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I really want to know more about Harry hooks back story and how he thinks and why he thinks the way he thinks ; like why he wears the hook and why it’s so important to him and why he wears it even though he has a hand and his thought process behind it. I mean, I know his dad wears a hook and he wants to be like him butt it has to be more than just that and more intense. I mean I the fact that in the book he said he tried to get tik-tok to bite his hand off so he could be like his dad and was upset that tik tok didn’t and still wore shows that a) he’s crazy and/or  mentally ill, whether he was born with it or developed due to his environment (at least at time he tried it, but by the he was characterized in the movie i’d say that he still dealing with a mental illness and  and it also shows that b) wearing the hook is extremely important to him, and i would really like to know why hook is important to him? why does it hold so much significance in his mind? When did he start to want to have a hook hand like his dad? What state of mind was he in when decided to try and tried to get his hand bit off? What caused him to got to want to go to that extreme? What going through his mind then; why was it going through his mind? Did he try to loose his hand since then?

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Bien plus que la douleur elle-même, ce procédé déloyal laissa Peter hébété, complètement désarmé.
Il contemplait l'adversaire avec des yeux horrifiés.
Tous les enfants éprouvent cette révolte, la première fois qu'on les prend par traîtrise. Lorsqu'ils viennent vers vous pour vous appartenir, ce qu'ils attendent de vous, c'est que vous vous comportiez loyalement.
Si vous trichez, ils vous aimeront encore mais ne seront plus jamais les mêmes.
Aucun enfant ne guérit jamais de cette première trahison.
Aucun hormis Peter qui en faisait souvent l'expérience mais oubliait toujours.
Je suppose que c'est cela qui le distinguait vraiment des autres.
On aurait pu rêver plus charmant tableau mais il n'y avait personne pour le voir, si ce n'est un étrange garçon qui regardait derrière la fenêtre.
Il lui arrivait de connaître des félicités inouïes, interdites aux autres enfants, mais en ce moment, il regardait à travers la vitre la seule joie qui lui était à jamais refusée.
—  Peter Pan - James Matthew Barrie 

                                Fiona becoming the Black Fairy
                          Rumplestiltskin becoming the Dark One
                                  Malcolm becoming Peter Pan

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Louis as Peter Pan, Harry as Wendy (quotes by J.M. Barrie)

“All children, except one, grow up.”

“Dreams do come true, if only we wish hard enough. You can have anything in life if you will sacrifice everything else for it.”

         You know that place between sleep and awake,                                              The place where you can still remember dreaming?                                                     That’s where i’ll always love you                                                                             That’s where i’ll be waiting