char: sirius

Imagine Sirius getting flustered around you.

“I need to ask you something, (y/n). Wow, uh, you- you look very pretty today. Not that you don’t look pretty every day! Because you do! I think you look pretty all the time… Uh… What was I saying?”

*Not my gif

I wish there was a book about Sirius’s time in Azkaban. Like, rebellious 21 year old Sirius entering Azkaban. Once he gets over his grief he’s gonna start freaking out, and from what I remember, wasnt he put close to Bellatrix? He goes from confident that Dumbledore is going to get him out to hopeless as the years go by. I need to read about him clinging onto the idea of Harry being alive and him being innocent. I need to read about him delving deeper into insanity but not quite reaching it bc all that keeps him going are his memories of the marauders and a little boy calling him pa'foo. I need this so badly.
And most importantly I need him to have this vocal duel with Bellatrix (who obviously knows Sirius was never a death eater)
I need this more than air ok


request (okay, so imagine it’s the first time Remus sees his boggart, and he stands in front of it and it turns into a full moon. He’d be like “of course, what else could it be?” in the most resigned way. The other marauders would be making sure he was okay, and that no one else really saw what his boggart is. They’d all be extra nice to him for the next few days.)

I just had a headcanon au where Remus and Sirius raised Harry, and they would make bets on everything like how old he would be when he took his first steps and who’s gift he would enjoy most and one day when he’s really close to talking they’re placing their bets on who’s name Harry will say first.
and then the bribing starts, so there’s:
Remus giving baby Harry sweets while Sirius was out,
Sirius letting Harry toddle around with his wand while Remus showered,
Remus comforting a crying Harry in the middle of the night with full waltzes in the tiny nursery with Harry tightly in his arms cause the dancing makes Harry smile and giggle,
Sirius enchanting a tiny motorbike (that he can hide in the closet) to make noises just like his big one and go at very slow speeds down the hallways with Sirius right behind him while Remus is busy with tidying the wreck of a living room/kitchen from the morning’s banana smoothie adventure (because muggles have tiny three wheeled bicycles for kids and how different is it really),
Remus letting Harry play with his wand after Sirius falls asleep, when him and Harry are both so sleepy that staying awake seems impossible so Remus doesn’t see the harm in an almost asleep baby having his wand until Harry scream-giggles Remus into consciousness at the quiet snowy fireworks dancing above them.
Harry garbling things closer and closer to “Remus” and “Sirius”
and then one day while on the tiny motorbike Harry squeals “Siwi!!”
and Sirius is so excited he starts to run to Remus then spins cause oops he can’t leave Harry and he’s yelling for Remus this whole time and he falls down right as Remus shows up at the end of the hall panting and Harry’s giggling at Sirius and Sirius can hardly get out “REMUS GUESS W-” before Remus sees the motorbike and starts trying to tell Sirius off so Sirius is about to talk over him to tell him what Harry just did and then Remus hears this tiny “Siwi” and he stops mid lecture and his heart melts and he doesn’t even care that he lost the bet cause he’s the luckiest man on gods green earth and he sinks down to the floor beside Harry and hugs him tight right off the motorbike and then there’s a tiny “Reemee?” and Remus pulls back to look at Harry and Sirius comes over and holds them both so tightly and when Remus looks up at him to mention the bet, he stops cause Sirius has a tear in his eye and this look of amazed wonderment on his face at the two guys who have made his whole life and I JUST BROKE MY OWN HEART OMG

New Headcanon: When McGonagall catches Sirius and Remus making out in a storage room in fourth year she makes them come with her. And they’re like “shit! fuck! shit! shit! fuck!” When they get to her office she make Remus hand her his bag. He does. She reached into a desk drawer and dumps a bunch of condoms and lube into the bag.Then she hands it back to Remus. And both he and Sirius are bright red. She asks if they know silencing spells and says if they don’t they had better learn fast.Then she sends them on their way.

Sirius Black looking Remus dead in the eye after a couple of glasses too many, grabbing him by the shoulders and saying ‘I love you to the moon and back.’

Remus suggesting that 2am and werewolf puns are perhaps a sign that it’s time for bed, so Sirius promptly sprawls out on Remus’ bed next to him and falls asleep almost instantly.

Remus just looking at him helplessly like 'this is not quite what I meant.'