char: sister mary eunice


Imagine #21: Phone sex with Mary

You could hear her faint whines through the phone as you pressed your ear closer to the speaker.

“I want to lick up your slit…” She moaned, “And stick my tongue into your pussy.”

You pressed yourself into the bed you laid on as you began to rub your clit faster. 

“W-what else…” You said in shuddering breaths. 

You heard her let out another loud moan, followed by giggling. “Oh b-baby I want to slam you against a wall a-and…” You heard her moans in between her words becoming louder and louder. Her heavy breath was grainy through the phone you held to your ear, but it was still such a heavenly sound. The thought of her pumping her fingers into herself as she imagined you being there with her, it was enough to send you over the edge. 


Requested by anonymous

You could tell as soon as your lips met Mary’s that she felt guilty about doing this. She was trembling so you took her hand and held it gently as you deepened the kiss.

“What if someone-” she began to say but you immediately shook your head.

“No ones going to catch us. Don’t worry”.