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#TifaWeek Favorite Bond/Relationship
Cloud and Tifa: The Man Who Loves Tifa | Tifa is a 恋人

Through everything, through that night that Cloud followed Tifa out to the mountains, through the seven day coma waiting anxiously for Tifa to wake up, through the stars in the sky overhead as they shared a promise etched into his heart to be her hero, through countless days apart reading newspapers or staring up at the stars, wondering where and when and how long they’d be apart. Flames engulfed their first reunion, deep waters of the lifeblood of the earth drenched them in their second. Fated meetings on rainy days at run down train stops in the slums. A single memory of long ago untainted, untouched. Fallen comrades and realized dreams. Reunions and Final Moments. All they have endured, and all they have survived. A night of fate beneath a blanket of stars love expressed without words blossoms between the hero and the heroine always meant to be together. A family, a future, a home, the place where he is meant to live, that something warm she was after, together is where they belong, together is where they are complete.

Cloud: I wasn’t able to keep my “in a pinch” promise to Tifa.
Aerith: Eh? Eh? What? That enviable promise.
Cloud: Sorry Tifa… Even though I’m on the edge I can’t keep the promise
Aerith: Hm? Hmm? What is this promise you talk of?

クラウド「ティファ… ピンチなのに 約束 まもれない」
エアリス「ん? んん? なに? そのうらやましい約束」

Cloud: Tifa is wonderful. I, too, want to become strong.
Aerith: Cloud has been yearning/longing for Tifa…
Cloud: Tifa is amazing… I wanna be stronger… as well
Aerith: You look up to Tifa a lot, don’t you Cloud 

エアリス「クラウド ティファのこと あこがれてたんだ ね」

Aerith: Tifa will make a good wife~
Cloud: Tifa… Who does she like?
Aerith: Tifa will make a good wife
Cloud: I wonder who… Tifa likes?

エアリス「ティファ きっと いい奥さんに なれる ね」
クラウド「ティファは… 誰が好きなんだ?」

Thank you princess-dagger for translating these!

Thank you to our-final-heaven and her friend! She brought these to a native japanese speaker so we can get more! Find what is done so far here! Updating the post with the native speakers translations too!

I particularly like this one

Aerith: Come on Cloud… you have to say something to her
Cloud: …I’m not good at it

It’s hard being childhood friends, huh Cloud? I mean. Timing is everything. Right? ;)

Aerith ships Cloti like crazy in Itadaki street. She was probably hounding him to propose to Tifa during the opening, geez.