char: sophie lefevre

Sophie Lefèvre | Graduated | Twenty One

To some Sophie Geneviève Lefèvre is a rude, manipulative individual. But to others, she is a kind and caring friend – it all depends on who you are, and which side she chooses to show you. She hails from Nice, France, where she attended Beauxbatons with her two sisters – Apolline and Jacqueline, both of whom she cares about more than anything. With her Half-Veela good looks, and strong attitude, Sophie tends to get what she wants, and if she doesn’t at first, she keeps on trying until she succeeds. When she was nineteen, she moved to London to start a French fashion boutique — ‘Lefèvre’ — with Jacqueline. The less organized of the two; Sophie tends to work more on the design and handiwork than the actual layout and money part of the shop.  Overall, Sophie is a smart and dependable person, who can also be a force to be reckoned with.