char: keep moving


Saint Paul folk rockers Communist Daughter released an excellent sophomore album late last year named The Cracks That Built The Wall, and I had the hardest time in the world tearing myself away from endless listens of that gorgeously put together record. Do yourself a favor and check out that album on iTunes, here. If you need further convincing, I beseech you to dive into their compelling new video for tender pastoral, melancholic rustling, and harmonic lilting album single Keep Moving. Despite my love for Communist Daughter’s latest album, I managed to miss out on seeing them live on tour. I may get my opportunity to make that up when we all converge in Austin next month for SXSW. 

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.
—  Albert Einstein 

Even if your day is bad keep pushing forwards. You are important and you have worth. You’ve done things, good things. Your effort alone is all that’s needed. Even if you fail, you are enough. You are worth the world and more. Take deep breaths and keep moving.♡