char: meredith grey

L'ultimo vero eremita è stato trovato e trascinato fuori dalla sua tana e portato nel mondo. Molti troveranno la sua esistenza triste, ma l'eremita sapeva qualcosa che noi non sappiamo. Sapeva che in fin dei conti anche quando stai assieme ad una persona o in mezzo ad una folla rumorosa, sei solo tu. La persona su cui contare, su cui fare affidamento e da cui dipendere. Non puoi che essere tu. E una volta che lo capisci, essere soli diventa una scelta.
—  Meredith Grey
Surrounded by silence

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Meredith was walking through the corridor, she was so tired that all she wanted was to go to sleep, preferably in Nathan’s arms. She took off her shoes and jacket and when she was just about to walk to her bedroom, she heard the silent voice coming from the room, Meredith couldn’t get nearer and she heard only half of the conversation, but it was enough to make her feel concerned.

“Yes, I know that she will be here soon. No, I didn’t….I know what I’m doing, I love her and that’s should be enough for you. I’ll take care of her as soon as she arrives. Need to go.”

Meredith heard the click that ended the call, she didn’t know whom Nathan was talking about, but she couldn’t just run from her own house. After seconds of thinking she decided not to ask about that call, it was his problem and he would share it with her when was ready. Meredith pushed the bedroom door and walked to the room, she threw her things on the floor and took a few steps to Nathan, he was surprised when she grabbed his shirt and pulled him to her, crushing his lips with hers. After a moment, that mystery conversation disappeared from her mind.


“Did you see Meredith?” Amelia asked.

“Who?” Nathan answered distractedly, looking at his phone.

“Your girlfriend…blond, pretty nice ass.” Amelia grinned.

“Oh, sorry. No I didn’t see her.”

“Everything is okay?”


“We have a bus crash, are you coming?” Maggie asked, interrupting them.

“How many victims?” Amelia asked.

“Seven, broken legs, bruises and one girl is very stimulated, she can be on drugs.”

“Nathan you go to the ER, Meredith is waiting there with that girl, and we’ll go to the OR.”

“I’m on it.” he said before he left the room.


Nathan entered the room, putting his gloves on, he was very distracted and in some way all he could think about was how to leave this place. He felt tired because his past was coming after him, he didn’t want  Meredith to find out about him, not now, not when they were building something good. He took  a step toward the bed, where a girl with red, curly hair fought with Mer and the nurses.

“Calm down! We just want to help you!” one of the nurses shouted.

“Maybe I can help.” Nathan said, smiling to Mer.

“Yes, please. She will hurt herself if she doesn’t stop.”

Nathan looked at the girl on the bed, she was still fighting like they wanted to hurt her, but instead of grabbing her hands into belts, he put his hand on her shoulder. The girl looked up and when their eyes met Nathan’s voice became a whisper.


“You know her?” Meredith asked, confused.

“Yes, she’s my daughter.” he answered, looking straight into the girl’s blue eyes.

After those few words the whole ER became silent, they didn’t know anything about Nathan’s past life, but no one could guess that he had a daughter. Even Owen, who was now looking from Meredith to Nathan, couldn’t be more surprised.  


“You have a daughter?” Meredith asked, looking at him.

“Yes. She’s 15. I adopted her when she was 5.”

“You adopted a daughter and you didn’t tell me anything until she showed up in the hospital?” Meredith screamed.

“She isn’t a normal teenager. She’s mute, she has never talked. Her parents, Ben and Ryan, they are dead. Car crash. I pay for her school, she is very talented, she can draw everything just by looking at it, but she doesn’t talk. We always spend vacations together.” he looked at Mer, “I wanted to tell you, but I didn’t know how.” he ended, going to his daughter.


Nathan entered the room where Vanessa was drawing something on a piece of paper she got from the nurse. She was calmer now and they didn’t need the belts anymore. He sat on the edge of the bed and touched her shoulder. She looked at him just the way she knew that he screw some things up.

Since the day Ryan and Ben had died, he felt that two months a year weren’t too long to raise the child, but Vanessa was a problematic kid. She was one of the best students in her school, even if her character was, he could say, problematic after her mother. She never called him for help. First five years of her life were like an adventure for her, she was born in the jungle, where her parents were working in a small hospital. They were helping everyone who needed, but one day they just didn’t come back from a home visit. Their car was swept away by avalanche in a mountain. He remembered how he’d had to say it to Nessie, she was calmer than he thought, she didn’t cry even when she needed to move to a city she didn’t know. Nathan knew that she wouldn’t be happy with him by her side, he asked her if she wanted something else in life and she said him what she wanted. The best art school in Los Angeles. He paid for it and spent all vacations with her, Vanessa Keeton was happy and that was all he wanted. After seconds he felt her hand on his.

“Why didn’t you text me?” he asked.

She made some moves in sign language, he knew it enough to understand what she meant.

“Suprise? Sweetie, you could’ve died there. I could have lost you.”

Vanessa looked straight into his eyes, she moved a little to him and put her head on his shoulder. She always did that when she wanted to apologize, Nessie knew how he felt now. Nathan pulled her head up so she could see his frown.

“Promise me that you will never do this again.”

“Promis.” she said soundless, “dad?”


“Is it your girlfriend?” she asked in sign language.

“Meredith Grey. Yes she is.”

“She doesn’t know about me?” Nessie looked at her hands.

“Now, she does. I want you to meet her, but I don’t know if it’s good time.” he said to her.

“Okay. I will be back home as soon as I get out from here.”

“No you’re not. You promised me two months of vacations. You can’t leave.” he smiled.

“Okay.” she hugged him tighter.


After two days Vanessa was ready to leave, her things were already packed and they were just about to go to Nathan’s home when suddenly Meredith came to the room. She looked at Nathan and later her sight slipped to Vanessa.

“I was wondering if you wanted…” she started, “we have movie night and maybe you wanted to join us.”

“Us?” Nessie asked in sign language.

“Yes, I have three children.” she answered.

“Would you like to come?” Nathan asked Vanessa.

“Yes. It’s your family,  you have four children now.” the girl smiled, “but they will be afraid of me.”

“No they won’t.” Nathan said, kissing Vanessa’s forehead.

“So, let’s go. We need to pick some movies.” Mer said, looking at Nathan.


Meredith’s children were already in front of the TV when they arrived home. Their nanny left as soon as they came in, so the house were finally theirs. Vanessa took a step toward Zola and shook her hand.

“I’m Vanessa, but you can calm me Nessie.”

“She said…” Nathan started.

“I know what she said, I have a friend who can’t speak either in my class.” Zola answered, “you want to sit next to me? Bailey always talks when we’re watching a movie and I can’t focus.”

“Yeah sure.”

“Draw.” Ellis said, standing in front of Nessie.

“You want me to draw something for you?”

“Mhm. Pony.”

“Okay.” she nodded.

“We will bring some popcorn and you start the movie.” Meredith said, taking Nathan’s hand.

Meredith and Nathan were standing in the kitchen, looking at their children. She still held his hand without any good reason, but he didn’t mind it. They knew each other so well that the whole situation, his secret daughter and her reaction about her were already behind them. Meredith took his face into her hands and pulled it closer to her lips, after a moment they were kissing like teenagers, then one of the children came in.

“Mommy, the popcorn is burning!” Bailey shouted.

That was the only reason they broke their kiss so fast. While Nathan was trying to rescue the popcorn, Meredith looked at Vanessa, she was smiling at her, like they already knew each other. Meredith understood that she was just a teenager who wanted her father to be happy. Meredith took the phone in her hand and looked at Nathan’s face.

“We need to order a pizza.” she said, dialing the number.

“Yes we do.”

“Mommy!” Ellis shouted, pulling Meredith’s trousers. “Pony!”

Meredith looked at the drawing, it was so beautiful that Meredith couldn’t speak for a moment. She looked at Nessie and looked straight into her blue eyes.

“Thank you.” Meredith said, soundless.

“Thank you.” Vanessa answered that same.