char: stiles stilinski


                           Life is beautiful
                           But it’s complicated
                           We barely make it
                           We don’t need
                           To understand
                           There are miracles

The Kids Are Alright (Part 2)

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Summary: Stiles is a single dad just trying to raise his little girl right. You’re a single mom in a new town doing your best to stay up with a rambunctious toddler. When your kids become friends on the first day of kindergarten, where will it lead you and Stiles?

Author’s Note: Here it is! I didn’t expect to have the second part out so soon, but once I started writing it, I just couldn’t stop. I really hope you guys like it! Enjoy ;)

Warnings: Language; awkwardness

Tags: @peace-full-mind (I forgot them last time, sorry!)

Part 1


The weeks seemed to fly by. Between work and Henry, everything passed so quickly that I felt like I had whiplash by the time I found myself walking into Henry’s classroom for my first parent-teacher conference. It had snuck up on me so fast that I hadn’t even had time to find a babysitter, having to ask Derek to step in as an emergency. Thankfully he had no problem spending a couple hours with Henry, and I knew that Henry would definitely be excited to have some guy time.

“Ms. Y/L/N! How are you? Please, have a seat,” Lydia said as I walked into the room. I smiled and sat across from her.

“I’m doing alright, just been busy with Henry, thank you for asking.”

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Mermaid!Stiles x Mermaid/Sister!Reader

“I don’t see why you like him?” You hummed as Stiles stared out of the diner’s window and across the road to where the bulky werewolf was fixing a car.


“Why does it matter why I like him?” He sighed and sipped at the milkshake you’d chosen to ignore.


“He’s so hairy.” Your nose crinkled as you inspected the wolf before turning your attention back to your brother.


“He’s not that hairy.” Stiles huffed defensively.


You shrugged and waited for your brother to finish his food before the two of you wondered out to the Jeep. Neither of you really trusted the machine. The cars you’d been in before were the ones that transported you somewhere awful so the two of you remained indifferent when John bought it for the two of you.

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anonymous asked:

Is there any fics where it's Derek's birthday or something, and Stiles gets him something huge like he does for Lydia in the show. and Derek doesn't know how to react because he's not used to anyone just being nice to him

These are mostly just Stiles’ surprises Derek with a birthday present. Hope that works! - Anastasia

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Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let’s Go! by redkislington

(1/1 I 614 I General)

Derek is woken up on his birthday to a fox that invites him outside to play in the snow. Derek considers it a successful birthday.

Finding love when looking for puppies by Philippa_vic

(1/1 I 1,295 I General)

Derek wants a puppy for his birthday

Gag Gift by Yosei

(½ I 1,864 I Explicit)

Stiles thought it would be a great idea to get his crush, the team’s very own sourwolf, a gag birthday gift to bring a smile to his mopey face. Little did Stiles know that Derek was actually going to try to use it.

Christmas Birthday by StaciNadia

(1/1 I 2,028 I General)

Derek’s family always made his Christmas birthday special, but they’re not here anymore.

It’s Supposed to be a Big Thing by stileskolpath

(1/1 I 2,100 I Teen)

“Okay, so I’m total and complete shit.”

Derek’s ears perked up. He rounded on himself to look at Stiles, who was standing there in the entrance to the kitchen with a small, unadorned cardboard box.


“I’m awful,” he answered, “I’m just the worst. I don’t know how I did it, but I managed to completely forget your birthday was today.”

Take Me HIGHer by 42hrb

(1/1 I 2,156 I Explicit)

Stiles gives Derek a birthday present and they both end up getting more than expected.

Birthday Luck by theresnolightinme

(1/1 I 4,151 I Mature)

The fact that he’s probably the one of the only people, who would probably make it out of the situation alive and still have all his limbs, isn’t a bad thing either. That also gave him enough reason to also plan a surprise party. This was going to be good.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas by AsagiStilinski

(1/1 I 2,690 I Teen)

“What about this then?” he asked, holding up a sweater full of dancing reindeer in sunglasses

“I cannot believe I have to say this,” Derek sighed, turning to him and hanging the… thing…. back up

“Ok let me make something clear, nothing 3D, nothing dancing, nothing with sex, nudity, drugs, alcohol, innuendos, or bodily functions, and nothing interactive, meaning no lights, no music, no holographic performances, ok?”

Birthday Surprise by Destroyingtocreate

(1/1 I 4,173 I Teen)

Stiles decides he’s going to surprise Derek at his apartment with cake for his birthday.

Worth the Wait to Give You My Heart by secondstar

(1/1 I 6,303 I Teen)

All of Derek’s memories surrounding his birthday were of his family, of their deaths. After leaving Beacon Hills, he thought the past was behind him; until he and Stiles began exchanging SnapChats.

When nobody knows you exist by Twilight Fang (Asthenos)

(2/3 I 7,252 I Teen)

Derek is feeling depressed because nobody seems to care about his birthday. Nobody but Stiles, that is.

The Way To A Man’s Heart Is Through His Stomach by littlechinesedoll

(1/1 I 8,801 I Teen)

Stiles doesn’t want Derek to spend his birthday alone. So he whips up a mean batch of brownies, puts on his red hoodie, and goes over to the Big Bad Wolf’s house with a picnic basket full of food. Because hey, growing Alphas need food. Good food. Specially on their birthday.

Dream a Freakin’ Holiday Dream of Me by lunaraindrop

(9/? I 22,607 I Teen)

In the process of getting Derek Hale the best birthday gift, Stiles is given some spiked tea by an old lady and sees a glimpse of his future. What ever will he do? 

Collide by allyasavedtheday

(1/1 I 28,543 I Mature)

“There’s a legend among the druids,” Deaton begins, “it tells of two souls, Silvanus and Antheia, bound inextricably across universes. Two souls that are constantly colliding, not completing each other but-“

“Balancing,” Stiles says faintly, thinking back to all those times Morell talked to them about druids maintaining the balance.

“Mhm. Balance is imperative in our world, Stiles. The supernatural is a turbulent and unpredictable thing, without balance it would implode on itself.”

“So these two souls…”

“Were the bonding of the natural world and the supernatural one,” Deaton finishes for him.

Stiles and Derek are soulmates. It would be just Stiles’ luck that his universe is the only one where they don’t end up together.