char: morrigan

A fan dub of this brilliantly hilarious comic by the incredibly talented anaeolist. Seriously go check out them and their work, it’s fantastic! And thank you again for your permission to dub this!

Here is a link to the original artwork post: (X)

Zevran and Alistair voiced by: lightgetsout

Morrigan voiced by: totalspiffage

Made with SoundCloud

Seriously all the DAO girls are capable, deadly goddesses:

* We have Morrigan who could evade Templars alone since she was a little girl and studied under one of the most powerful beings in Thedas.

* Lelianna, a master spy and provocateur with a faith so strong she is in the running for the next Divine. 

* Wynne who is SUCH A BADASS a spirit from the Fade decided she was TOO IMPORTANT TO DIE and extended her lifespan.

* And Shale, the only woman to give up her clan and become a golem because she believed in Caridin’s vision.

Whereas for the boys we have Oghren who is drunk 20 hours out of 24, Sten who can’t say hello without causing grievous insult, Zevran “I fell in a river and got mugged by urchins" Arainai, and Alistair who, I would bet anything, has left camp with his boots on the wrong feet before (possibly more than once).


Dragon Age Fancast part 1 (part 2)

Morrigan - Katie McGrath
Cullen - Dan Stevens
Flemeth - Michelle Fairley
Zevran - Ed Skrein
Iron Bull - Jason Momoa
Loghain - Richard Armitage
Merrill - Sophie McShera
Anora - Holliday Grainger
Duncan - Idris Elba
Isabela - Nichole Galicia