char: mackenzie mchale


This might be the best video of all time.

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: In the Newsroom pilot, Will tells Charlie he last saw MacKenzie "about three years ago", but MacKenzie tells Maggie she was embedded for twenty-six months. Where are the missing (approximately) ten months in this math equation? Presumably she left the country fairly quickly, as it seems clear her motivation for going overseas was avoiding Will, it wouldn't make sense to stay in America almost a year and then decide to leave after not speaking to him. Maybe she thought she could stay but when he got popular it was too much for her to see him everywhere and she decided to leave then? But she never mentions a job between leaving Will's show and being embedded. She probably would have initially done her best to distract herself, especially initially, when it would have been most difficult, so she probably wasn't unemployed. How long was she in Atlanta? Did she just take long vacations between being embedded with different units? Also, she tells Will in the pilot people followed her to New York, but we never see anyone she knew during those three years other than Jim. Who are these people? Where did they go? Her stabbing in Islamabad is around six months prior to the pilot, presumably around the time she spent four months in Peshawar, a period Charlie made sound like it was immediately preceded by her year in the Green Zone, accounting for sixteen of her twenty-six months, even if she spent the remaining ten months in Afghanistan that's still over six months unaccounted for (that's giving her a whole month of stab wound recovery.