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What is your opinion on the death of Myrcella in the show? x

my opinion is MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love myrcella a Lot okay. and what’s especially sad is i actually loved s5 myrcella a lot, she was pretty true to her book character (intelligent, brave, kind, etc.) but then they went and KILLED HER OFF just to fulfill their “shocking death quota” for the season and to further emotionally damage jaime and cersei. 

myrcella’s storyline in the asoiaf books is one of my favorites, ALL of dorne is and i’m just so disappointed with how badly d&d ruined them on the show. like of all the things they fucked up, i’m most upset about that (other than That s5 Sansa plot), like ugh. i’m mad lol sorry

your opinion on…

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Hey, I hope you are doing ok, I just saw a gifset you posted and got myself wondering about Myrcella Baralannisteon and the very few things we know about her. I understand she’s not the most important character and that there are many others (especially female) waiting to get more fleshed-out, anyways, after getting a close look to Joffrey and Tommen it would be sad if the only thing we knew about Myrcella was “She existed, was pretty and gentle and got killed by the sand snakes”… Do you have any headcanons about her? Thank you!

Hi! I don’t like talking about the show, I’m sorry.

In the books, Myrcella is pretty fleshed out? I mean, for a tertiary character who is still a young child and not a pov character, I think we know a decent number of things about her?

For example, she’s very smart and she has the potential to be a great strategist, considering how quickly she took to the newly imported game of cyvasse. She likes games, she likes to play inside/outside, she has her own garden in the Red Keep. Seems like she was enchanted by Robb when she visited Winterfell, so that suggests to me someone who is conscious of her future role in Westerosi society to marry the son of a great lord to form a marriage alliance. 

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Hey, PQ. I want to ask you about the fate of Myrcella. Lots of people expect her to die along with Tommen by the hands of Sand Snakes/JonCon. But something about it rubs me the wrong way. Does she only exist to be victimized? I know that "children pay the price when lords play game of thrones" is a big theme for both Dornish, Varys and JonCon, but using Myrcella over and over to prove that point feels wrong. Especially since she was set up as intelligent and brave girl. What are your thoughs?

That’s a fair criticism. I think this is an example where a narrative decision wouldn’t necessarily be a problem in isolation, but it becomes one in context. There’s nothing inherently wrong with the “children and innocents pay the price” theme. It’s a powerfully deployed theme in many ASOIAF storylines. But when it’s all you’re doing with a character, and you’re doing it repeatedly, then it can start to feel exploitative. It’s a tough balance, of course, because it isn’t easy to devote a lot of time to every secondary and tertiary character. Shorthand is necessary (and can work dramatically: see the climax of “The Queenmaker” for a relevant example), but it can easily devolve into kicking the puppy. 

The other difficult balance here is between getting one’s audience emotionally invested in the characters without making it seem like that engagement was fostered just to rub the audience’s faces in it when said characters die. Generally speaking, I think GRRM stays on the right side of this line; the major casualties take on a sorrowful resonance beyond shock value. But I also think it’s a reasonable argument that in Myrcella’s case, the combination of the prophecy’s bluntness about her ultimate fate and the way in which she’s shuttled into AFFC only to be attacked makes her such a victim of merciless fates that it’s more numbing than moving. Myrcella has yet to be given that “Jeyne Westerling tears her clothes” or “Margaery tells Cersei to fuck off” moment in which her agency and humanity despite the walls closing in around her comes through. That’s not to say Myrcella has to give a big speech to be a good character, but for that aforementioned resonance to be achieved, we need to understand what she thinks about what’s happening to her. She’s younger than them, of course, but the Starkling POVs prove that’s no barrier. If Myrcella doesn’t get a word in edgewise in TWOW and is instead simply escorted to her grave, I think it’ll be poor writing. 


We don’t choose whom we love. It just, well– it’s beyond our control. I sound like an idiot. No, you don’t. What I’m trying to say– what I’m trying and failing to say– I know what you’re trying to say. No, I’m afraid you don’t. I do. I know. About you and Mother. I think a part of me always knew. And I’m glad. I’m glad that you’re my father.

Lyanna Baratheon

A/N: Okay guys, I’m trying something new. This is how each of the Lannister’s feel about Cersei and Robert’s legitimate child Lyanna. I think I’m going to do how the houses feel next and then transfer into a story. Let me know what you guys think!

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Reader goes into labor and there’s no Maester… #3

((Sorry if some of these aren’t very good! I just know some characters better than others! :o ))

Pt. 1

Pt. 2

Roose – True to his character (at least the book version), Roose wouldn’t truly care for your safety all that much unless you being alive gave him something or he had grown especially fond of you. If he needed you alive – for whatever reason – he would find someone who could help you safely deliver were there no Maester. Although, like with Tywin, Roose would more than likely make sure there was a Maester to assist you.

Bronn – Honestly, Bronn would care less than Roose. Bronn cares about fucking and fighting, really, a baby and commitment are not his idea of a good life. If there was no maester, he would basically make you take care of it all on your own.

Brienne –Brienne would have no idea what she was doing, but she would do everything she could to make sure you and your child lived. Whether she would find someone with the knowledge to help or go into it all blind and help you herself, she would be there for you.

Myrcella – Sweet Myrcella would never leave your side. She would father her handmaidens (possibly her mother) and her servants and together they would all act as maesters to bring your child into the world and keep you safe/alive.

Arya – Arya would probably find all the blood and the screams annoying/gross so would try to stay farrrrr away from the “actual action,” but she would do her best to find someone who could help you. If she had to be there, she would do better standing at the top of the bed and holding your hand, giving you moral support.

Tormund – Being a “free folk,” Tormund would be used to there not being Maesters (and often times no tribe…mid wife?…person…to help either) and would know at the gist of what happens when a woman goes into labor (after all, he already has a few daughters/sons). He would be there if you needed him to be and he would do anything he could. Tormund would be absolutely positive that you would come out of the labor bed alright and smirk proudly when you do.

Jorah – Jorah would FREAK out! He would be so cautious and protective of you the entire time you were pregnant (and even when you WEREN’T pregnant) that if you went into labor and there was no Maester, he would probably have a heart attack. No, seriously though, he would be completely hands on and help you the entire way. He’d give you constant compliments and ask you how you were doing a million times throughout.

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