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I’m Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite ugly Christmas sweater party on the Citadel! [download mod here]

Happy holidays, everyone!  I’m the girl who runs and you’ve probably seen my mods floating around Tumblr.  If you enjoy my content, please help support the site by doing one simple thing this holiday season - if you buy anything on Amazon, please use my referral link.  You’ll still pay the same amount as normal, I’ll just get a small percentage of what Amazon usually takes in profit.  If you’re feeling especially generous, you can also donate :D  All the money will go towards data and website hosting expenses and would be greatly appreciated!

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Bioware Characters' Wishing You A Happy Holidays
  • Bioware Characters' Wishing You A Happy Holidays
  • That Dylan Shipley guy who does the voices

There is a bit of a party going on in Dylan’s room. Some Dragon Age and Mass Effect characters decided to drop by and wanted to wish you all a very Happy Holidays!

Among the guest list is: Zevran, Kaidan, Fenris, Garrus, Anders, James Vega, Nathaniel Howe, Commander Shepard, and Varric!

As well as a personal thank you and wish from myself!



The Alliance Navy is one of the greater naval forces in Citadel space, rivaling that of the turians. Its military prowess has drawn the attention of the Citadel Council. While the Council is concerned about the possible outcome of another war between humans and turians, they are also keen to harness the Alliance Navy’s peacekeeping potential, especially in unstable regions like the Skyllian Verge and the Attican Traverse. The Navy also makes humans an attractive prospect as the newest Council species.