char: rosa

I  actually found it sort of interesting how the different clans punished Rosa and Balder, especially when you consider how their systems likely worked in relation to their contracts.

The Umbran Witches were obviously founded on beliefs centralized around individual freedom and power. Despite their devotions to their cause and Sisterhood, each Witch had an important emphasis on maintaining her own power and freedom.

When she was punished, Rosa was imprisoned for the remainder of her life, taking away the freedom that the Witches valued.

Meanwhile, the Lumen Sages are likely similar to the tiers of Paradiso in that their centralized beliefs mainly revolve around their devotion to their Order as a whole. Without the whole group, an individual Sage is nothing, much like the Angels within the grand scheme of the Divine Paradiso hivemind hierarchy.

Balder’s punishment was exile, making him an outcast by expelling him from the group he was likely dependent upon for a majority of his life, thereby cutting him off from both the woman he loved and the people he grew up with, leaving him completely alone for what had to be at least twenty years while the Umbran-Lumen was was going on.

It’s just an interesting contrast. As punishment, Rosa had her freedom taken from her in a Sisterhood that emphasized individual freedom and power, and Balder was cast out completely from an Order which had a large focus upon being one part of the whole.