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Klaus x Reader

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Part One

“You’ll never guess who I’ve found.” Klaus declared as he walked in.

“Knowing you Niklaus it could be anyone.” Elijah sighed as Klaus burst into the room.

“(Y/N), she’s in New Orleans.” Klaus smiled as he poured himself a drink and Elijah watched him carefully.

“You mean to tell me the girl that vanished has suddenly reappeared in the city, and just happens to do so around the time we arrive?” Elijah sighed dubiously.

“Well she was here and I drank with her so unless there are multiple versions of her, which I doubt there are seeing as her bloodline ended many years ago, it is the very same (Y/N) I turned a thousand years ago.” He smiled to himself and decided he’d track you down again.

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The Immortals- Part 18- Find You Again

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Words: 4834

This is a “re-writing” of Imagine Meeting the Originals.

Please, note that I am French so there might be some mistakes here and there.

I don’t know why this was so hard to write. I am not happy with it and I don’t know when I’ll post the next part. I’m very busy and in a lot of stress so I guess it’s just harder to write right now. I still hope you’ll like it. Don’t hesitate to let me know :)

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Remember…..  part 6 

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You were in a cemetery looking around. You lost Dean and Sam the moment you heard something and made a wrong turn. You tried to call him but you had no reception.  

“Y/n” You heard someone scream. “Y/n” You tried to hear were the voice came from and started walking towards the voice. “Y/n” You followed as good as possible till you saw you were now standing in the middle of the cemetery. It was a round center with a altar on the middle. You walked to the middle and you saw some runes written on the papers. There were candles around the papers. In the candles were signs crafted. You were going to pick one up when everything gone black.

Your whole body hurt. You hands were tight up above you head. Your feet we barely touching the ground and your head was killing you. You opened your eyes and in front of you saw a blank wall with a wooden door. You looked to you head when you saw Dean and Sam hanging in the same position as you. There weren’t awake yet. The rest of the room was just blanc. The three of you were hanging in the middle of the room. “SAM. DEAN”  you screamed “WAKE UP”  they both respond by moving their arms. Dean was the first to open his eyes.

“Shit.” he looks towards you. “y/n are you okay?” he says towards you.

“i’m good, you?”

“i’m good too.” he looks towards  “Sam wake up.”

“ooh my head” Sam says. He looks around the room. “were screwed guys.” he says rapidly.

The door in front us opens and 3 woman walk in. They were full clothed with a white mantel. They didn’t say anything. Each woman were staying in front of one person. They stayed there in front of us without saying anything.

“what do you want from us?” Dean ask angry. Nobody answers “let us go.”

At that moment a man walks into the room.  He had a snake around his neck. The man looks towards us. He then walks towards us. He stood in front of us one for one. He looks at us from head to toe. He orders the woman to take a step back. He stops in the middle of the room and just starts laughing.

“what are you laughing at?” Dean asks

“at you. It was so easy to trick you guys. I was expecting more from all 3 of you.” the man says. He walks to front of you. “i expected more from you y/n.” you look at him confused.

A door slammed in another room.

“ooh my guest arrived. I will be right back.” the man says walking away.

The 3 woman walked out with the man. Leaving us alone again. Dean starts pulling on the chains holding his hands above his head.

“why are they holding us in here? This is not good” Sam says.

“you think” Dean reacts angry.

Your body was hurting so much every movement you tried to make was like you were ripping something from your body.

“y/n your bleeding” Dean says towards you.

You look towards him and he has horror in his eyes. You looked down and you saw a wound in your belly and it was bleeding pretty bad.

“i’m not feeling so good.” you said

“y/n you have to stay awake.” Sam says

“HEY SHE’S BLEEDING TO DEATH!” they both scream.

The door opens in a few seconds. You towards it and you saw Klaus running towards you with a remarkable speed. His eyes were yellow and there were veins poping up under his eyes. He grabs the chains above your head and pulls it down. The chains come free from the ceiling. He takes you into his arms. You see another man unchain Dean and Sam. You look towards Klaus again. You look straight into his eyes and his face starts to chance. It becomes normal. He had now dark blue/green eyes, he had this little smile on his lips and you couldn’t help by also smiling at him.

“You’re safe.” he says and you close your eyes. You felt save.

“I hate you more than any witch I have ever known. I hate that no one will ever call you a murderer. And your soul will never be tainted by the blood you’ve shed. I hate that you can summon the darkest magic from your breast but afterwards you can sit there and be just as lovely and untouched as the morning dew. I loathe that quality about you. Because I will never possess such agility, such chameleonic talent. To be so good and so monstrous in one fell swoop. To kill a man with bare hands and then be washed clean by the sea. I will never feel that. No…I did feel that, once. Last night, when I carried you into the water. I felt that you carried me with you. When I tasted your blood, I tasted that deliverance.”

hell with you (a klonnie fanfic by the fudge is grumpy)

TOP 15 THE ORIGINALS CHARACTERS (as voted by my followers)
 1. Klaus Mikaelson

While I can’t take away the feelings of worthlessness that haunt you now, I can tell you you will learn to live with them. I certainly have. I have also come to find that the very thing you believe is worth the least matters most of all. There is beauty in the courage of the fragile fighter– those who persevere despite all they’ve been through. Those who still believe there is good in the world. Us dark things often find we need that light the most. What you do not see in yourself, others see in you. You do matter.