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me, realizing season 8 isn’t coming out til 2019

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Underrated appreciation post #3 (got)


- “there has never lived a more loyal squire”
- magic dick
- treats evryone with respect
- best fighter (he saved tyrion okay!)


- nice cinamon roll
- just want to be happy
- the only person who can stand cersei 
- loves cats


- there is only one woman
- lyanna mormont cousin damn
- sword fighter
- king of the friendzone


- he is a stark and stark are the best
- wild af
- family before everything
- didn’t cry in front of ramsay


- best right hand ever
- loved shireen more than is own life
- knows everything about that bitch of melisandre
- lost everyone

Preference 03: They Realize They Love You

Bran Stark

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You didn’t baby him you treated him like the same person after his fall. You took care of him. You were kind. Then you ran away with him, not caring about the punishment. If your looks weren’t enough to charm him, that did the job perfect and it was crystal clear to him: You were the only thing he would guard with his life. You were his home.

Jamie Lannister:

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                        It actually wasn’t until after you had confessed. He, at first, ran faster than a horse back to his hold and paced, thinking back on everything. Everything you had said to him that might have indicated your feelings. After failing to locate a memory, he went to what maybe he had done to make you feel the way you did (and being the slightly arrogant asshole he is….) found nothing. Perhaps was it his looks? Him being there as a friend? Perhaps males had not done that in your life… No…You had the Stark boys who treat you like a sister. Then how did you fall for him? He stayed up all night thinking and hoping that it wasn’t true, but the more he thought on what you had always done for him, always giving him a place to go to when he was upset and hurt. You never went to him, always let him talk. Gave him the best advice you could, your eyes twinkling beautifully in the light and shining with joy. Oh your eyes. How lovely they were… Wait.. WHAT! Well… No denying it now.

Joffrey Baratheon:

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Joffrey’s world had stopped from the moment he laid eyes on you. He could see your personality in your eyes and your face, which was the most beautiful he had seen. He wanted you, and he would do anything he could to have you.

Jojen Reed:

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                He had began seeing you in visions ever since he first saw you in the snow. At first it drove him mad, but then his visions took him to your past and he fell, especially with his visions of your sad past. Your drive, determination, and nature to attempt to stay positeve by any means possible on top of your face really drew him in. The moment you spoke to him for the first time, he knew complrtrly thst his visions lead him to her for a reason: For his happiness.

Jon Snow:

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Jon fell for you literally at the same time you did, though like you realized his feelings too late. He was agitated, cold. He wouldn’t do anything but eat a single meal, train, sleep. Ache… The more he thought about you the more he missed the North. His family.. You… It drove him to insanity.. He wanted to write so badly.. He wanted you to write so badly… He knew the risks and consequences but cared not. He wanted to see you, his family. No matter the price.

Robb Stark:

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The moment you had ran to greet him, he had felt something. Though hating it at first, the more you got to know each other her knew these feelings were those of the romantic source. With knowledge of love from novels and his families words, especially those of his mum and Sansa. He loved you. Your hair. Your kindness. Everything about you. Every little detail he adored to such that he could no longer stand it. He was going to write to you if he hadn’t first.

Tommen Baratheon:

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                                He had knocked on the door but got no answer. He walked in anyway and watched in horror as you sliced up your arm. But you would not look at him. Why wouldn’t you look at him? When you finally appeared to stop he entered the room all the way, calling out to you as tears flooded both your eyes. Then slowly you raised the eyes to your chest and placed the knife into your chest, but Tommen was faster. Before it could go too deep, he ripped the knife from your chest and looked into your eyes, throwing it to the ground as he caught you as you reached angrily at him and passed out. It was in those moments when he realized his love and desperation for you. He could not loose you, or else he would suffer

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Follow-up question: Thoughts on Tommen? I don't fancy his chances in TWOW but I'll be sad if he dies!

I like Tommen a lot too! Maybe he’s not as smart as his sister, but there’s plenty good to be said of him. Aside from the same kindness as Myrcella, Tommen’s a brave little kid.

Tommen got his pony up to a brisk trot, waved his sword vigorously, and struck the knight’s shield a solid blow as he went by. The quintain spun, the padded mace flying around to give the prince a mighty whack in the back of his head. Tommen spilled from the saddle, his new armor rattling like a bag of old pots as he hit the ground. His sword went flying, his pony cantered away across the bailey, and a great gale of derision went up. King Joffrey laughed longest and loudest of all.


“Look,” the Hound interrupted. “The boy has courage. He’s going to try again.”

They were helping Prince Tommen mount his pony.

- Sansa I, ACoK

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m impressed. We see Tommen most in AFFC, where he shows the same persistence with learning to joust as he does here. He’s a caring and affectionate boy, too, going to far as to hug Loras in public (Cersei VIII). He stands up for Margaery to his mother in that chapter as well.

“I should go to court with you every day, to listen. Margaery says—”

“—a deal too much,” Cersei snapped. “For half a groat I’d gladly have her tongue torn out.”

“Don’t you say that,” Tommen shouted suddenly, his round little face turning red. “You leave her tongue alone. Don’t you touch her. I’m the king, not you.”

She stared at him, incredulous. “What did you say?”

“I’m the king. I get to say who has their tongues torn out, not you. I won’t let you hurt Margaery. I won’t. I forbid it.”

- Cersei VIII, AFFC

Can’t see that ending well, I’m afraid, just as this instance doesn’t, but dammit Tommen tried.

And of course there’s my favourite Tommen moment, his plans for the ultimate political power he (nominally) holds in Westeros:

“Yes, but I’m the king. Margaery says that everyone has to do what the king says. I want my white courser saddled on the morrow so Ser Loras can teach me how to joust. I want a kitten too, and I don’t want to eat beets.” He crossed his arms.

- Cersei V, AFFC

Aww, Tommen.


“Come here my son.” Cersei said, motioning Tommen to come over, “you look at Y/N a great deal.” Tommen did not say anything, “she is our leverage, she’s a Targaryen and she will roast you alive if you let her.”

“i dont think so.” Tommen answered, “I’ve never met another Targaryen but i can tell she’s not like that. she’s kind and smart and unlike anyone i’ve ever met.”


Tommen x Reader

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Your betrothal to Tommen was spoken about in Kings Landing as if it was the best thing to happen in years. Most spoke about how Tommen could barely look away from you, how both of you seemed to equal out in fair but firm ruling.

The only problem was Cersei despised you. Every attempt she came across to make your life difficult she snapped up with delight. You were on your way to court when she hurried to pull Tommen away from you, speaking loud enough for you to hear while avoiding looking at you.

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they both wrote you letters. Trystane’s were very romantic, with swooping cursive on paper that smelt like flowers. Tommen’s were very… correct, almost diplomatic, as if someone was looking over his shoulder while he wrote.

however the feeling behind each writer was clear. both men were clearly in love with you, an now it was just a waiting game for you to choose which one you preferred.