char: meera shepard

yikesitsnova-archive-deactivate  asked:

Tell me about Meera's childhood. *chinhands*

Welll :D she’s been trained for combat since she was small. Her parents are Alliance and they raised her to be a soldier. She was never going to be anything else.

She was pretty sheltered. Because of everything her parents injected to her and even planning her exposure, she’s teaming with biotic power she can’t really control. She wanted to be normal. So for one night when she was 15 her mother let her sneak out, promised she wouldn’t tell her father. Shepard took off her biotic suppressors and kissed her mother on the cheek.

She went out to a school party with some of the other children her age when she lost control. Killed a boy. He’d pushed her down into the punch bowl, told her no one wanted her there. She bawled into her mother’s chest and her father made it all disappear.

But, before her 16th birthday rolled around they had shipped her off to Annapolis.      

*cries* i think about the girl shepard used to be a lot. 

never over the fact that after the war shepard probably has to wear sunglasses everywhere because there are always paparazzi bulbs in their face.