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We don’t choose whom we love. It just, well– it’s beyond our control. I sound like an idiot. No, you don’t. What I’m trying to say– what I’m trying and failing to say– I know what you’re trying to say. No, I’m afraid you don’t. I do. I know. About you and Mother. I think a part of me always knew. And I’m glad. I’m glad that you’re my father.

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When exactly did Cersei plan for Myrcella's return and Trystane's death with Balon Swann? And why? To avenge Myrcella's mutilation? Or to simply cancel the betrothal? If latter, why go to the extent of killing one of Westeros's prominent scions? (Even with Cersei's craziness that is show!sandsnakes killing Doran and Trystane level stupid) The reason this plot confuses me is that there is no hint/explanation of it from Cersei's POV. And how did Doran find about it? Taena?

Cersei arranged for Trystane’s death prior to Myrcella’s mutilation; it took so long for Balon Swann to make it to Sunspear with that mission because after the botched queenmaking, all the various Dornish nobility Ser Balon visited lavished him with feasts and entertainments to buy Doran time. As to why, Cersei instinctively thinks she can keep her children safe from their prophesied deaths if she keeps them close and in her power (despite the Purple Wedding offering glaring evidence to the contrary). This is why she reacts so strongly when Tyrion takes control of Tommen in ACOK–she thinks the valonqar is going to bring about the “golden shrouds.” Joffrey’s death only compounds her paranoia, and so she sets out to bring Myrcella home in a violent and short-sighted manner intimately tied to her frustrated desire to get revenge on Tyrion. He’s the one that made the Dornish deal, after all, over her furious objections; by blowing it up, taking her daughter back, and framing Tyrion, Cersei might find a substitute catharsis there. As Lancel could tell you, “substitute catharsis” is not new terrain for Cersei. 

Lyanna Baratheon

A/N: Okay guys, I’m trying something new. This is how each of the Lannister’s feel about Cersei and Robert’s legitimate child Lyanna. I think I’m going to do how the houses feel next and then transfer into a story. Let me know what you guys think!

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Acts of Treason: Myrcella 

Darry was upon them before they knew it, and the river spread broad and shining alongside the road as they drew close to the town.

Myrcella was glad of it - she was as seasoned a horsewoman as existed in King’s Landing, with an ease in the saddle that even Uncle Jaime had commented on, but her thighs and backside were aching from such long hours ahorse. The only alternative was travelling with her mother in the wheelhouse, though, and such had been the Queen’s foul mood since their departure from Winterfell that Myrcella could hardly stand to be in her lady mother’s company for more than an hour at a time.

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