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Today, in 1836, Sarah Fuller was born in Weston, Massachusetts!

Sarah Fuller attended school at the Allan English and Classical School, and by 1869 she was training under Harriet B. Rogers to learn  how to teach deaf students. In 1871, she was the principal of Boston’s Horace Mann School for the Deaf. Under her leadership, the staff was trained by Alexander Graham Bell to learn how to teach deaf children to speak.

 Sarah went on to give Helen Keller her first speech lessons, published a guide for teaching deaf children, and created the American Association to Promote the Teaching of Speech to the Deaf.  She died at the age of ninety-one in Newton Lower Falls.

 In the  first picture above, Sarah Fuller is shown at the age of thirty-three. In the second one, Sarah is on the far left standing next to Alexander Graham Bell.


Sarah Fuller at age 33, circa 1869, Horace Mann School photographs, Collection 0420.047, City of Boston Archives, Boston

A convention group at Lake George (Miss Fuller and Dr. Bell at extreme left, circa 1900, Horace Mann School photographs, Collection 0420.047, City of Boston Archives, Boston

Blog post by Monica Haberny, City Archives Outreach Intern

Spoilers for The Following Pilot:

So The Following aired on Australian TV tonight (I’ve only seen the pilot so I might be a bit behind) and I like it but…to me, killing off Maggie Grace’s character was such a waste. There is nothing more annoying than writers not seeing or using the amazing potential in some storylines and ending them prematurely (I think I reblogged a post about that recently). It annoys me so much because it robs the audience of a potential awesome storyline, which Sarah’s story could have been. Even after only 1 episode I could see she had the potential to be amazing - her and Ryan had amazing chemistry in only like two scenes (and one was only them on the phone) and their relationship could have been one of the most dynamic in the show. Also seeing how she overcame what happened to her and how it still affects her would have been really interesting viewing. And I would have loved to see her dealing with the possibility that she might never be safe with the cult members running around and maybe a bit more about her and Carroll and how that affects her. In short she could have been an amazing and interesting character but her potential was wasted (not to mention the gross ‘women in refrigerators’ trope) and I think that’s one of the worse things writers can do.

But of course she’s just another female character to be killed off as a plot device for the main male character’s storyline to advance. Good job. Potential wasted.

But apart from that it is actually a great show (good suspense, intrigue and great acting) and I’ll keep watching because it is interesting but I am just peeved so I’m ranting…