be Jon’s love interest.
  • Sansa is already a love interest of Tyrion’s. Though their marriage was never consummated, it is established that Tyrion is attracted to her, and that Sansa does not return this attraction. Sansa’s tastes incline more towards handsome, heroic young men like Loras Tyrell (and Joffrey, in her initial mistaken assumption) or to kind ones like Willas Tyrell, who will give her a sense of the family she has been missing for a long time now. It’s not such a stretch to imagine she would form an attraction to Jon. Nor is it difficult to imagine Tyrion might not want to give her up. The two  formed a bond of sorts during their marriage. Even now, each continues to disbelieve rumours about the other being a murderer. And with Sansa’s younger brothers still missing and Jon still a member of the Night’s Watch, Sansa remains “the key to the North”. I don’t think Tyrion would necessarily be above holding onto his marriage for political advantage, if it came to it. The Lannister family is in freefall, and Casterly Rock has been emptied. It’s possible he may win Dany’s favour at some point in the future, but right now his marriage to Sansa is the most political power Tyrion has. He may not wish to let go of it.
  • Another reason Jon and Arya seems so bizarre to us now as a pairing is that Jon and Arya are simply too close. Even if “the truth of Jon’s parentage” did come out, it would make very little difference. They were the closest of all the Stark siblings, and absolutely see each other as brother and sister. Jon and Sansa, on the other hand, do not. In fact, they are the only two of the Stark kids who have always been very clear about not being “real” siblings. The two are distant from each other in Winterfell, and in their POV chapters we are reminded that Sansa sees Jon as “only” a half-brother, that she made this distinction meticulously during their childhood, that they are both conscious of their social standing in regard to the other. Jon and Sansa are a couple who never knew each other very well or had a close bond, but who one could imagine meeting now after the years have changed them and feeling an attraction. (As Alayne, Sansa has already been forced to walk a mile in Jon’s shoes and rethink her childish opinion on his bastardy. It’s strange to think Martin would add this particular piece of character development for Sansa if he doesn’t intend her to meet Jon again.)
  • If R+L=J, then Jon acquires a new importance. He may not necessarily vie for the Iron Throne (he may not even survive the series - my personal feeling is that he won’t) but he may ensure the Targaryen dynasty lives on. Assuming Young Griff is a fake (as much of the fandom does, especially with him not being cast on the show), he can be discounted as the one to continue the family line - which means this task falls to Dany, who is famously unable to bear a child after the loss of Rhaego. Much has been made of Dany’s attempt to claim the Iron Throne, but it seems a bit hollow if she only rules the length of her own life, and then the battle for power begins all over again. I wouldn’t put it past Martin to make such a point, but equally, I can see the argument for a Jon / Sansa baby becoming Dany’s heir. I can imagine Jon breaking his vows again, and there are elements of Sansa’s story so far that would fit her well for the role of “mother of the heir”. Her maternal qualities have been called upon with Sweetrobin (the child from hell who has nonetheless taken a rare liking to her) and she has extensive experience of the royal court - but is not as hungry for power as Cersei or Margaery. It is easy to imagine Sansa would be content to work with Daenerys, rather than plot to seize power from her. This would also bring the unruly North back into the fold, and bring her character full circle - “mother of the heir” was, after all, the role she and her parents initially planned for her, when she was betrothed to Joffrey at the very beginning of the series.

Anyway, those are my thoughts! Not very well-presented, but I thought I’d throw them out there.

about Lannisters by Lannisters

He dreamed of a better place, a snug little cottage by the sunset sea. The walls were lopsided and cracked and the floor had been made of packed earth, but he had always been warm there, even when they let the fire go out. She used to tease me about that, he remembered. I never thought to feed the fire, that had always been a servant’s task. “We have no servants,” she would remind me, and I would say, “You have me, I’m your servant,” and she would say, “A lazy servant. What do they do with lazy servants in Casterly Rock, my lord?” and he would tell her, “They kiss them.” That would always make her giggle. “They do not neither. They beat them, I bet,” she would say, but he would insist, “No, they kiss them, just like this.” He would show her how. “They kiss their fingers first, every one, and they kiss their wrists, yes, and inside their elbows. Then they kiss their funny ears, all our servants have funny ears. Stop laughing! And they kiss their cheeks and they kiss their noses with the little bump in them, there, so, like that, and they kiss their sweet brows and their hair and their lips, their … mmmm … mouths … so …”

They would kiss for hours, and spend whole days doing no more than lolling in bed, listening to the waves, and touching each other. Her body was a wonder to him, and she seemed to find delight in his. Sometimes she would sing to him. I loved a maid as fair as summer, with sunlight in her hair. “I love you, Tyrion,” she would whisper before they went to sleep at night. “I love your lips. I love your voice, and the words you say to me, and how you treat me gentle. I love your face.”

My face?”

“Yes. Yes. I love your hands, and how you touch me. Your cock, I love your cock, I love how it feels when it’s in me.”

“It loves you too, my lady.”

“I love to say your name. Tyrion Lannister. It goes with mine. Not the Lannister, t’other part. Tyrion and Tysha. Tysha and Tyrion. Tyrion. My lord Tyrion …”

Lies, he thought, all feigned, all for gold, she was a whore, Jaime’s whore, Jaime’s gift, my lady of the lie.


A Clash Of Kings, Tyrion XV, George R.R. Martin

  • You know, for all the meta about Tyrion I read, I don’t think I remember any post quoting this passage.
  • (To be fair, most Tyrion meta doesn’t focus on his bittersweet memories of Tysha. They mainly deal with Tywin’s abuse, Cercei’s abuse, his relationship with his family, Lannister family pride, the virgin/whore complex, him maybe being the third head of the dragon and lots of other stuff. I just haven’t stumbled on any meta about him and Tysha when they were happy together.)
  • And, I mean, there’s not much to analyze in this tiny moment we have with Tysha. They were in love and sweet with each other, that’s pretty much all there is to say.
  • I just wanted to have this snippet of text in my blog so as not to lose it again. ^__^