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A 300 year timeline of House Lannister

I made a timeline of House Lannister & important events in the Seven Kingdoms for the past 300 years. A significant amount of Targaryen history is included. Estimates are given when precise dates are not available.

It includes seasons and estimated seasons whenever possible, in case you were wondering what the weather was like when, say, Lord Bloodraven was sent to the Wall, or when Steffon Baratheon’s ship sank, or when Sandor was born, or when Jaime squired at Crakehall. 

I made this as a fanfiction resource for myself, hence the emphasis on Tywin’s lifetime and Aerys’s court, sorry. If you find any errors, or if you have any suggestions, please let me know. Please like or reblog if you find it useful to you!

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He had another cup of wine as he dressed, then took his wife by the arm and escorted her from the Kitchen Keep to join the river of silk, satin, and velvet flowing toward the throne room. Some guests had gone inside to find their places on the benches. Others were milling in front of the doors, enjoying the unseasonable warmth of the afternoon. Tyrion led Sansa around the yard, to perform the necessary courtesies.

‘She is good at this,’ he thought, as he watched her tell Lord Gyles that his cough was sounding better, compliment Elinor Tyrell on her gown, and question Jalabhar Xho about wedding customs in the Summer Isles. His cousin Ser Lancel had been brought down by Ser Kevan, the first time he’d left his sickbed since the battle. 'He looks ghastly.’ Lancel’s hair had turned white and brittle, and he was thin as a stick. Without his father beside him holding him up, he would surely have collapsed. Yet when Sansa praised his valor and said how good it was to see him getting strong again, both Lancel and Ser Kevan beamed. 'She would have made Joffrey a good queen and a better wife if he’d had the sense to love her.’


A Storm of Swords

This passage is the primary reason why I’ve never agreed with the idea that Tyrion has a low opinion of Sansa. In that last sentence, he’s practically saying that anyone with any sense would be pleased to be married to her.