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Jade’s parental unit, as the Pattern Breaking parental unit, has a much larger variety of strange, off putting interests.  Dad has FANCIFUL HARLEQUINS, Mom has EXSQUISITE WIZARDS, and Bro has RADICAL PUPPETS.  Grandpa has not one, but FOUR such interests, of the same descriptive two word format.  They’re all just as dumb though.  One reason among several for this was to create an element of uncertainty over what kind of item Jade would prototype with .  And by uncertainty, I mean misdirection, which is what I always mean by uncertainty.

Notice the colors of the lights in each room.  Orange, pink, and cyan, corresponding with Dirk, Roxy, and Jane.  The items have a loose correlation with the other three guardians too.  Knights in that Dirk is a skilled swordsman.  Roxy’s land is full of pyramids, Jane was grandpa’s long estranged blue lady.  You see how the gears are always turning.  Not only does everything mean something.  It turns out everything means EVERYTHING.  Now you know.

Andrew Hussie, Homestuck Book 3 Commentary

My pal @icel just sort of handed me the commentary for book 3, which is rad cause it turns out to confirm I’ve been right in arguing that Grandpa’s home decor reflects the Alphas for months. (Obviously doesn’t prove anything else linked there, though I stand by all of it. Just saying.)

I don’t normally argue based on Word of God cause I don’t like speculating pointlessly on Hussie as a person but hey! This is part of a product made for fans, and also it takes a lot of the legwork out of me getting to say I’m right, so like fuck it ;) 

Following on from my last themed ficrec post (Fantastical Fan Fic), I’ve decided to go with something close to my heart - fics featuring non-binary and genderqueer characters. As before this includes some of my own works, but also some that have really touched me personally and I need to share them with you all. Some of these have helped me come to terms with my own situation (see my sideblog if you are interested in all that - @amaybeboy ). They have helped me through bad days, even helped me cry when I’ve needed to. The power in words is incredible and can bring both joy and solace. 

I’m including incomplete series as completed as they are all series with complete installments that can stand alone, rather than technically incomplete series. Also some WIPs at the end of the post you can jump right into and follow along. 

Non-Binary Fic Recs

Cevze by klingonvalhalla  @its-thigh-noon
(Hannigram: Trans) A post season three finale short.
Words: 3,603 Chapters: 2/2
A post season 3 ficlet with a Silence of the Lambs twist. Hannibal discovers Will is ftm in the course of his post fall recovery. With lovely dialogue that feels real and substantial, this slides into canon effortlessly. The exploration of this revelation in the aftermath of their fight with the Great Red Dragon is beautifully done and slowly ramps up into electrically charged intimacy.

The Gift by TigerPrawn  @desperatelyseekingcannibals
(Hannigram AU: Trans) Will gets an unexpected gift from his boyfriend Hannibal.
Words: 432 Chapters: 1/1
@hannibalssketchbook drew this amazing ftm Will art and I had so many feels over it I just had to write a story for it. Concerned about Will’s binding methods, Hannibal gives his boyfriend a gift. Short, emotional fluff that I just had to write for the wonderful art.

It’s Not A Secret by TigerPrawn @desperatelyseekingcannibals
(Basic Chickens: Trans) FtM Londoner Adam keeps running into an infuriatingly rude Elias at different points during his transition. Elias is very confused by Adam, the easy friendship they develop and how attractive he starts to find the curious self made man.
Words: 35,831 Chapters: 10/10
This fic is really personal to me. I started with the idea of how someone like Elias would deal with a trans character. It is informed largely by my own experiences and thoughts, which definitely feed into Adam in the first chapters. I hope that readers get something out of it and find it enjoyable.

Let It Out (Chapter 8 of Tumblr Prompts) by klingonvalhalla  
(Spacedogs: Trans) A small series of vignettes: FtM Nigel/Pegging/Adam buys women’s underwear
Standalone Chapter.
A wonderful, and touching exploration of the sexual and emotional relationship between ftm Nigel and his pretty awesome (and sexually adventurous) boyfriend Adam. Just such a lovely, touching collection of snippets of their life together.

Never Have I Ever by shiphitsthefan @shiphitsthefan
(BearDogs A/B/O: Trans) After finishing an entire day’s worth of the rehabilitation required for violent alphas, Nigel hits the bar in hopes of finding a nice omega to take home with him to his cousin Hannibal’s safe house. Lee, another alpha, convinces Nigel to sleep with him, instead. Nigel’s never fucked an alpha before, and Lee is certainly easy on the eyes. Turns out there’s more to this encounter than just a simple fuck, and Nigel’s about to find himself in the right kind of trouble for a change.
Words: 7,592 Chapters: 4/4
What starts as a first time alpha/alpha pick up for Nigel and Lee becomes something more deep and meaningful on many levels as Lee explores his gender. This fic is as hot as it comes but with an unexpected depth. Honestly when I read this fic I never wanted to write social exploration A/B/O again because this is it done to it’s best and it’s just incredible and incomparable.

Quicksilver  and Quicksilver Timestamps by Weconqueratdawn  @weconqueratdawn
(Hannigram AU: Genderfluid) Something which started as a one shot and has evolved into a series of short romance stories starring a cannibal and a clever, young and genderfluid Will. 
Ongoing Series of one shots
Young Will Graham is a genderfluid psychology student who becomes interested in renowned psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter. The feeling is mutual and the most sensual, beautiful and romantic relationship unfolds. This series, and the amazing accompanying art by @theseavoices, touches me so deeply (art can be found under this tag but also in the ao3 fics). Taking the idea at the core of Hannibal - that we can be seen and accepted for who we are, and loved for it - and placing it in this AU is breathtakingly done.

Standalone Trans Fics by mresundance @mresundance
(Hannigram: Various) Standalone Hannibal fics which feature a trans character. (Trans is used pretty loosely, just so you know. They could be a transsexual person to genderqueer to n/onbinary, agender, etc.)
Ongoing Series of one shots
All pretty much fitting with canon, this series of standalone fics is not nearly long enough. Some feature trans characters, others are perhaps more genderqueer. My top picks from it are Guns in the Summertime where ftm Will and his boyfriend Hannibal get all hot and bothered when they come across Will’s old uniform. And Girl, Boy where mtf Hannibal tests out the rumours of ftm Will’s amazing cunnilingus skills. Although all the fics pack a real punch in the smut department, there is also an emotional beauty that runs through them which make them so satisfying to read. They give me hope. (Shout out also to Share Each Other Like an Island which is FtM Will x Alana - I don’t read much m/f fic and I really don’t ship this pair, but this is a really wonderful story with such delicate intimacy it’s pretty powerful!)

The Way That We Are by will (pointedperception)
(Hannigram: Trans) Alternate set of events during Fromage. Will is trans, which is why Alana rejects him. Hannibal is there for him to offer support, acceptance, and understanding. Angsty smut with some fluff sprinkled on top.
Words: 2,576 Chapters: 1/1
An excellent alternate take on Fromage. Hannibal already knowing Will is ftm, he is on hand to offer advice, comfort and more. This little fic is so beautiful. I love that it takes the idea of them being able to really see each other and applied it to this situation.And my god! sweet caring Hannibal on top of some sensual and emotional sex is just too much for my poor heart!


For those of you happy to jump into WIPs I hope you find these are worth checking out!

Overcoming by purefoysgirl  @jadegreenworks
(Hannigram Victorian AU A/B/O: Intersex) A Victorian A/B/O romance in which Hannibal Lecter is the future Duke of Westvale who has been away at war for the past ten years. His Grandfather has made good on a contract made shortly after Hannibal’s birth to procure him a wife. It was supposed to be easy. Naturally, with the Omega, Will, given in the place of his twin sister, it is anything but, because if there is one thing Hannibal Lecter despises, it’s Omegas.
All 55 chapters already written and posting every Thursday.
In this version of omegaverse, omegas like Will Graham are essentially intersex and don’t really fit as either female or male. This hasn’t made life easy for Will though perhaps that will change when he is married off to Hannibal Lecter in his sister’s stead - he can still bear an heir after all. I have been looking forward to this for so long and am excited now that it is finally finished and being posted! Even having read snippets I was not expecting the immediate emotional connection I had with Will and his situation. Being neither male nor female and equally both is so beautifully explored in the first chapters on both an emotional and social level that I can’t even fathom how much better this fic is going to get! It is complete and posting weekly so do subscribe and read along!

Prettier in Pink by shiphitsthefan  @shiphitsthefan
(Valhalla Enchanted bdsm: Genderqueer) Charlie, Charmont’s best friend and fellow Dom, knows they don’t take abused subs anymore; in fact, Charmont doesn’t take any subs, at all. For the quiet, mysterious man Charlie met at the club, however, Charmont might make an exception.
Ongoing Series. 
This is a lovely exploration of genderqueer Dom Char and his meet cute/meet HOT! with potential sub One Eye. I’m already hooked and can’t wait to see how their relationship unfolds. 

Will!!! On Ice by TigerPrawn @desperatelyseekingcannibals
(Hannigram/Yuri on Ice AU: Genderfluid) After coming last in the Finals, 23 year old Will Graham is on the verge of retiring from Figure Skating altogether. Everything changes when his idol, Hannibal Lecter, decides to become his coach.
Current chapter count - 9/12
The only thing holding ice skater Will Graham back from being a serious competitor is his lack of confidence. It’s only after his idol Hannibal Lecter turns up and offers to coach him that he begins to understand where his confidence lies. As Will explores his feminine side on and off the ice and comes to terms with being genderfluid his life and career will change forever.

Hope you all enjoy these, do kudos and comment on them if you do! 

(apologies to anyone I didn’t tag on tumblr listed here - I don’t know your handle, so please feel free to let me know!)
True Light, False Light: Yaldabaoth, Racial Identity, and Gnostic Horror
Disclaimer and Prologue
By optimisticDuelist

Hey peeps. So watching the responses to @sam-keeper ‘s thread on how we treat fan creators (which, hearteningly, most people seem to agree with), I noticed Hussie and Homestuck being set apart from the others due to Hussie’s reputation.

I’m not super interested in discussing that. But among the details people cited, between the confused, misinformed history revisions and the outright made up stuff, there were people making pretty understandable and correct critique points.

One that stood out was the focus on Trickster Mode, and how Hussie seemingly mocked his progressive audience with the “Caucasian” joke, way back in the day.

And while I don’t think Hussie’s handling of race was perfect, I do think that joke was legitimately well-earned in the narrative, and that it wasn’t really understood. In my view. This isn’t a defense of Homestuck on racial terms in it’s entirety–I think mistakes were made at some points, for sure. But it is an alternate reading of the Caucasian joke that I think is actually pretty good and funny.

In the context of Homestuck, Trickster mode as a joke sides quite definitely with progressives, in fascinating ways that tie into Homestuck’s own consistent Gnostic logic.

I wanted to advance that reading and present a case for it here. Hopefully it’ll move you and you’ll find yourself enjoying the comic even more. Even if it doesn’t and you find you disagree, well…to spur on any conversation about the comic on this front at all would be just, dare I say it?


Curious to hear from you all. Gonna post stuff on Jane pretty soon too, and I am still working on that next video. For now,

Keep Rising.

You Understand, Right? (Part 8): Unconvinced

Characters: Dean Winchester x Sister!Reader / Friend!Reader, Sam Winchester x Sister!Reader / Friend!Reader

Length: 1507+ words

TW: Fighting, and description of injuries

A/N: Things are picking up again! I’m still not sure how I want to end this series tbh- my first ending didn’t seem conclusive enough.

Feedback is appreciated (AND SO ARE YOU)!


As Castiel predicted, it took a while for him to track the vampire, even with Dean and Sam doing their best to contact anyone they know who could help. They had almost the entire hunter population in North America on this case. Dean insisted on having all the help they can so they could get this over with. He hated having Crowley hovering over them with a deal.

It was another week and a half, until Castiel managed to locate him. Dean and Sam immediately grabbed their stuff, ready to go. The two brothers made their way to the kitchen, where Y/N was sitting and reading yet another lore book.

“Hey, Y/N, we’re gonna go on a hunt,” Dean told her, not expecting her to respond. He knew better than anyone else that Y/N was in a different world when reading.

Her head snapped towards them, lowering her book slowly. “I want to come,” she said, surprising both boys. They both looked at her with widened eyes, then turned to each other in a silent conversation.

“Alright, sure I guess. Go pack your bag. We’ll be leaving in 10,” Dean said, ruffling her hair as he passed by.

“We should bring the Colt just in case,” Sam told Dean, who nodded in agreement. As his older brother went to grab the weapon, he turned his head to Y/N. “Are you sure you want to come with us?”

She nodded. “You might need backup.” Her voice wasn’t serious, but it wasn’t all too playful either. Still, it brought out a smile from the younger Winchester.


Dean came back waving the wrapped up gun in the air, a goofy smile on his face. “Got it.”

“Is that the Colt?” she asked, peering over to the gun.

“The one and only,” he replied with a huge grin.

She look at it with such curiosity before nodding. Once she finished packing her stuff, she went outside to the garage with her duffel bag slung over her shoulder.

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highway-to-the-bi-way  asked:

It's honestly so funny to me this collision of events that I just watched unfold with my own 2 eyes today. I say Crockertier Jane tells us a lot of cool stuff abt Jane and IMMEDIATELY get a day's worth of Discourse bout how I'm being too mean to poor Jane. Then you get this about how AR and Dirk can't be separated from one another and they were written to highlight Dirk being A Bad Dude. And then I get this ask like damn u ever notice how ppl r so disproportionately mean to... JANE? lmao fandom!

Certain sectors of the fandom ARE disproportionately mean to Jane, and there’s subsects devoted to hating on Dirk or even Jake, too. I would say Dirk probably gets it the worst, absolutely, which makes it kind of….yeah. What I don’t get is why people feel OBLIGATED to go to these extremes, like why does Jane have to be this perfect flawless buttercup who had her entire personality overwritten for you to be able to sympathize with mind control? Why does Dirk have to be Just As Bad as the AR for you to see how he sees himself in the AR and stresses out about the possibility that he COULD be?

Why does Dirk have to be An Abuser for his emotional repression and inability to reach out to be a problem (for himself as much as for his friends btw! Dirk’s problem isn’t holding his friends to too high a standard, it’s an INABILITY TO PARSE THEM AS DOING ANYTHING THAT HURTS HIM MEANINGFULLY WHILE HE DEMONIZES HIMSELF…)

Sorting these characters into capital letter Heroes and Villains is what the reductive, vaguely arbitrary game mechanic IN THE COMIC does. Is it really impossible for us to do better? Is it genuinely too much to ask for us to treat these characters like people instead of cartoons? I realize the question is silly to phrase that way but come the fuck on, everyone reading this knows Homestuck and knows what we’re here for.

I don’t see why critical thinking magically short-circuits forever once we come to trying to untangle the web of hurt (AND LOVE!!! THE HURT MATTERS LESS THAN THE LOVE AND HOMESTUCK IS EXPLICIT ABOUT THIS) between these kids. It’s frustrating. 


maplestory icons taken from the credits of Black Heaven. (sorry for the lower quality on luminous + aran)

all of them are 300px. x 450px.!

free to use, no need to ask, no credit necessary. I just think they’re really cute.

Fic: What If This Storm Ends?

Fandom: The 100

Pairing: Kabby

Word Count: 2752

(A/N: I had the idea of Abby somehow being in Arkadia during 4x07 when the black rain hit, and had to write it. So imagine for this fic that perhaps Abby got to go home for a day after the fire in Arkadia. Perhaps they had a little more time before “Baylis” broke into the house, and Abby needed to see Marcus in person after the hostage situation and the explosion and for help in what she was dealing with. Given Abby’s decision in 4x12, I wanted to explore her feelings on breaching her own ethics a bit more, in a way the show unfortunately hasn’t.)

She was inside the charred remains of Alpha station, still trying to salvage what little medical supplies she could, when Abby heard an earth-quaking clap of thunder. It made her jump, and she rose to her feet from a crouch, her whole body suddenly tense with anticipatory dread. Something instinctively told her that this was not a normal storm, and that the moment they’d been afraid of had arrived.

Her suspicions were only confirmed further when the tap-tapping of raindrops on the metal hull began, swelling quickly to a relentless drumming as the skies opened, and she heard distant shouts of panic from the people outside. Then the alarm started blaring.


Her feet were moving before her brain had even caught up, and Abby started running towards the front of the station. The few people she passed on the way told her that the vast majority were outside, and she burst into the hanger bay to the sight of everyone else pouring inside and heading straight for the barrels of fresh water they had stocked up.

She was bumped and jostled, fighting against the tide, eyes darting from face to face, searching desperately for the one person she needed to know was safe. Suddenly he appeared in the open doorway, Bellamy beside him, both of them throwing their plastic sheeting to the ground, hissing in pain and emptying bottles of water over exposed skin.

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anonymous asked:

4 sterek

4. Domestic I’m hoping that this was for that ficlet thing. If not, well uh whoops.


There are suds everywhere. Literally everywhere. The white foam is covering almost every surface of the kitchen. The dishwasher practically exploded, vomiting soap everywhere. How did this even happen? Stiles doesn’t remember being the last to do dishes because last night was Derek’s night, and oh.

“Derek!” Stiles yells, stomping up the stairs. For not the first time, he laments how big the Hale house is, but he knows that one day, Derek hopes to fill the house with kids and pack, and Stiles isn’t actually opposed to that at all.

He finds his stupid werewolf husband naked in the shower, and Stiles just knows Derek planned this. “Derek!” he yells again, standing in front of the glass shower door. “What did you do to our dishwasher?”

Derek looks over at him, his face contorting to look as innocent as possible, but everyone knows Derek isn’t innocent. “What’s wrong with the dishwasher?” he asks.

Stiles sighs loudly, impervious to Derek’s tactic of being naked. “No one else lives here, and last night was your night to do dishes,” Stiles accuses, pointing at his husband.

Derek shrugs, rubbing his soaped up hands through his hair. “I didn’t do it?”

Narrowing his eyes tightly, Stiles puts his hands on his hips like the naggy husband he never thought he would be but totally is. “Derek Samuel Stilinski-Hale. What did you do to my dishwasher?”

“Do you want a blowjob?” Derek blurts out, and maybe Stiles is a little not impervious to all of his husband’s tactics.

An hour later, they’re in bed when Stiles hears the front door opening and Scott yelling through the house, “WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED IN THE KITCHEN?”


I taught him to use emotion, to use anger and to focus on it. To feel every ounce of rage and hatred that he could summon and it was the anger that taught him control


The Alphas @ Sakuracon

Even plushies can be wixzards at Sakuracon, I don’t judge.
Roxy, Jane, Dirk and Jake flagged me down on the last day and naturally I had to make them all wizards (ps magic is real)


Jaqui as Roxy
Erynn as Jake
Drake as Dirk
Oryanna as Jane

 If you are in one of these photos and want to be credited, please contact me and I’ll add you to the list