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“Guess we’re old soldiers, hey Shepard?”
“Yeah, I guess we are.”
“We know the score. We know this is goodbye.”
“When this is over, I’m going to be waiting for you. You’d better show up.”

I’ve always loved the fact that Shepard gets to fireman-carry an injured Kaidan back to the ship not once but twice during the games.

So I kind of like imagining that she occasionally does that in social situations too, as basically her way of saying, “I’m bored, we’re done here.”

“Wh- Shepard, what are you… [resigned sigh].”


Playing a vanguard in the first game basically amounts to being the loud, shotgun-wielding tank of the group. This means that husks, thorian creepers, and other such mobs pretty much exist solely to waste my time.

Inevitably, one or two of them will get past my beefy ass and latch onto Kaidan while I’m distracted, at which point the fight becomes a race against the clock to chew through the horde before that lone husk gets through my dear lieutenant’s shields.

God will I be glad to have Biotic Charge back.

Character Headcanons: Sleepwear for ME3 Normandy Crew

I wanted to do a warmup exercise, so I poked around for some prompts and found one for sleepwear. Here’s the crew of the Normandy in ME3–or at least, a lot of them–and what they wear to bed.

These were written quickly and from gut feelings rather than by doing super extensive research, so it’s possible I have minor canon goofs here or there.

Shepard wears a t-shirt and cotton shorts to bed–habit from long years of sleeping in shared bunkrooms and being on the ready for an emergency call at two in the morning. Her personal touch on this is shirts with silly slogans. She started off with a rotation of just three (spacer-born habits means that she keeps her personal belongings to a minimum), but one day when an emergency call from the Council dragged her out of bed at an ungodly hour, with enough time to put on pants but not enough time for the full uniform, Joker noticed. Now he buys them for her, with increasingly ridiculous designs, whenever they’re on the Citadel.

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Galaxy Kisses

Kaidan's kiss is passionate. Confident. His strong arms wrap around you, and he holds you close. You are precious to him, more than anything, and when he holds you, he doesn’t want to let go. You don’t want him to, either. You can smell his musk and it’s intoxicating. It fills the air around you as you fall deeper into his kiss, his lips fervently dancing with yours in the dark of your cabin. This is what matters now.

Garrus’ kiss is unsure. Slow and steady, careful. Kissing you has been on his mind and he wants to get it right, he wants it perfect. Turians don’t kiss, but that isn’t stopping him. The careful calibration of his kiss is obvious, but you don’t mind. It makes you happy knowing he cares so much about this. The rough texture of his mouth is different, but it is a good different. There is an almost metallic taste as his tongue meets yours, and this is a good sort of different, too. He laces your fingers with his, and at that moment, everything is right.

Thane’s kiss is gentle, at first. His hands lightly rest upon your waist, and you can feel his heart pounding as he gingerly pulls you closer. His lips explore yours slowly and carefully, wanting to savour every detail, for he knows this will make a precious memory. Then, his kiss is almost frantic, tongue passing through parted lips, and you can feel his desperation pouring into you as his arms circle you tightly, holding you as close as close can be. He is afraid and you are too, but within this kiss he loses his fear. You make him feel alive.

Steve’s kiss is hesitant. He has lost so much, and he is terrified of losing more. Of losing you. As your arms wrap around him, he is reassured. You are here, and you are safe. His kiss grows hungry, oh, how he has missed this. The beat of your heart so close to his, hot breath mingling as he is consumed by passion. He did not think to find happiness again, but you have showed him that miracles exist.

Liara’s kiss is just as sweet as she is. Her lips are soft and gentle, just like her personality, like her love for you. You notice the little things; her hand gliding up your arm to rest upon your shoulder, the slowly closing distance between your bodies until you are flush against each other, lost in the moment. She is subtle and careful in every action, for she thinks so much, but when it comes to kissing you, she lets her heart take the lead.

Tali’s kiss is timid, inexperienced. She’s not used to this kind of contact with a person, not at all. As soft lips first meet, her heart gives a start. She hasn’t experienced anything like this, and her heart begins to soar. She feels scared, yet this feels right. When everything seems to go wrong, at least this feels right. She knows she’ll get sick, but as you pull her close and your lips meet once more, she knows it is worth it. Every time.

Miranda’s kiss is almost demanding. She craves the affection she has never allowed herself to have. She takes the lead first, and her kiss strong and confident and certain. She is a rushing wind that awakens you, and your lips move against hers in a fever. She is perfect, not only in body but in her heart and mind, and you let your love for her pour through your lips and into her heart. She lets you pull her to your chest, and she allows herself to give in to your love.

Samara’s kiss is slow and careful, testing the waters. She did not expect for someone to feel this way for her again, she had accepted it as a fact. But you came to her, gentle and patient. You took her hands in yours and didn’t let go. It was almost unreal as you both stepped closer. All time around seemed to stop as the distance between your lips closed. As your lips slowly became acquainted, she stepped closer and you squeezed her hand in yours, gently and lovingly. She is bound to her code, but she also feels bound to you, now.

Jack’s kiss is greedy and powerful. Hungry and passionate and intimidating, just like her. She knows what she wants and she knows exactly how to get it. She takes you by surprise as you begin to speak, rushing at you and roughly pressing her lips against yours. She is a raging fire of passion and desire, so brilliantly bright, and you are consumed. You stand as strong as her as you are pushed to the wall, her lips mashing against yours, and you can feel her desperation. You know there is more behind this kiss than desire, but you do not speak of it. She will come to it on her own terms. For now, you embrace her fiery passion with equal fervor, pulling her close as your tongue meets hers in the dark crimson light.

Priority: M a r s

Kaidan watching Shepard get spaced, seeing the debris rupture her suit. Watching the air escape and her arms struggle to plug the holes. Watching her die.

Kaidan drinking himself into a stupor after Shepards memorial service.

Kaidan staring at Shepard on Horizon, overcome with relief and yet so angry at the same time.

Kaidan cursing himself as he boards the Alliance shuttle and mentally composing an apology email, which he delays sending because he can’t quite get the words right.

Kaidan hearing through the Alliance grapevine that Shepard survived the Omega relay, and feeling a giant weight lift off his chest.

Kaidan watching Shepard walk away from him at HQ and wondering if she loses as much sleep as he does thinking about their relationship.

Kaidan, demanding an explanation on Mars, because he’s tired of dancing around the past 3 years like they never happened.

Kaidan staring at Shepard as the robot doctor thing beats the crap out of him and thinking ‘and least I got to see you again’.

Kaidan listening to her voice and hearing the emotions underneath, something she’s gotten very good at hiding usually.

Kaidan waking up and planning out exactly what he’s going to say to Shepard when he sees her again.

Kaidan staring at Shepard across the Presidium walkway. Watching the hand that used to hold his point a gun at him. Seeing eyes that are begging him to finally believe her. And he does.

Kaidan promising himself that this time, this time he’s going to keep her safe.

Kaidan kissing her again, and thinking maybe things will finally be okay.

Kaidan breathing through the agonizing pain and pleading with Shepard not to leave him. And watching her walk away because it’s the only way to save him.

Kaidan hearing Hackett say “She did it. Godspeed.” Before blacking out.

Kaidan waking up, seeing Dr. Chakwas staring at a bottle of brandy and knowing he failed. Closing his eyes again because it all seems to be too much now.

Kaidan soldiering on because that is what he does, even if all he has to hold on to is the smallest sliver of hope.

Kaidan returning to the Citadel and using his biotics on anyone who tries to keep him from Shepard.

Kaidan, exhausted, resting his head on the hospital sheets and linking his fingers with Shepard’s, because damned if anyone is going to separate them now.

Kaidan waking up to gentle fingers on his cheek.

Kaidan staring into bright green eyes still hazy with pain. Pressing his lips to her forehead and murmuring “Welcome back Commander.”