char: sister mary eunice



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Imagine #15: Mary Eunice having a crush on you

You smiled back at her, your eyes filled with appreciation. 

“You don’t have to try to get me out of every chore around here, Sister. I’ve gotta do some work.” 

“W-well I know. I-I just…” Mary Eunice continued to stumble over her words as her eyes avoided yours.

“Hey,” You giggled and gently grabbed her hand. “What are you so nervous about girly ?”

She finally brought her head up and and looked into your eyes. Her bottom lip quivered as she stood there silent. Her alabaster skin glew in a soft shade of pink as her eyes wandered to your lips. 

“Nothing…” She lied, her voice filled with want and sadness. “I have t-to go. Doctor Arden is expecting me.” She turned her face to the ground and hurried out the door. 


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You could tell as soon as your lips met Mary’s that she felt guilty about doing this. She was trembling so you took her hand and held it gently as you deepened the kiss.

“What if someone-” she began to say but you immediately shook your head.

“No ones going to catch us. Don’t worry”.