char: kaidan alenko

Here are all my fshenko one shot ideas. At one point I was just writing down whatever came to me. Most of these are awful but I feel like 10% of them could be worthwhile. And who knows, some prompts speak to some and not others.

These prompts are divided up by POV. Some are interchangeable while others only work with the assigned POV. I should probably also mention these are all ME3 one shots.

Kaidan Alenko POV

  • “You weren’t there when I woke up and I thought I dreamed about you being alive when you suddenly walked through the door.”
  • “Whenever I see you my biotics spontaneously flair up like they used to back on the first Normandy and the team is starting to suspect something.” #liaraalwayssuspectssomethingwhenitcomestoustwo
  • “Sometimes I look over at you and I see you but other times… I can’t even recognize you.”
  • “You didn’t wake me up before you left and I’ve been a little grumpy about it for reasons you don’t understand.”
  • “You said that I shouldn’t feel bad about what I said on Horizon but I do and it’s all I can think about while I’m laying beside you while you sleep.”
  • “People on the Normandy have nicknamed us Romeo and Juliet and you’re a bit peeved about it because you think Hamlet is the superior Shakespearean play.”
  • “Whenever I think about you I think about the happiest place I’ve ever known: my family’s orchard.”
  • “I talk about my family all the time but you never talk about yours so tell me your favorite childhood memory.”
  • “When I started sleeping in the same bed with you we only talked about small, inconsequential things. Now that I’ve been sneaking into your bunk for the past two months we talk about all the things we missed and the memories we made without each other.”
  • “You’re not a regular type of girl that accepts flowers on an anniversary so I’m at a loss on what to get you.”
  • “Hey, it’s the official date of your death three years ago so I thought I would throw you a party to celebrate and also I invited the whole crew.”
  • “You know, you never gave me back the book you borrowed. Granted, you died. But still, I think that constitutes purchasing a new book for me. It was my favorite book after all.”
  • “The amount of coffee you drink would kill a small child. Here, try this cup of decaffeinated tea that I brewed you.”
  • “Where the fuck is your datapad stash because no matter how many times I take one away from you, somehow the next time I look over you’re working on a new one.”
  • “I’ve missed going on missions with you but I don’t miss the way you drive the Mako.”
  • “I lost you once, I’m not going to lose you again.”
  • “You never told me you had been engaged before.”
  • “I’m not afraid of spiders but if that thing comes near my face I’m shocking it and you.”
  • “How dare you talk to me about dying. Like it doesn’t matter to you.”
  • “Someone almost caught me sneaking out of your bunk but I convinced them that I was bringing you soup because you’re “sick” and now I have to stay in your bunk to keep the gag going.”

FemShepard POV

  • “You said there would be benefits after lunch but you’re taking forever with your foreign alien wine and now you’re starting to tease me under the table so you’re taking even longer to finish.” 
  • “I decided that we, as a crew, should do a charity event together to help impact the children of the citadel. Little did you all know what you were signing up for.”
  • “Everything I’ve ever done hasn’t been enough even when you say I have done enough.”
  • “When you were laying on that hospital bed all I could see was myself laying on that Cerberus lab table and now I feel like a monster.” 
  • “Can you repeat that? I was staring too hard at my boyfriend’s ass to hear anything you said.”
  • “Target practice just became a hell of a lot scarier after my best friend convinced my boyfriend to walk out onto the practice field to win a bet.”
  • “You can’t audit the Normandy and you sure as hell cannot audit my boyfriend’s hair care purchases.”
  • “You’re in the hospital and I somehow ended up in the morgue by accident looking for you and my best friend has decided to have a little fun with me.”
  • “The devil in me hates the angel in you but they’re both kind of horny for each other at the same time.
  • “I just wanted to come to the mess hall to make a PB&J but you’re already in here making a four course meal. And you want an audience.” 
  • “Our friends want us to have a ceremony when we get married and I can’t stand the idea of wearing white.”
  • “When all this settles down I want babies. Krogan babies, that is.”
  • “Don’t talk about my fish like that. They’re sensitive.”

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get to know // kaidan alenko (mass effect)
↳ ‘I’ve always held back a little when I used my powers on living targets. Fear of hurting someone, I guess.  After what I saw on Eden Prime, I’m not holding back any more.  Not against the geth, not against anyone.

One of the most frustrating things about the hate that Kaidan and Ashley get is the fact that most of the time, they’re criticized for things that people defend in other characters. 

People like to talk about how racist Ashley is, for believing that humans should rely on themselves, rather than aliens, and guard themselves because thus far aliens haven’t been the most trustworthy to their race. 

You know who else is super racist? Wrex and Garrus. With Garrus, it’s more microaggressions and off the cuff comments that are as bad as Ash’s pretty inconsistently written “I can’t tell the aliens from the animals” line. But nonetheless, he says some shit that absolutely rivals if not trumps the ONE comment Ashley makes. Wrex, though, he’s all over the place with being an ass to other races. But why do people defend it? Oh, right, because he’s just trying to stick up for his race that has been beaten down. Sound familiar?

And her religion. She mentions it just a few times, and the furthest she goes is just asking Shepard if they believe in God. That’s it. That’s ALL. However, she gets accused of being some kind of Bible thumper, but yet Thane’s religion is super cool, and he can practice it freely.

And Kaidan, people think he’s boring because he’s more introverted and nerdy, and is super paragon. He gets ragged on for being cautious and for expressing concerns throughout the series.

You know who else is rather quiet and nerdy? Liara. But I never see any criticisms of her for that. It’s always “Haha awww my adorable nerdy space girlfriend”. It’s cute and sweet when she’s protective, or tells Shepard that she cares or wants them to be careful. It’s completely acceptable for her to be calm and introverted. But Kaidan? Oh how dare he.

A lot of haters also like to call him out for telling you his backstory, and asking Shepard to learn from his mistakes. You know who else tells you their backstory? Literally everyone else. Everyone has some traumatic backstory, and in most cases, they ask you to fix it or do their dirty work. You know who never does? Kaidan Alenko.

If you’re going to hate them, and absolutely insist on putting the hate in the tags where people who like them will see it, check yourself first. Because if you’re praising Thane’s religion, but bashing Ashley’s, you’re kind of in the wrong. If you’re all about Liara being introverted and quiet, but think Kaidan is boring and brag about blowing him up, make sure you’re aware that the double standards are totally alive and well.