char: pearl

A sad, rough, spur of the moment ukulele song about Pearl and her feelings about Rose. Set around Rose’s Scabbard. <3 Download at Soundcloud.


worth, it’s something you can earn
it’s something like belonging
but nothing like belonging to
and love is wanting to protect
to fight until you’re wrecked
coming back reformed, reborn, and stronger too

and it’s not easy
it hasn’t been easy
it’s not getting easier
to go on without you

hate, and guilt and grief and rage
I tried but couldn’t save you
from what you were searching for
those things I couldn’t understand
you smiled and held my hand
and that’s the touch I’m hurting for

and it’s not easy
it’s hasn’t been easy
nothing’s been easy
and I’m full of doubt too

and it’s not for me
this world you adored
I am trapped on theses shores
without you

why, I would have followed where you lead
if I could bleed I would have bled
if I could give myself instead
if I could you what he gave you
anything to save you
anything to keep your curiosity at bay
anything to have you
and to hold you
if I could I would have told you
anything, anyone but him

and it’s no surprise I love him, how couldn’t I
and I see you in his eyes, in his wisdom and his kindness
and the way he’s always right
and it’s not easy to realize it’s getting harder all the time
harder to miss you

and it’s not easy
it’s true
but nothing was ever easy
with you


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As if it was the 90′s..  All 3 crystal gems together

what started out as a practice doodle turned into a lot more c:

I kinda want to draw them all like this but I also really need to catch up on eps (my dvr really hates me and my hoarding tendencies) 


So in Same Old World Lapis explains via flashback that she was trapped in the middle of the Gem War and mistaken for an enemy of Homeworld, leading to her getting poofed and sealed in the mirror that would be her prison for the next several thousand years. 

At the end of the flashback, however there is an odd little something that could be one of many things: the flash of light as the Homeworld Gems leave.

I read a theory that suggested that this was a sort of “Gem Bomb” designed by Homeworld to kill off any gems exposed to it’s effects. This may very well be true. Context clues are very important here for discerning the nature of this flash. Take Lapis’ quote:

  • “It soon became clear that there was no hope in stopping the rebellion. All of the Homeworld Gems fled … in all the panic of escaping earth, I was left behind.”

Lapis describes the “fleeing” of the planet as a “panic”, suggesting that everyone was getting off-world as quickly as possible to avoid something, possibly the Gem Bomb that Yellow Diamond had decreed be unleashed on the earth.

Flash forward several thousand years, and there are only a handful of non-corrupted gems on earth, Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst, Lapis, and Steven. Now take Greg’s quote in The Return when he describes the Gem War’s conclusion:

  • “In the end, your mother could only save a handful of her closest friends. If it weren’t for her shield, man, I don’t know.”

The Gem Bomb, probably meant to completely kill gems, had an unforeseen alternate effect; Gem Corruption. The bomb released an epic shockwave that traveled across the planet, ripping through every gem it touched, corrupting them to their very core. The only gems that were exempt from the effects were those closest to Rose Quartz, both socially and physically. 

Rose’s shield blocked a concentrated blast from the Hand Ship in The Return, meaning it could probably protect those behind it from a planet-wide blast that would be much less concentrated. The shield protected Garnet, Pearl, and Rose herself, while every other gem on the planet, save for Amethyst and Lapis, succumbed to the bomb. The remaining Crystal Gems began to sweep the planet, poofing and bubbling their friends, storing them in the temple until they could find a cure for the bomb’s effects.

Then, on a visit to the Kindergarten, a wild Amethyst appears! Having stayed underground too long, she didn’t emerge until the Gem Bomb’s effects had dissipated. The Crystal Gems then take her in, as surely there can’t be any other non-corrupted gems on earth.

Lapis was exempt from the blast too. Why though?

Her mirror, designed to keep her imprisoned, acted as a shield of it’s own and protected Lapis from the bomb. What she saw as a curse was actually the only reason she remained uncorrupted. Which makes me wonder… is the Desert Glass from Steven’s Lion the same? How many other gems were spared due to Homeworld imprisonment? Only time will tell.


i couldn’t think of a good theme on the spot for a su sticker sheet so of course i ended up choosing flowers…

  • steven: pink carnation for a mother’s love, daisies and dandelions for purity and innocence
  • garnet: ivy for wedded love, viscaria for an invitation to dance
  • pearl: a rose for rose, rosemary for remembrance
  • amethyst: pink/yellow hyacinth for playfulness and jealousy, hydrangea for appreciation of understanding
  • lapis: queen anne’s lace for sanctuary and delicateness, lily of the valley for return to happiness
  • peridot: peony for bashfulness/indignation, king protea for transformation and courage