char: leo fitz


“You’re kidding, right?” Fitz asks, eyes wide as he looks at the kennel box.

“Nope. Jemma and I put together some money, and voilà, Happy Birthday!” you say, smiling and rocking back and forth on your feet.

“(y/n) actually did most of the work.” Jemma says, making you elbow her lightly in the stomach and glare at her.

“It’s from both of us.” you confirm.

Fitz sighs, looking nervously back at the cardboard kennel box. “Ok, here goes.”

His fingers carefully pry open the flaps, nervousness shown on his face. You smirk because you know he thinks it’s a prank like the one you pulled last year. If it were, you wouldn’t do it with Simmons. She can’t lie to save her life.

Once the flaps are fully open, a beautifully innocent grin blossoms on the engineer’s face. He reaches into the box and pulls out a baby chimpanzee, about the size of a lamp shade.

The Scot is utterly speechless, holding the chimp in his arms, until he starts rambling about all of the things he can do with the monkey.

You lean over to Simmons and whisper, “Coulson’s gonna love this.”


“Fitz! Fitz, Fitz stop!” you yell, giggling uncontrollably.

Your best friend had cornered you, and was relentlessly spraying you with water. You had run out quite awhile ago, which he was quick to take advantage of.

Just as you were about to yell for help, the lab door slides open. “Oh my god, are you two seriously having a water fight?” Skye asks, grinning.

Fitz turns, water gun still in hand. “Yes, yes we are.”

Your giggles subside as Skye peers around Fitz to look at you. Your sopping wet clothes are sticking to you, while dropping onto the floor. “How did you let him beat you, (y/n)?”

You laugh, stepping forward. “I ran out of water.”

Skye shakes her head, exiting the lab and muttering to herself about how stupid smart people are. Once the lab door slides shut again, you and Fitz burst into laughter.


Imagine Coulson and Fitz watching you and Melinda do Tai Chi every morning

Requested by Anon | Gifs not mine

The first time it had been an accident on Leo’s behalf. He had woken up much earlier than usual and he had been wandering around on the bus in search for some coffee, when he walked in on you and May, sunken into a silent Tai Chi session. He had stopped in his track, wanting to apologize, but all he could do was stare.

It had been hypnotizing.

So hypnotizing, that he forgot everything around him until a shuffling sound next to him startled him out of his stupor. It was Coulson who stepped out of the shadows, leaning against the wall next to Leo.

“It has a calming effect, doesn’t it?” Coulson had whispered with a knowing smile. “The constant flow of their motions, the calmness behind the ritual-like movements…it’s like a slow beautiful dance.“

Leo had nodded silently, hoping not to disturb May and you. He watched raptly, along with Coulson, how you two went through the exercises. When you had finished, neither May nor you had acknowledged the presence of Coulson. It had appeared that you were used to it. The only hint that you had noticed him and Fitz at all had been the quick glance you had sent Leo.

For a moment he had felt guilty for watching you and May. But the small smile on your lips had comforted his nerves.

The second night, he had set his alarm clock on time, eager to watch the Tai Chi session again. Again, Coulson joined him not much later.

Now it is a daily routine.


Imagine you’re the little sister of Ward and he sees you for the first time since he left with Kara and his reaction when he finds out you’re dating Fitz

Requested by Anonymous | Gif not mine

Grant’s face lights up when he sees you sitting down between Fitz and Coulson. You’re nervous. It is wonderful to see him again, but that does not make all of this any easier.

“How you been?” He obviously relishes the sight of you. Your eyes dart from him to Leo fidgeting next to you. You force yourself to smile at your brother, heart racing. Again, you drop your gaze. You have no idea what to think of Grant and what he will do. It is a new and scaring experience.

Leo notices your discomfort. His hand shakingly reaches out to take yours. He smiles at you lovingly and gives you a comforting squeeze. You start leaning into him, but stop yourself. This is neither the place nor the moment for affections.

“Hold on”, of course Grant noticed the little exchange, “You two?” Leo flinches, but doesn’t let go of your hand. You look at Grant and give a small nod. Your heart makes a little jump when your brother smiles. “Good choice, sis.”


Imagine dating Fitz when you get shot and almost die. Imagine Fitz being really shaken up about it and always wanting you to be close to him

Requested by madelynnbabee | Gif not mine

From the moment you open your eyes in the recovery bed until Jemma clears you to leave the room and can sleep in your bunk again Leo does not leave your side. His eyes are always resting on you when you look at him and more often than not he is close to you, cradling your hand in his lap. It is beyond  sweet how he refuses to leave you, no matter what anyone says. Not even an order from Coulson and a threat from May had made him sleep in his own bed instead of the chair next to yours.

His restlessness is why you can’t get yourself to wake him up when you are allowed to leave. He just looks so adorable curled up on the chair, mouth hanging slightly open and breathing loudly. You just can’t wake him. So you decide to go to your bunk, change your clothes and then directly go back to Leo.

You just put on a clean shirt when Leo barges in, his eyes practically screaming concern. “Y/N! Don’t do that again!”, he pleas with his big puppy eyes, “You scared me when I woke up and you were suddenly gone.”

You feel your heart melting for him all over again and pull him into a fierce hug, sealing your lips with a tender kiss.

“If you want me close to you, I will stay close to you”, you promise with a smile