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Just A Little More Time

Requested by an Anon: can you do one based off Opie and reader where she catches him cheating in their bed but he tried to fix it about a year later because he misses her and can’t handle life anymore.

The sounds were unmistakable, we had made those same sounds just last night; yet I was still in denial. My heart couldn’t or maybe wouldn’t except what my ears were hearing. I was standing at the door, my hand on the knob, ready to turn it, to open the door.

My brain knew what was happening, it was screaming for me not to open our bedroom door. I had to,  I had to prove it to my heart, that he really would do this too me. I exhaled slowly, pushing open the door.

I just stood there, my heart shattering as my marriage was destroyed. My appearance was not noticed, I used it to my advantage. Opening the closet, I grabbed my lock down bag. It was pre-packed with two weeks of clothes. 

 I saw the baseball bat, in the back of the closet, I grabbed it, walking over, I swung it at the bedside lamp, shattering it. The action of the bed stopped, I pulled off my wedding rings throwing them at Opie. “Don’t come after me! It’s over!” 

I grabbed the women by the head of the hair, and slammed her into the wall, I dropped her on the floor. I balled my hand into a fist, and broke her nose. “Stay away from married men, you whore!”

I picked up my bag, and never looked back.

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Confidential Couple

Request from anon for an Opie x Reader, where the two keep their relationship a secret due to the reader being Jax’s little sister.

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You jump as you feel a pair of hands on your waist, ripping your earphones out and looking behind you. “You almost gave me a heart attack!”

“Sorry.” Opie grins, pulling you back into his chest and wrapping his arms around your tummy. “I’ve hardly seen you today.”

“I know, babe, but my mom is already suspicious. We’ve gotta be careful.” you reason, relaxing back into Opie’s chest and breathing in his calming scent.

He hums in response, his head nuzzling into your neck before his lips start pressing kisses to your skin, your eyes closing as you place your hands over his. “Ope…”

“Jax is fixing up some car, the others are out.“ he mumurs between kisses, your body slowly but surely melting under his desires. “We’ve got time.”

A bang in the distance makes you jump, Opie pulling away from you as you go back to sorting through the box of family photos, your heart beating a thousand times a minute.

When you’re both convinced the coast is clear, you huff, turning around to face your secret lover. “I’m sick of sneaking around, Ope. I don’t wanna be like this anymore.”

“What, you think I do?” he asks defensively, before letting out a heavy sigh. “You’re the one who wanted to keep us a secret.”

“Yes, because I don’t fancy seeing my boyfriend and my brother at each others throats.” you snap, regretting it instantly, though you do nothing to apologise. Closing your eyes, you run your fingers through your hair, frustrated at the whole situation.

“I gotta go.” Opie says, turning away from you and heading out the room. You shake your head at his retreating figure, grabbing your stack of photos before exiting the room, heading towards the main area of the clubhouse.

Pausing your music, you grab a couple ice cold beers from behind the bar, heading out to TM. Just as you reach the garage, bikes fill your ears, the missing members flooding into the lot.

“Need any help?” you ask once you reach Jax, him straightening up from under the cars bonnet, smiling at you in thanks as you hand him a beer.

“Nah thanks, sis, I’m almost done.” he replies, cracking open the top of the bottle and taking a long gulp. “Is Ope alright? He just took off, seems kinda pissed.”

“I’m not sure.” you lie, taking a drink of your beer. Jax nods in acceptance, Chibs, Clay and Bobby saving you from the conversation.

“Doesn’t look too good with the Irish, we need to be on high alert.“ Clay warns, Jax throwing the rag he was holding on the floor. “Get everyone here, lock down.”

Your mind goes straight to Opie, and even though you know he can take care of himself, you know you won’t stop worrying until he’s back. “I’ll go get supplies. Food, drinks, extra pillows. Any requests?”

“Can you get us some cigs please, lass? You know the ones.” You nod in response, checking your pockets for your car keys and cash before practically speeding off.

“Take one of the prospects with you!” your stepdad shouts, you waving him off in response, insisting you’ll be fine.

As you’re moving around the store, throwing pretty much everything in your cart, you ring Opie for what feels like the fiftieth time, breathing a sigh of relief when he finally answers. “Do you ever stop calling?”

“Do you ever stop ignoring my calls?” you sass back, grabbing a huge pack of toilet paper and placing it in your cart. “Irish aren’t happy, we’re on lock down.”

“Shit.” he says, realisation in his voice. “No wonder Jax has been calling me.”

“Yep.” you deadpan, walking down the aisle full of candy, knowing your nephew is going to be bouncing off the walls from all the sugar. “That’s what happens when you act all grouchy, you miss information.”

“I’m not grouchy.” he defends, though you can tell he’s smiling through the phone. That’s one of the things you love about the two of you, how easy it is to forgive and forget. “Where are you?”

“I’m just at the store near Floyd’s, needed an excuse to get away so I could dial you a million times without being questioned.” you reply, already feeling a lecture coming on from your protective ass boyfriend.

“Please don’t tell me you’re alone.” he says, you staying silent. He curses under his breath, keys jangling in the background. “Stay there, I’ll be there in five.”

“Yes sir.” you tease, seduction in your tone, before ending the call. You smile to yourself as you move from aisle to aisle, content with the knowledge that you and Opie are on good terms again, no matter the circumstances.

As you reach the back of the store, the varieties of ice cream making your mouth water, a chill creeps up your spine. You look over your shoulder, the feeling that someone is watching you too strong for you to be mistaken.

You grab your cart, deciding to get the fuck out of there. Of course, your instinct is right, a hand covering your mouth and yanking you backwards so hard you almost lose your stepping.

Your heart feels like it’s going to explode out of your chest as you struggle, your screams silenced against the man’s hand. He pinches your nose, cutting off your only air supply as you frantically scan the store, praying that someone, anyone, will walk up the aisle and save you.

You look down, seeking an opportunity as you stamp on the persons foot as hard as you can, glad you’re wearing boots as the man temporarily moves back from you. You have no time to recover as you abandon your items, sprinting towards the exit.

Just as you reach the outside you feel a hand latch onto your hair, a sound of agony leaving your lips as tears fill your eyes, panic and pain flooding through you. He yanks your head back, delivering a harsh blow to your face, your cheek throbbing.

“Fucking bitch.“ the man spits, his Irish accent helping you understand his motive. You try to free yourself, but his grip is too tight, your limbs too weak to fight back.

”(Y/N)!“ You almost cry in relief at the sound of Jax, you twisting to see your brother and Opie running towards you. You’re shoved to the ground, your knees scraping the concrete, a hiss leaving your lips.

Jax rushes to your side as Opie moves to the man, and you’re thankful the lot is empty as the two men start fighting, Jax raising you gently to your feet. “Are you okay?”

You nod, tears slipping down your cheeks as your body shakes with adrenaline. Looking behind Jax, you notice the Irish man is behind held up against the wall, Opie delivering blow after blow.

“Opie! Ope!” Jax shouts, finally forcing his way between the two men. The Irish man slumps to the floor, unconscious, as Jax pushes against Opie’s chest, the taller man deliberating on what to do before he steps back. “I’ll go see if any of this shit has been caught on tape. Take my sister to TM.”

Jax jogs away, Opie’s gaze finally settling on you as he takes you in. “Jesus Christ.”

He’s next to you in a flash, slipping off his kutte and helping you put your arms through the sleeves, warmth and his scent covering you. Your body feels exhausted, drained even, but you resist Opie’s requests to pick you up, knowing you need to keep your strength up.

He’s as delicate as anything as he places his helmet over your head, snapping it shut and making sure not to trap any of your hair as he does so. Once he’s mounted his bike, you settle behind him, you wrap your arms around his waist, resting your head on his back.

Your body is heavy with fatigue as you struggle to stay awake, Opie’s natural warmth making you feel all the more relaxed.

You’re free for no more than ten seconds before you’re bombarded with questions, Opie’s bust lip being ignored once your dark purple cheekbone comes into view, Clay practically frothing with anger as your mom soothes you.

“I fucking told you to get one of the prospects!” Clay shouts, your eyes filling up again as Gemma tries to calm him down. “Why don’t you ever listen to me?!”

“Back off!” Opie booms as he stands in front of you, your fingers gripping the back of his tshirt, wanting nothing more than to go to sleep in his arms.

“Or what?” Clay responds, his voice eerily calm. “She’s my daughter, I’ll talk to her however the fuck I want!”

“Yeah? Well she’s my girl, so treat her with some fucking respect!” Opie roars, your grip tightening on his shirt as everyone falls silent. You step from behind your boyfriend just in time to see Clay lunge for Opie, Bobby and Chibs somehow keeping the two apart as they try to reach one another.

“Stop it!” you scream, everybody pausing to look at you. “Don’t you think I’ve been through enough tonight?!”

You angrily wipe your eyes as the group watches you silently, pity on all their faces. “Sweetheart-”

“No.” you cut your mom’s sentence short, your voice shaky yet strong. You shake your head in disgust, hating that they’re all acting like this when you could’ve been kidnapped tonight. “I’m going to bed, and I swear if any of you disturb me-”

You swallow the lump in your throat, refusing to break down as you turn on your heel, heading straight to the only place you know you’ll feel safe. Opie’s room.

About ten minutes later, you’re wrapped up in his duvet, wearing one of his giant tshirts and a pair of his boxer shorts. His scent is everywhere, and as much as you love it, it’s making it all the more harder to resist him.

Your phone vibrates, you fishing for it under the covers until you find it, a new message notification on the screen.

You alright? X

You smile despite yourself, messaging Opie back and telling him it’s safe to come in. He does so promptly, an apologetic look on his face as he sees your tear stained cheeks. “Hey.”

“Hey.” you whisper, your voice hoarse from shouting. Once he’s shut the door, he makes his way over to you, crouching beside the bed as he moves your hair around your ear, your eyes fluttering shut at the contact.

“I’m sorry.” he says, pressing his lips lovingly to your forehead. His tone is nothing but genuine, the look in his eyes the same.

“Me too. I didn’t mean to shout.” He shushes you quietly, a smile slipping onto his lips. “Can you come lie with me, please?”

He doesn’t even need to think about it, kicking off his boots and taking off his jeans before he’s crawling in beside you, wrapping his arms around you protectively as you nuzzle into his chest, feeling as if weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

“Jax knows, by the way.” he mumbles casually, his hand stroking your hair soothingly. You sit up slightly, eyes wide as you wait for him to continue. “He took it surprisingly well.”

“Really?” Hope floods your body. Maybe now you and Opie will be able to act like an actual couple. Well, once people have gotten used to the idea.

“I mean, yeah, he was pissed at first, but once he realised how much I love you, he understood.” Your heart flutters, a warm flush spreading across your face. Neither of you had even thought of the word love, let alone said it aloud, and Opie’s now nervous expression proved that.

Without hesitation, you lean forward, pressing your lips against his own, your hand going to the back of his head as he kisses you back, your skin tingling as if it’s the first time.

“I love you, too.” you say once you pull away, the words easily rolling off your tongue. “Thank you for protecting me today.”

“I’ll always protect you.” You kiss him once more, before relaxing back into his hold and allowing yourself to drift to sleep, safe in the arms of your lover.

A/N - Really didn’t plan on this being so long, but I hope you like it anyway!!! Been going through a bit of writers block so you’ll have to excuse me for the lack of updates, but I’ll keep trying to produce for you guys! See you next time ❤


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Request:  Opie imagine where you haven’t seen him in a week cause he’s on a run, when he gets home your waiting in the bedroom for him.

Contains Smut 😉💦

Everything about Opie was a turn on to you.
His dark brooding eyes, his long thick hair, his soft lips, his height, his strong muscly arms, his tattoos. The way he looked at you in the mornings when he’s just woken up, the way he looked at you when he was angry, the way he looked at you when  he came home after a long day. The way he looks at you with such hunger. The way his booming laugh echoed through your quiet house. The way he walked with such confident strides, danger radiating off him. The way he rode his bike, his large strong hands gripping the handle bars, the wind blowing through his hair. The sound of his voice, so loud and deep his words  left goosebumps on your skin. Opie wasn’t much of a talker, but when you were in the bedroom it was a very different story. God, that man knew all the right words to say to have you begging for more.
You had always had a thing for bad boys, and as much as Opie wanted to be good, you loved him even more when he was being bad.
It had been a week since he had left on the run and you were counting down to the very second he would be back.
You knew when he asked you to be his ild lady that there would be times when he’d have to go away. You just didn’t expect it to be in the ‘honeymoon’ phase of your relationship. The last few weeks the two of you had been fucking like rabbits.
Being away from him for so long hadn’t been good for you.
In fact, you’d been a grumpy bitch ever since he’d rode out of Charming.
You’re work mates were sick you. Hell, even your boss had sent you home early today after having enough of your mood swings.
Gemma was sick of you moping around the clubhouse too.
She was used to it. Having Clay go away on runs had become common for her, and for Tara and the rest of the old ladies.However, this was your first and if you had it your way, it would be the last.
Opie had called you a few hours ago, to let you know they were on their way back and you had been ecstatic ever since.
The house was spotless, the sheets were clean, your skin was practically glistening and your hair was freshly washed and dried.
Now all you had to do was wait.
And so you sat on the edge of your bed, the black lingerie clinging tightly to your skin and the scent or your perfume lingering in the air.

You bit your lip when you heard the front door open and all the built up lust and hunger came flooding through you like a wave.
“Babe?” Opie called out.
“Im in the bedroom.” You called back.
You heard his bags drop to the floor and you tucked your hair behind your ears, the anticipation almost becoming too much for you to bare.
You heard dull thumps as Opie kicked off his boots while he walked down the hallway and before you knew it the door flung open and there he was.
His tall figure loomed in the door way and you blushed under his gaze as he took in the sight of you.
You stood, letting your hair fall down your shoulders and you walked towards him.
The matching lingerie set had been a gift you’d purchased for him, but you’d never had a chance to give it to him. Yet.
“Holy shit.” Opie whispered as you sauntered towards him, swaying your hips as you walked.
You had to fight the urge to run and leap into his arms, but you had missed him and you wanted him to yearn for you the way you had for him.
You stopped before him and traced your arms along his shoulders.
His rough hands laid gently on your hips and you reached up on your tip toes to kiss him.
The moment your lips touched the heat built within you and neither of you could contain yourselves.
You moaned into his mouth as he lifted your body, your legs wrapping around his waist and he carried you to the bed, a sudden urgency taking over.
He laid you down and hovered over you as your lips moved in harmony.
His body laid between your legs and you lifted your hips, desperate for some kind of friction and Opie growled against your lips.
Eventually you came up for air and he lifted his head only for a moment. You both grinned at each other before his lips were crashing down on yours once more.
His kisses became soft and slow, teasing you as his tongue licked along your bottom lip.
You could feel how hard he was already, his bulge was pressed against you in just the right spot.
Opie lifted his body off you and stood as he lifted his arms to removes kutte.
Before he could, however you sat up and stopped his hand from moving.
“Leave it on.” You said.
“God I love you.” Opie said and pushed you back on the bed, his lips crashing down on your once more.

“You are so beautiful,” Opie said between kisses as his lips left yours and began to trail down your neck.
He sucked at the soft skin, making you whimper and you knew you’d have a bruise there in the morning but you didn’t care.
His lips moved lightly over your skin, sucking and licking his way along your collar bone.
“I missed you so much, baby girl.” He said against your skin.
His words sent goosebumps over your skin and the heat pooling within you was almost becoming too much to bear.
He loved teasing you, getting you worked up til you were begging for him and he knew exactly how to get what he wanted.
You bit your lip as his lips brushed over your skin and you wanted desperately to push him off of you and climb on top of him, to take control.
But Opie had other ideas and he slid his hands beneath your body and unlatched your bra.
The fabric left your skin and you blushed as his eyes looked at your bare chest hungrily.
“So beautiful.” Opie whispered as he bent his head.
His lips wrapped around your right nipple and he swirled his tongue around it, feeling it tighten into a peak. His hand massaged your left breast and you moaned as you felt his teeth graze over your nipple ever so gently.
With every flick of his tongue you felt the warmth within you grow hotter and you know when he finally got to it you would be coming within minutes.
Hunger ran through your veins and you arched your back, giving him more of your breast to take in his mouth.
“Please, Ope.” You moaned as you clutched at his hair, hiding him tightly to your breast.
Your other hand traced along the cool leather of his kutte and you lifted your hips, desperate for more friction.
“Please what?” Opie growled.
He left your breasts and kissed you hungrily once more before returning to your chest, this time taking your left nipple between his lips.
“Fuck me, Opie.” You moaned.
You could feel his smirk but he ignored your request as he sucked at your breast.
He continued for only a moment more before you felt him lift his body from you.
He knelt on the bed and eyed your core hungrily through the black lace.
He moved his hands down your body and slipped his fingers in the waist band of your panties before wiggling them down your body.
He tossed them to the floor behind him and licked his lips as he looked at your bare body beneath him.
Through the fabric of his jeans you could see the shape of his bulge and he palmed his length, adjusting the fabric that had become too tight.
The image of your bare body spread out beneath him, ready for him was enough to get him hard but the soft whimpers you were making were becoming almost too much for him to bare.
“Fuck, babygirl.”
His fingers traced along the inner of your legs and he teased them agonisingly slow from your ankles to your knees, but no higher.
Seeing him kneeling between your legs, completely dressed in his leather, watching you writhe beneath him was turning you on even more and you moved your hips on the bed, desperate for something to grind against for some friction.
Opie smirked and stood before grabbing your ankles gently and pulling your body to the edge of the bed.
He placed your feet spread along the edge of the bed, keeping you spread wide for him and you blushed slightly as he eyed your core.
You began to massage your breasts, squeezing them tightly as your hunger for touch grew deeper.
“Good girl,” Opie said and he removed his kutte and his shirt, his eyes never leaving you.
Opie unbuckled his belt and let his pants fall to the ground and you moaned when you saw his member standing tall and hard.
“Look at that pretty little pussy,” Opie said as he stepped out of his pants and stroked his cock slowly.
“Ive missed your tight little pussy.”
You moaned and with each word he spoke you felt your walls flutter and tighten, clenching around nothing as they were desperate to be filled.
Opie knelt on the floor in front of you and you lifted yourself onto your elbows.
He began to kiss you slowly, from the inner knee right up your thigh, leaving a trail of wet kisses and you ached for his touch.
Slowly he kissed closer to where you needed it most and you moaned in anticipation.

Opie licked song your folds and you spread your legs wider, thankful to finally have some attention where you needed it most.
You moaned and your body squirmed as his wide tongue licked along your slit.
His tongue moved slowly over your clit and you arched your back as you felt his fingers near your folds.
He slid one finger inside you and you moaned softly, the sensation combining with that of his tongue, circling your clit.
You were so worked up, so desperate for his touch that it didn’t take long til you were in the brink.
But Opie knew how close you were, and he wanted to tease you for a little while longer.
His lips left you but he slid another finger inside you, stretching your walls for his large cock.
“Such a pretty pussy baby,” Opie said.
He licked around your clit once more as his fingers pumped inside you.
“You taste so good, baby.”
You moaned and squeezed your breasts, pinching at your nipples as he sucked at your clit.
He was growling against you and the vibrations from his mouth were bringing you closer to the edge.
His fingers moved faster inside you, stretching your walls and you arched your back as you felt yourself go over the edge.
Your thighs clenched, holding his head between them and your back arched off the bed as his tongue continued to move over your clit.
“Fuck, Opie!” You moaned and you clutched at his hair, holding him to your core.
Your walls began to loosen around his fingers and his tongue slowed as you rode out your high.
His fingers pulled out of you slowly and you gasped at the sudden emptiness.
He lifted his head to look at you, red-faced and panting and he smirked before lowering his head and lapping at your juices.
Slowly he stood and you looked into his eye, seeing the primal hunger that now dominated his dark irises.
You lowered your eyes and licked your lips as you saw his large cock, already so hard for you.
“Mmm baby, you always taste so good.” Opie growled and you squirmed on the bed.
He grasped his large member and stroked it slowly.
“You want this?” He asked you.
You licked your lips as you watched him pump himself, tugging agonisingly slow along his length.
You nodded.
“Say you want it.” He ordered. “Say you want this cock inside that tight little pussy.”
“Please Opie!” You moaned. “Please fuck me.”
Opie smirked and hovered over you, pressing your body against the bed and you squirmed beneath him.
He held himself in his hand and moved himself against your folds.
You were already so wet for him and he coated himself in the slick juices.
“So wet for me babygirl,” Opie growled.
You moaned and your body writhed beneath him and you lifted your legs and wrapped them around his waist.

Opie growled and kissed along your neck, the skin tender from his earlier attacks.
He moved his cock in his hand and rubbed it between your folds, against your clit, moving easily along your wetness.
“Please Ope.” You begged and bucked your hips, making his cock slide further down your folds and closer to your entrance.
Without warning he plunged himself inside of you and you moaned as your walls stretched to take his large length.
He rocked his hips slowly, allowing you to adjust to his size and you dug your nails into his broad shoulders.
Opie pushed forwards, pushing himself deeper within you and he pressed against your clit.
You whimpered beneath him and rolled your hips,signalling to him that you were ready.
He didn’t hesitate and he slid himself out of you slowly while he pressed his lips against yours.
He sucked your bottom lip between both of his and he thrusted hard inside of you, making you gasp.
His lips released yours and he removed your arms from his shoulders before pinning them either side of your face.
“You want me to fuck you baby girl?” Opie growled.
Only the tip of his cock was resting inside of you and you moaned at his words.
You bit your lip and nodded. His face was close too yours and he stared into your eyes intensely.
“Yeah?” He slid his cock inside you and you moaned as his whole length entered you. “You want me to fuck you?”
“Fuck me Opie!” You begged and Opie smirked.
His hips pulled back and he slammed into you, making your eyes roll back in your head at the sensation.
His thrusts pounded into you, hard and fast.
Over and over again he entered you, every inch of him and you couldn’t hold back the moans that were leaving your lips.
Your arms fought against his, holding yours to the bed and he didn’t release his grip, he liked being in control.
“Fuck, Ope!” You screamed as he pounded inside you.
Both of you knew you were close and Opie finally released your arms.
You grasped his shoulders and scratched along his back, making him hiss.
He reached his hands beneath your hips and lifted them slightly, allowing him to enter you deeper than before.
Your back arched off the bed and you weren’t sure if you could hold off for much longer.
His thrusts never let up and the sound of his skin slapping against yours filled the room.
“You gonna come for me, baby girl?” Opie growled.
You couldn’t answer him, the sensations were becoming to much and so you threw your head back as a loud moan left your lips.
Opie lowered his head and sucked at your neck, leaving a harsh dark mark.
His lips left the skin and he lifted his lips to your ear, his hips still pounding into you.
“Come for me baby, come all over my cock.”
You screamed his name as your walls tightened around him and you dug your nails into his shoulders. He buried his face into the crook of your neck as your body shuddered beneath him.
His hips continued thrust inside you as you came and Opie growled as he felt you become wetter, coating himself in your juices.
“Good girl.” Opie cooed in your ear and you squirmed beneath him as you came back into focus.

His lips crashed against yours and he kissed you fiercely, with such passion it left you slightly dizzy.
When he pulled apart you smiled at him before pushing him off you slightly and in one swift movement you rolled him of you and straddled him.
You always did love being on top.
Opie stared up at you, his eyes devouring every inch of your bare skin and you smiled and shifted your hips slowly.
You squeezed your breasts and rubbed your wet pussy against his cock, making him growl at the sight of you.
Beneath you, you could feel his cock tense and you knew he was aching for his release now.
His hands ran up your back and pulled you down towards him so he could kiss you once more, and you let him for only a minute before you pulled back.
Your eyes met his and you but your lip as you reached down and grasped his bulging cock before sinking down on it, making both of you gasp.
Slowly you rolled your hips, your eyes never leaving him as you rode him.
“Your pussy feels so good, baby girl.” Opie said and you moaned.
he always knew how to make you come undone with his words and tonight was no exception.
You pulled your body up and plugged down on him, hard and fast and Opie began to thrust his hips to meet yours.
Opie wrapped his hands around your hips and thrust into you while you slammed down on him and his eyes watched your tits bounce hungrily.
“Fuck, Ope!” You cried out as his large cock pounded inside of you.
Opie growled and grasped your hips tighter, taking control once more.
He lifted your hips and slammed them back down, letting his full length pound inside you.
You leant your body forward and buried your face in his neck as the pleasure took over your body.
His thrusts were hard and fast and before you knew it you were on the edge once more.
“Opie Im gonna come!” You whined into his neck and he growled and thrust into you even harder.
His grip on your hips was tight and you were sure you’d have bruises there in the morning.
“Come for me baby girl,”  Opie growled and you moaned loudly.
Your walls tightened around him and your body shook as white hot pleasure pulsed through your veins and you clutched your eyes shut.
“Look at me,” Opie growled.
“Ope!” You screamed.
You could hear how wet you were for him, each thrust was loud against your soaking wet pussy and you knew Opie was close too.
“You want me to fill you up?” He growled.
You could only nod but that was enough for him.
He thrust into you a few more times before you felt his hot side spill inside of you. Your walls pulsed around him and he continued to thrust, riding out your highs.
Both of you were wanting heavily and you rolled off of him and collapsed on the bed, both of your bodies shining with sweat.
Your skin was tingling from the overwhelming pleasure and your thighs were still trembling as you tried to catch your breath.
After a moment of silence you felt Opie shift his arm and you slid your body next to his and rested your head on his chest.
His fingers traced up and down your back softly.
“Maybe I should go away more often, huh?”

Oil Stains and Sandwiches

Request: 6. Come here, baby. Let me see you. 10. I dare you. 26. No shoes, no shirt, no problem. With Opie

Opie Winston was a big man. A very big, but cut man. A man of which you loved. You loved everything about him, from the top of his head down to his toes. And let him know every day. In some way, whether it be verbally or physically, you showed your love for him. And it never failed to make him smile.

One day he was outside in the garage with Kenny, showing him somethings about Opie’s bike. You and Ellie were in the house working on her homework. It was around noon when the boys made their way in the house after being outside for a couple of hours, demanding lunch be made loudly. You laughed as you stood up, staring at your Old Man as you did so. He had his shirt off, sweating profusely.

You looked to Ellie and Kenny, “Go ahead and watch some TV while I make lunch, okay?”

They nodded as they made their way to the living room as you busied around the kitchen, pulling somethings out to make sandwiches. You didn’t look as you heard Opie opened the refrigerator to get a bottle of water out.

“How was working on the bike?” You asked as you went on making the sandwiches.

“Good, he likes it. I hope he takes on the legacy.” Opie said.

“That’s good, babe.”

Opie walked up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist and gripped your hips. “Come here, baby. Let me see you.” He whispered into your ear.

“Awww, come one! You’re all sweaty.” You whined playfully to him even though you didn’t really struggle in his grip.

You felt his chest rumble as he chuckled. “Don’t think I didn’t notice you staring earlier.”

You turned in his grip as you laughed at him. You placed your hands on his chest as you looked him in the eyes. “Okay, I admit. I love seeing you shirtless. There is a saying I think of whenever I see you without a shirt.”

“Oh, yeah?” You nodded. “And what’s that?”

“No shoes, no shirt, no problem.” He laughed loudly as his eyes crinkled with joy.

“Alright, I’ll give you that one.”

You smiled as you turned and reached for two of the plates with sandwiches and handed it to him. “Here, take this to the kids and I’ll be just behind you with ours.”

Time Skip

Later that day, after the boys worked some more on the bike, they made their way into the house with an added guest. Jax was walked in behind them as they all laughed. You were in the kitchen as they walked in through the sliding doors, making you turn your head to them.

You laughed at the boys as you noticed that they were covered in oil. “And what happened there?”

“Just giving Kenny as lesson in changing the oil on the bike.” Opie said as he leaned his elbows on the bar. Jax made his way to you.

“Hey, Y/N” He leaned in and placed a kiss on your cheek as you did the same.

“Hey there, Jax.” You turned to Kenny as he stood next to his father. “Go ahead and get cleaned up, we got awhile before the food is done.”

“Okay,” He said as he came and kissed your cheek before heading out of the kitchen to go clean up.

You then turned to your husband. “You too, mister.”

“What?” He stood up straight before a look of mirth came into his eyes. He slowly made his way around the bar. “What if I wanna show my woman some loving?” He teased.

You watched him with squinted eyes. “I don’t think so. You better go wash up before you even think about touching me.”

Jax laughed. “OOOHHHH. You better not, man.”

Opie smirked at you as he kept making his way towards you. You grabbed the spatula off the counter and pointed it at Opie. “I dare you.” You teased.

He chuckled as he stopped moving and held his hands up in surrender. “Okay, okay. I give.”

Not a second later he jumped at you and trapped you in his arms as you squealed. He rubbed all of you making oil stains appear on your clothes and face. “Really?!? Harry Winston!”

Jax busted out laughing at the scene. “Man, she used your full name! You better run!” He choked out between laughs.

Opie let you go and took off out of the kitchen and into the bedroom to clean up, leaving you yelling at him and him laughing.

You took my Heaven away

Originally posted by the-drumerson

A/N: This was requested by anonymous! It is based off the song; ‘Heaven’ by, PVRIS. I’m so sorry if it’s short and crappy! I tried! I hope you enjoy!

I think we were cursed from the start, Second I let you into my heart, Do you think we were speaking in tongues, Or simply not enough? Do you ever wonder, Who took the light from our life? The light from my eyes?, All we did was suffer, Why couldn’t we just say.

I was currently sitting on the roof of Samcro’s clubhouse, overlooking the sunset.

“Hey, (Y/N)!” I turned to see Jax coming up the ladder.

“Hey, Jax,” I said with a big smile. Jax began to walk towards me as a cigarette hung from his lips.

“What are you doing up here all by yourself?” Jax questioned. I giggled before glancing back at the beautiful sunset.

“Well, I thought I might try to fly like a bird you know?” I questioned sarcastically as Jax chuckled.

“Ha, Ha, Ha. Listen, I wanted to talk to you about something,” I turned myself to face Jax.

“Okay, continue,” I responded.

“Well, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about this for quite some time but I never had enough- Anyway, that doesn’t matter,” I laid my hand on Jax’s knee in the most comforting way I could.

“Jax, just spit it out,” I said with a giggle. Jax sighed before looking at the ground and then back at me.

“I love you, (Y/N). I always have, will you do me the honor of becoming my girlfriend?” I sat in complete and utter shock. I did feel the same for Jax but I didn’t want to ruin our friendship.

“Uh… Jax…” I watched as Jax’s expression changed from hopeful to heartbroken.

“You don’t feel the same way, do you?” I went to speak up when Jax cut me off. “Fuck! I’m sorry I said that. I shouldn’t have brought it up,” Jax said as I took a hold of his face in my hands.

“Jax, please. Just give me some time to think it over,” Jax sighed before nodding his head.

“Of course. Take all the time you need,” Jax said while I smiled I leaned over and wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him into a hug.

“Thank you,” I said as I began to stand and head for the latter and down to the club.

(You took my heart), (You took my heart), You took my heaven away, Away, Our love is pushing out and pulling in, Just like a rising and falling chest that’s barely breathing
And didn’t you ever wonder, About the dread on my tongue?, The blood in my lungs?, All I did was suffer, I was too afraid to say.

Once, I reached the club, I began to head for Opie’s dorm to gain some advice. I walked down the hall and down to the dorms as I knocked on the door.

“Come in,” I heard Opie mutter. I pushed the door open to see Opie sitting on his bed with his elbows on his knees as he leaned on them.

“Hey,” I said once I got fully into the room before closing the door behind me.

“Oh, hey,” Opie said as I smiled at him.

“Can I take a seat?” I questioned while Opie smiled before scooting over and patting the spot next to him. I went to ask Ope a question when he turned to me and spoke up.

“Can I talk to you about something important?” I nodded my head as Opie continued. “Well, you see, ever since Donna passed, I’ve been kind of lonely and you’ve been by my side through every step of the way,” I smiled as I nodded my head for him to continue. “And, I’ve been developing feelings for you and I want to embrace these feelings. I’ve come to grasp that I’m in love with you and I want to be with you,” I sat in shock. Did Opie just tell me he loved me? Did I love him back? I had so many thoughts and emotions running through me that I didn’t hear what Opie had said next. “(Y/N)?”

“Huh? What did you say?” I questioned as I broke away from my thoughts.

“I asked if you would be my girlfriend. I understand if you don’t want too,” I shook my head as I spoke.

“No, Opie. It’s not that, it’s just I need some time to think,” I said quickly, I began to stand and head for the door without taking another look.

” What am I going to do?” Was the number one thought that was going through my head. ‘Both of my best friends not only had feelings for me and wanted me to be their girlfriend but they both loved me. Me?! Like what’s so special about me?!’ I thought to myself. I ignored the calls of Opie and Jax as I walked out of the club. I needed some time to think, I needed to get away.

(You took my heart), You took my heaven away, You took my, you took my heaven away, Away, You took my heaven away, You took my, you took my, you took my heaven away, You took my, you took my, you took my heaven away, You took my, you took my, you took my heaven away, You took my, you took my, you took my heaven away.

I walked and walked until I came upon this local park. There had been no one here which I was thankful for. I walked to the closest park bench before taking a seat.

“What am I going to do?” I questioned to myself.

“If I choose one of them, I’ll only end up hurting the other one and making them hate me,” I sighed to myself as I felt tears brimming my eyes. No matter what I do, I was going to end up losing one of my best friends.

I sat there for hours fighting with myself of the pros and cons of Jax and Opie until I finally gave up. Deep down inside I knew who owned my heart but I just didn’t know what to do about it. I sighed as I overlooked the empty park. I stood up and walked over to the abandoned swing set as I took a seat and began to swing back and forth.

So, many thoughts raced through my head as for how I should approach this situation until I finally came to a conclusion. I sighed as I stood up from the swings and took a deep breath.

I know what I need to do.

I began to walk back to Samcro, as I rehearsed what I was going to say. I reached the club to see Jax and Opie sharing a cigarette on the picnic table.

“(Y/N)! Where the hell were you? We were worried sick.” I smiled at them before walking up to the picnic table and took the seat between them. I took the cigarette from Jax as I took a puff before handing it back. While I blew the smoke out I mentally prepared myself for what was about to come.

I think we were cursed from the start, You took my, (You took my heart), (You took my heart)
You took my heaven away, (You took my, you took my, you took my heaven away), Away
(You took my, you took my, you took my heaven away), (You took my heart), (You took my heart).

“Jax. Opie. For some unknown reason, you both decided to confess your feelings to me today which left me in quite a predicament. Yet, I did come to a conclusion.” The boys nodded for me to continue. “I choose… Jax,” I said as I felt a weight be lifted off my shoulders. “Opie, you are one of my best friends but that’s the thing… we’re best friends and that’s how I want to stay. I do love you too but not in the way you want me too. I’ve always had feelings for Jax and when he confessed them to me I felt as if I died and went to Heaven,” Opie chuckled before laying his hand on my knee.

“It’s okay, I understand,” I looked at him in disbelief.

“You do?” I questioned in disbelief while Opie looked at me with a smile.

“I do, I think It’s because that I’m not quite over Donna and her death that I just developed feelings for you,” I smiled before reaching over to Opie and pulling him into a hug.

“Oh my God, I am so glad! I thought you were going to hate me!” I said into the hug. Opie chuckled before pulling away and shaking his head.

“I could never hate you,” Opie said as I smiled.

“Well, since we got that settled and done. I know of this blonde that totally got the hots for you. So much so that she’s been here every night this week trying to get you attention,” I said with a smirk. Opie looked over at me with a raised eyebrow and a smile.

“Do tell,”

“Her names Lyla and she works for Luanna,” I began as Opie nodded before sliding off the table.

“If you don’t mind, I have a blonde who’s calling my name,” Opie said with a smirk. Jax and I chuckled while Opie headed into the club, leaving Jax and me all alone.

“So…” Jax began as I turned back to face him.

“So…” I repeated while Jax chuckled.

“So, where does this leave us?” I pretended to think for a moment before turning back to him with a smile.

“Well, I was thinking about taking you up on that offer about being your girlfriend, what do you say Teller? Do you want me as your old ball and chain?” I questioned which made Jax laugh.

“I would,” I smiled back at him before leaning in and pressing my lips to his. The kiss was gentle and loving, the way I always imagined it to be. We pulled away to only lay our foreheads against each other.

“You took my heart, Jax Teller. You always did,” I said with a smile.


Drabble ft. Opie Winston

Originally posted by stilinski-ortiz

Camping was always a nightmare, having three kids to keep an eye on in the middle of the forest. But Opie always insisted and the kids helped him to persuade you every time, so here you were.

You sighed as you rinsed the metal mugs out from this morning’s coffee. The kids had all been down by the stream with Ope, he was supposed to be keeping an eye on them and teaching them to fish.

Glancing over at your daughter napping in the tent, you decided to play a wicked trick on Opie to teach him a lesson. You’d been pissed beyond belief when your daughter had come trotting back to the campsite, alone.

Ope hadn’t come back yet, which meant that he hadn’t even noticed that she wasn’t with him anymore. You stood up, moving over to the tent and closing it, making sure to hide your daughter from sight.

After a little while, Opie and the kids came running back to the campsite, a look of pure horror written on his face.

“What’s wrong?” You asked him, faking concern. He struggled to regain his composure for a moment before speaking.

“Don’t freak out.” He began. You raised an eyebrow, crossing your arms. “I can’t find (Y/D/N).” You fought the urge to laugh at his face. He was almost tearing up.

“What?!” You hissed, really milking it. You wanted to teach him a lesson for not keeping an eye on her, but you were struggling to stop yourself from bursting into fits of giggles.

“I’m sorry!” He cried, throwing his hands up as the kids began searching the surrounding trees. “I only took my eyes off her for a second!” His voice was filled with desperation and you were finding the situation less funny by the second.

He seemed genuinely angry at himself, so you decided to let him in on the joke. You stepped back to the tent where your daughter slept, unzipping it and pulling it open enough for Opie to see her napping inside.

He let out an audible sigh of relief and then frowned while you smirked at him.

“Why did you let me think I’d lost her?” He accused, causing you to raise your eyebrows and scoff at him.

“Because if you’d been watching her, she wouldn’t have wandered back here all on her own.” You retorted, folding your arms again. He flashed you an apologetic look.

“Watch the kids better in future, Ope.” You scolded, wagging a finger at him.


* Bonus points to that gif, because it actually kinda looks like he’s saying “Don’t freak out, I lost the kid.” *