char: korra

1tralalala1  asked:

dont you think book 3 aang would definitely win vs book 4 korra? simply because korra has lost her connection to every previous avatar while aang has access to all of their bending capabilities

While you’re right about the connection, I still think Korra has the edge because of how fights v how Aang and his past lives have fought. 

That could just be me though 

But even if Aang turned into one of his past lives, Korra is still really advanced in terms of her form. 

Also, she’s the first metalbending Avatar. 

anonymous asked:

yo the people who leaked the pages said they have the full comic, so i got worried and emailed irene k asking if she could let dark horse know (since it's easier for her to get hold of them than us regular fans) then soon after she tweeted telling us to stop messaging her... do you think i overstepped?

i think as a whole everyone needs to take a deep breath. she’s obviously aware of the leaks. she’s probably getting overwhelmed with the number of asks and messages and mentions she’s gotten for the last few months let alone today. do your part by not condoning the leaks/not downloading the comic/stop reblogging and posting leak-related content/ DO purchase the comic when it comes out, and let them handle their own business. Fandom can be a really intense place and people have varying levels of comfort with it and within it. we need to remember that as much as we love the characters and stories, the people on the other end are people with their own levels of comfort, their own goals and personalities, their own ability to deal with really intense fans of their work. Just… respect them, their work, and their boundaries.