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Just Friends

Juice x Reader where Juice comforts the reader after she catches Jax cheating on her.

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You shake your head in disgust as you take in the scene in front of you, your stomach churning with puke. Jax and Tara both look at you, their expressions similar to that of a child who’s been caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

“I fucking knew it.” you spit, laughing with absolutely no humour. “You’re fucking welcome to one another. I’m done.”

You turn on your heel, fighting to keep your tears at bat as you keep your head up high, refusing to fall under the weight of betrayal.

“Baby, please-” You pull your arm back out of Jax’s grasp, spinning around and slapping him hard across the face. Your chest heaves up and down as you relish the sting on your palm, the increasing redness in Jax’s cheek making your chest swell with pride.

“I am not your fucking baby. You lost the right to call me that when you stuck your dick in your past.” Your tone is eerily calm, the type of calm that is more worrying than you screaming at the top of your lungs.

Truth is, you had a feeling something was going on, you’d even asked Jax upfront about it. Of course, he’d just brushed you off, making you feel like a paranoid bitch. Guess you weren’t wrong after all.

“I’m sorry, (Y/N).” Jax tries to reach out again, you stepping back out of his reach, instinct taking over. His eyes glisten with tears as he looks at you, not knowing how to fix the pained woman in front of him. “I didnt-”

“Please, do not insult my intelligence by trying to justify your actions.” you warn, your nails digging into your palm as you fight to keep yourself together, refusing to let the man you loved so much watch you crumble. “I’ll send someone round for my stuff. Goodbye, Jax.”

You smile, barely, in appreciation as you take the mug from your best friend, the warmth from the tea giving you slight comfort. “Thanks, Juice.”

“Don’t mention it.” he says, taking a seat across from you on the couch, leaning forward to grab the icecream and two spoons from the table. “Got your favourite, figured you’d need it.”

“You know me too well.” you joke lightly, moving in closer and grabbing the spoon being held out to you, a hefty scoop of ice cold mixture on the end. “I actually feel okay though. I think I sort of expected it.”

Juice nods, placing a scoop of the icecream inside his own mouth. “I know he’s my friend and all, but he’s such a fucking asshole sometimes.”

“You can say that again.” You sigh deeply as you let your thoughts go back to the scene you witnessed earlier, your eyes stinging with emotion. “Sorry.”

“Don’t apologise, you know you don’t have to do that with me.” Juice says opening his arms to you, you sliding into them thankfully, the two of you sinking into the cushions.

“I think I’d be lost without you.” you mumble, inhaling his scent, your eyes closing as his body radiates warmth. Juice holds you comfortingly, his fingertips trailing up and down your arm.

“You wouldn’t. You’re the strongest person I know.” he responds, meaning every word. He can never seem to understand how Jax finds it so easy to hurt you, especially when you deserve so much more. “You’d be fine.”

“Maybe.” you admit, leaning back to sit up straight, a soft smile on your face. “But I doubt I’d last long without my best friend.”

He nods, a nervous expression overcoming him as he watches you, your eyebrows frowning at the change. “Can I ask you something?”

“Sure.” you say, stealing another scoop of the ice cream, your taste buds tingling at the flavour.

“Have you ever thought about us?” he asks, his fingers pulling at a loose thread on his grey sweatpants. You think about it for a moment, your tongue swirling over the spoon as you bask in your thoughts.

“Honestly, yeah.” Juice looks at you in shock, not expecting that response from you. You sink back into the couch, shrugging your shoulders. “I always thought I’d end up with you, but Jax happened instead I guess.”

Juice sighs, his hands running across his face in aggravation. You frown, moving forward to grasp his wrists gently, removing his hands so he’s forced to look at you. “What is it?”

He stares at you, his mouth opening as he tries to explain everything he’s feeling, but no words come out. His gaze flickers to your lips, your eyes widening as Juice leans in towards you, you leaning back subconsciously.

“Sorry, I-” Juice utters, pushing himself up from his seat and making his way to the hallway, heading towards the bedroom. You decide to shake all doubt from your being, quickly getting up and following Juice before he can lock himself away.

You grab his shirt within your grasp, him pausing and huffing before turning to you. You lean up swiftly once he faces you, capturing your lips with his own.

Your eyes flutter shut as you let yourself feel his soft lips, your hands resting on his chest, everything coming to you so naturally. Juice pulls away, a sound of upset leaving you. “What’re you-”

“Shh.” you whisper, your touch slipping under his shirt, him flinching at your cold fingertips as you run your fingers up and down his warm flesh, his eyes clenching shut in pleasure. “Please.”

Your shoulders relax in relief as Juice kisses you, his motions hesitant and wary. You scrape your nails lightly on his toned stomach, his hands moving to rest on your hips before squeezing lightly.

A moan escapes from you as Juice sucks on your lower lip, your core tingling at the feeling. You wrap your arms around him as you move backwards, your back pressing against one of the walls as his tongue slips past your lips, exploring the new found territory.

As the tension rises, Juice’s hands begin to wander, his fingers resting on the waistband of your pajama pants, your head nodding slightly in encouragement. Juice slips his hands into your trousers, your mouth parting as he rubs on top of your underwear teasingly, his touch featherlight.

“Juice.” you whine, pushing your hips off the wall in the hope of more pressure. Juice just smirks against your lips, his fingers rubbing circles on your clit as he moves his lips down your neck, his teeth nibbling lightly as he goes.

He swiftly pushes your panties aside, his digit sinking into you without any warning, your back arching as you suck in a harsh breath. He pumps his finger in and out at a wonderful pace, your hands finding their way to Juice’s biceps, the muscles flexing as he pleasures you.

“That feel good, baby? Hm?” he whispers, his teeth biting playfully at your ear. He picks up his speed as he adds his thumb into the game, swirling the pad deliciously on your clit as you writhe in pleasure. “Is my good girl gonna come for me?”

“Yes, oh god yes.” you pant as you grind against his hand, another digit being added inside of you as he curls his touch, your spot being hit perfectly. Your moan is caught by Juice’s lips as you come, your walls clenching and his fingers as he milks you through orgasm.

Once you’ve come down from your high, you’re picked up, Juice carrying you to his bedroom and placing you carefully on the mattress. He falls down next to you as you try to catch your breath, your body fatigued with euphoria as you run through understand what just happened.

“Was that okay?” Juice asks quietly, your head turning to the side to look at his face, his eyes trained on the ceiling. You laugh quietly, your fingers searching as you slot your hand between his, a content smile on your lips.

“It was perfect.” you admit, feeling the most relaxed you had in ages.

A/N - I wish this writers block would go away so I could write constantly, but it’s just so hard rn! Anyway, I hope you liked this!! Feel free to request if you want❤❤


“I thought we were having movie night.”  Jax frowned as he came into the living room.  You glanced over your shoulder at him from where you were seated between Juice’s legs while you both played Call of Duty.

“We got sidetracked looking for a movie to watch.”  You tried to explain, quickly turning your attention back to the game when Juice swore loudly as his character was killed.

“What if we make it into Nazi Zombie playing night instead?”  He offered as a trade off, glancing over at Jax to wait for an answer.  Jax set down the bowl of popcorn he had made on the floor beside you and Juice and lowered himself to the ground as well.

“You’re on.”

Thank the Chicken Man (Juice x Reader)

A/N. I love this beautiful bean. This one shot doesn’t mean that requests are open, or that I’m going to be churning things out regularly again (I know I suck I’m so sorry guys I’m just so swamped with school its a mess), but I have been inspired and have a few other things in the works that I’ll keep you posted on. Anyway, you guys know the drill, I don’t own anything except the plot, blah blah blah, including the above gif, as much as I wish I could own this beautiful man and some of his biker brothers. 

Alright guys, enjoy!

Juice rolled down the street, enjoying the purr of his bike beneath him, the wind in his face. He heard Bobby and Tig behind him, but as he sped up they fell behind. They knew the drill anyway. The Chicken Man was nervous about strangers and wouldn’t talk to anyone but Juice. Hearing other bikes would spook him.

Juice rolled up beside the blue van, which was parked rather conspicuously in the middle of a backroad, got off his bike and walked up to the window.

“Juan Carlos.” the Chicken Man nodded, head twitching to look around the lot. “May I assume the stimulants are in your backpack bag?”

“Yes Chicken.” Juice couldn’t hold back his smile. This was his favourite part, the shady deals. There was just something exhilarating about it, and he had to admit he enjoyed when he was able to do something like this the rest of the club couldn’t. “May I assume you have the cash?”

The man looked around nervously, giving another jerky nod. “Yes. Would you mind getting in? Talking this way makes me feel very conspicuous.”

Juice couldn’t hold back a laugh. “Sure thing man.” He opened the door and climbed into the passenger seat. “You’re a lunatic, you know tha–”

He saw something move behind him, a flash of white. “Shit!”

He elbowed the Mayan (not a Mayan, he realized distantly, but a guy from that gang they were patching over), in the face, but hands, too many hands, grabbed him roughly and dragged him back between the seats.

There was shouting behind him, but he was too busy bucking and twisting to hear them properly. His arms were wrenched above his head roughly, pinned in a way he couldn’t shake off, and a gloved hand clamped down over his mouth. He shouted anyway, kicking and bucking and twisting and strongly regretting leaving Bobby and Tig behind.

The man with the hand over his mouth leaned down, and Juice recognized the president of the other MC. “You tell Clay, my bullshit MC’s got some reach eh?”

A fist slammed into his face and his head snapped back, slamming into the floor of the van. Distantly, over the sounds of fists hitting his face, his own grunts of pain, and the blood rushing in his ears, he could hear the Chicken Man.

“I’m sorry Juan Carlos, but I’ve run up a bit of a tab with these Mexican fellows.”

Juice was very tempted to tell the dick what he thought of his apology, and where he could shove it, but he was a little busy. He lost track of how many times he got hit in the face, and then when he was too dazed to fight back anymore they moved down to his ribs. He noticed distantly that one of the guys behind him was tugging at his arms, and when he bucked against them the jackass behind him dislocated his shoulder. He screamed, or at least he let out a strangled groan, and something absolutely disgusting was shoved into his mouth. He was pretty sure it was a sock. If it hadn’t been in his mouth he probably would have thrown up. As it was he was pretty sure he was going to need to wash his mouth out with soap.

He got hit in the face again, and all thoughts of being sick were knocked from his head.

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Birthday Boy 🎂

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Request: Imagine giving Juice a lap dance on his birthday.

The room flickered with the lights of dozens of candles and you bit your lip as you examined your work.
It had taken you most of the afternoon to get this ready and you’d been grateful that Jax had agreed to keep Juice busy.
You glanced at your watch; 5:47pm.
Time to get ready.
You glanced around the room and smiled.
He was going to love it.
You slid the lighter back into your jean pocket and headed down the hallway to the bedroom.

The house was dark when Juice pulled into the driveway and he frowned slightly as he sat on his bike and removed his helmet.
He was sure you said you’d be home, but still he saw no light coming from the dark windows.
Juice rested his helmet on the handle bars and swung his leg over.
He ran his hand over his face and sighed.
Almost all day Jax had been working him hard; not that he was complaining. Juice loved the work he did for the club, and he lived his brothers more than anything.
But today had been different, and Juice had almost felt like a prospect again.
He knew he wouldn’t get special treatment for his birthday, and he didn’t expect any.
Yet he couldn’t help but feel slightly hurt that no one seemed to remember.
Juice’s footsteps were heavy as he headed to the front door, his head hung low.
He rummaged in his pocket for the keys and pulled them out, gingerly unlocking the door and pushing it open.
He didn’t lift his head as he stepped inside and closed the door before kicking his boots off.
He turned to walk into the house and stopped in his tracks.

The entire living room was practically empty.
All the usual furniture was gone, replaced by a simple chair in the centre of the room.
Dozens of candles littered every spare surface in the room, every shelf, the mantelpiece, even a few on the floor.
“Babe?” Juice called out.
No answer.
He took a cautious step forward and spotted the note lying on the seat of the chair.
The rest of the house looked dark and Juice took the last few steps to the chair and llifted the note.
That was all it read, written in your delicate handwriting.
Juice smiled slightly and pulled the kutte from his shoulders, his eyes glancing around the room.
He hung his leather on the back of the chair and took a seat.
The chair was positioned to face the hallway and he looked into the darkness, waiting patiently.
Smooth music began to play softly and Juice smirked into the darkness.
He couldn’t help but feel you were watching amongst the shadows.
And he was right.
You waited for the music to play a little longer before you stepped out into the light.
Juice’s eyes followed up your body, from your freshly painted manicure on the soft carpet to your smooth legs, to the black satin robe hanging loosely around your body.
Juice licked his lips and you smirked as you walked towards him and stopped a few feet in front of him.
He leant back in his chair, his eyes wide with excitement.
Slowly, you lifted your hands and began to untie the robe.

The black satin dropped to the floor, the fabric pooling around your bare ankles and Juice’s eyes widened.
Red lace garters hugged your thighs, and matched the red panty and bra set perfectly.
Juice licked his lips and grinned at you, his eyes eating up every inch of your body.
His eyes followed you as you walked slowly and seductively towards him, stopping between his legs.
You placed your hands on the back of his chair, either side of his face. You leant in close to whisper in his ear, giving him a close up view of your breasts tightly bound in lace, before allowing your hot breath to ghost his skin.
“Happy birthday, baby.”
You pulled back and the music ended, quickly followed by another song.
Juice bit his lip as you straddled him and began to grind your hips against his, moving in slow teasing circles.
You couldn’t help but enjoy this sudden power you had over him.
Juice lifted his hands and placed them on your hips but you slapped them away.
“No touching.” You’d scolded.
Your hips continued to grind and you arched your body back, letting your hair touch the floor and Juice eyed your bodily hungrily.
“Damn, baby.” Juice said, his voice barely above a whisper.
You could feel he was already hard through the fabric of his jeans but you weren’t going to give in- not yet.
You pulled your body up and stood between his legs before turning your back to him.
Juice growled at the sight of the red lace hugging the curves of your ass and you placed your hands on his knees and lowered your body into his lap.
His hardness pressed against you and you smirked as you moved your hips in teasing circles, your back pressed against his chest.
Juice growled again. It was taking all of his will power to not wrestle you to the floor and take you, but he was enjoying every second of your sweet torture.
You leant forward, giving him a better view of your ass before you pulled yourself back upright, your hips moving in time with the music.
“Fuck, baby.” He whispered, his lips brushing against your ear lobe ever so lightly.
The husky tone of his voice made you tremble a little and you could sense yourself weakening to him.
You tilted your head back, arching your neck and almost instantly you felt the hot air from his breath trailing your skin.
You couldn’t deny your arousal, the lace panties you wore were slowly getting wetter with each move of your hips.
Juice’s hardness pressed against you through his jeans and you bit your lip and snapped your head up before lifting your body and standing before him.
His eyes were full of hunger and you smirked as you sunk to your knees in front of him.
You kick your lips as you trace your hands up his thighs and quickly unzip his jeans.
His erection stands proud as you tug the denim down his thighs and you lift your head to meet his eyes.
Juice bit his lip and you smirked before taking hold of his member.
He could feel your hot breath on him and he gasped slightly as you licked around his tip.
You pumped him slowly with your hand as you traced your tongue along his length.
You wrapped your lips around him and swirled your tongue against him, earning a low moan from Juice.
You took another inch of him into your mouth, bobbing your head slowly - letting him feel every move you made.
Juice ran his hands through your hair and he took a fistful, using it to guide your head further down his cock.
You didn’t resist and you opened your mouth wider, allowing him to slide almost his whole length inside you.
Juice moaned as he watched you’re hallowed cheeks as you took him in your mouth, in and out over and over.
Slowly you pulled back from him, letting your saliva run down his length and you stood before him once more.
There was no time to take panties off, you needed him now.
You straddled his hips and reached down, pulling your panties to the side.
Juice met your eye and he kissed you hungrily as you lowered yourself onto his throbbing cock.
You gasped as he filled you and he moaned at your wetness, all ready for him.
His hands gripped your ass cheeks tightly and a soft whimper left your lips as you moved your hips against his, repeating your earlier moves.
Only this time he was inside you, stretching your walls with his length.
Juice couldn’t get enough of you, he could feel the juice’s of your pussy dripping down him as you moved and he growled.
“Fuck baby, your so tight.”
You moaned and bucked your hips harder now, desperate for more friction.
Your eyes met his and you crashed your lips against his hungrily, moaning into his mouth.
You rode him fiercely, letting his length fill you and it wasn’t long before both of you were coming. You rode out your high, your movements slowing.
“Fuck, baby that was good.” Juice said through breaths.
You smirked at him and stood.
“Cmon, we gotta get ready.”
“Ready for what?” Juice asked, his brows furrowed.
“Your birthday party. Jax promised to keep you busy while I set this up, and I promised to keep you busy while they set up the clubhouse.” You told him.
Juice grinned and stood, pulling you towards him and kissed you deeply.
“Thank you baby.” He said lovingly.
“Anytime, birthday boy.”


*** For the purpose of this story being more relaxed, I made it to where the CO leaves you alone. Realistically, someone is usually present to make sure the inmate isn’t trying to escape, or kill the visitor. Because that happens.***

“Just wait for the buzz and then pull the door.”

You nodded at the warden and waited for the buzzing sound, pulling open the door and walking into the hallway where he stood.

“Follow me.”

You walked casually behind him as he read off the standard rules that you already knew.

“No nail clippers, no hair pins, no shoelaces, no belts, no necklaces, no earrings, no body or facial jewelry, no hairsprays, no nail files, no sealed envelopes”

He kept spouting off the visitation rules but you weren’t really listening. You’d been through this many times before and you knew what you could and couldn’t bring. You weren’t here to drop anything off today. Today was an illegal, yet very simple visit.

A conjugal visit.

Juice has only been locked up about 6 months out of his 14 month sentence but you were already missing him like crazy. You were both young, agile and in love, and sex was constant in your relationship. Sex in the bedroom, sex in the shower, sex in the kitchen, sex in your car, sex in the garage over his workbench. You were used to having your man whenever and wherever you wanted and this new prison sentence was wearing you thin. You were at the limits of your sexual frustration and after an especially filthy round of phone sex with Juice, he’d asked if you would be game to come in for a conjugal. Something about a CO owing them a favor and allowing him to use the supply closet for 15 minutes. You didn’t catch the specifics, too excited and needy for your Old Man. It wasn’t a long time, but it was better than lonely nights with toys and you told him to give you a date and time.

Which was today.

You made it to the end of the hall and made a left, the warden cutting the act and pointing at one of the doors.

“Ortiz is in there. You got 15 minutes. That’s it. By 15 minutes, you better be out here looking presentable and I’ll escort you back out. He stays inside.”

You nodded and reached forward, grabbing the handle and twisting it as the CO crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against the wall beside the door.

“When I knock, you come out.”

He let you walk into the room and closed the door behind you. As you turned around, you saw Juice leaning against a washing machine. He had a decent amount of facial hair and his hair was fully grown out and slicked back. He looked different, but the look o hunger in his eyes was familiar. As soon as he saw you, his eyes lit up and a grin quickly spread across his face.


He stood up straight and opened his arms up to you in an invitation and you happily accepted, tucking yourself into his chest. He wrapped his arms around you and rested his chin on the top of your head.

“I missed you so much.”

“I missed you too Juicey.”

He grinned and squeezed you once more before weaving his fingers into your hair and pulling your head back so he could look at your face.

“We don’t have much time baby.”

You nodded and smiled, leaning up to press your lips to his. He turned the both of you around and pressed your back to the washer, his hand snaking down the front of your body and slipping into the front of your pants. His fingers rubbed against you as he kissed down along the side of your neck and across your throat. His lips kissed softly at your skin, his teeth grazing and nipping randomly along the way. Soft gasps and whimpers left your pouted lips as his fingers got you warmed up. His fingertips grazed over your lips and teased your clit, a moan falling from your mouth.

“Juice baby, fuck.”

You could feel him grin against your throat and you could only imagine the cocky look he wore. His words affirmed it for you regardless.

“I got you wet pretty quick huh?”

“Don’t flatter yourself Ortiz, I’ve been wet all morning. It’s been 6 months.”

He chuckled and pulled away slightly, his hands gripping the waistband of your pants and pulling them down your thighs.

“Well then, I guess I shouldn’t keep you waiting any longer.”

His hands settled on your bare hips and he spun you around, bending you forward and over the washer in front of you. With one hand pressed against your back, the other gripped his prison issued sweats and yanked them down his thighs, his cock springing out and tapping against the cheek of your ass. He wasted no time in grabbing himself and running the tip against you, his head brushing through your lips once, twice and then three times, spreading your wetness before he slipped inside of you. You couldn’t help the groan that left you, your body falling forward and your cheek resting against the cool metal of the washer. You knew you didn’t have much time for love making and the longer you were in here, the bigger the chance of something going wrong and getting caught, so you let your body go limp against the washer and Juice took the hint, gripping your hips in his hands and beginning to pound into you.

You whimpered at the slight burn that came from the stretch you hadn’t had in a while but with it also came the immense pleasure of being filled by the man you loved and you could already begin to feel that tightening in your abdomen. Juice was just thick enough that it didn’t hurt, but it took your breath away and you relished in the feeling of having your man inside of you again. Juice was also enamored by the feeling of you all warm and slick, wondering if you had always felt so heavenly or if he was just missing you too much. The washer shook slightly as Juice took you from behind, his hips thrusting against you. His rhythm was messy already, the feeling of you wrapped around him after so long overwhelming and all he wanted to do was make you come. Reaching forward, he slipped his hand between your legs once again, this time not bothering with the teasing and simply rubbing firm circles around your clit over and over, his lips whispering filth into your ear over the back of your shoulder. You moaned at the feeling and so did he, your walls starting to clench and pulse around him.

“There you go babygirl. Come for me. Let me feel you come around me. Be a good girl and come.”

His instructions sounded more like demands and between the power in his voice and the power in his hands as he held you down and fucked you, it didn’t take long for your breathing to get ragged and your legs to start shaking. Your muscles spasmed around him and he cursed under his breath as you came, all gasps and whimpers. You bit down harshly on your forearm to muffle the noises you made as you came, Juice hissing behind you as he came as well, forehead creased as he was burying himself as deep as he could. A sharp shiver ran through you as he licked a stripe up your spine followed by a kiss to the side of your neck, a rumbling growl in his throat as he started to come down and recover. You collapsed against the washer and he chuckled, running his hand lovingly down your back.

“You gotta get going baby.”

You answered with a whine and he pulled you to stand, pulling up your pants and panties, his hand brushing some hair back into place just as the knock sounded on the door.

“I love you babe. Thank you for showing up.”

“I love you too Juan. Let me know if they owe you guys anymore favors.”

“I will baby.”

You leaned forward and gave him one last slow and passionate kiss, your eyes lingering on each other as you walked away from him and grabbed the handle, opening the door and walking out of the utility room. The CO looked you over to make sure you looked put together and stopped at the teeth marks dug into your arm. He laughed and shook his head, motioning for you to follow him out.

“Cover that shit up.”

[ Juice gets arrested ] - A scenario imagine

“What the hell, man?” Juice shouted as he was escorted through the police station. “You can’t arrest me and not tell me why!” 

“Shut up, Ortiz,” the cop ordered matter-of-factly.

Juice had been minding his own business when he had been picked up and thrown in the back of a cop car. He was sure somewhere down the line he had done something to deserve the handcuffs currently around his wrists, but he would never admit to it. 

The cop opened the cell door and gave Juice a rough shove into the cell.

“I didn’t do shit!” Juice continued, clearly becoming more upset by the moment. “This is bullshit, man. You can’t just throw me in here.” 

“I just did,” the cop replied before slamming the cell door and walking away.

“Shit!” Juice let out a frustrated groan and threw his hands against the bars of the cell door. He knew he was in trouble. The cops wouldn’t even tell him why he had been arrested. He knew that was a violation of his rights, but he also knew that he was a Son. That fact alone put him on thin ice as it were. He didn’t dare push it.

He sighed loudly and walked further into the cell. He dropped himself heavily down onto the cold bench, running his hands across the top of his shaved head. He didn’t know what he was supposed to do now except wait. Hale would eventually let Jax and the guys know he had been picked up. Until then, he was stuck here. He had started to lose himself in his thoughts when he heard a familiar voice.

“Well, well, well,” you crowed from a few cells down. Your high heels clicked against the linoleum floors as you made your way towards the cell where your old man was currently contained. You were dressed in a long black coat which hung slightly open, barely revealing the tiny lace lingerie set you wore underneath. A set of keys hung delicately from your index finger. A smirk played at your lips.

You stopped in front of Juice’s cell and looked at him for a moment, your head cocked to the side and your eyes lowered in a seductive stare. Juice recognized that look. 

A mischievous smile formed on his lips as his brown eyes looked you up and down. “Did you do this?” he asked, already knowing the answer.

You grinned. “Hale owed me a favor.”

You teasingly brushed your coat to the side, revealing just enough skin to make Juice’s heart race. You took hold of a key and unlocked the cell, swinging the door open and dropping your coat to the floor. 

“Looks like somebody’s been a bad boy,” you breathed.

Juice bit his lip. “Yes, I have.” 

Request: Nerds

Request: can u write an imagine in which crow eaters make nasty comments on you just because juice seems to be interested in you so you two end up making out in his dorm?

Crows always make nasty comments about the reader’s curves in imagines, so I tried to write something different this time. I imagine the reader as a cute, boorkworm, nerd, geek girl and I hope it’s okay and you enjoy the imagine.

Originally posted by soaimagines

He was back from a run with Chibs and when he hopped off his bike, Juice saw you laughing with Kip at the picnic table. It was a good surprise to see a new face around TM, but then he realized you should be there for Kip, since you two seemed to be very close. Later that day, he learnt you were just his brother’s sister and were there to help Gemma while you were in Charming, spending your vacation with your family. That meant you were off limits for him, but Juice couldn’t help; more time you spent at TM and close to him, more he fell for you. 

“I don’t know what you see in her”, one of the crow eaters said behind him. Juice was on his break, pretending to drink his protein shake while he was actually admiring you from afar.

He glared at the crow over his shoulder and decided to get back to work. What did he see in you? You were lovely, so nice to everybody and a geek like him. Yes, his brothers couldn’t believe such a beautiful girl like you would be a geek, but you were. Juice’s favorite moments were when he talked to you about games or Netflix series you were into. However, you were barely talking to him lately. You were always rushing to do your errands and disappearing after hand your brother his lunch. People noticed your change, but they thought you were just busy studying or something. Juice had a feeling that wasn’t true and he was just waiting for a moment alone to ask you what was really going on.

Weeks later, Juice had his chance. He was walking down the hall, going to grab his laptop at his bedroom when he bumped into you coming out of Kip’s bedroom. 

“Sorry”, Juice said as he held you, keeping you from falling.

“I-It’s okay”, you nervously smiled, putting a strand of hair behind your ear, “Hi Juice”

“Hi Y/N”, he smiled, “I haven’t seen you around lately”

“I-I have been busy you know. I just brought clean clothes to Kip, he’s such a child sometimes, I…”, you suddenly stopped rambling and bit you lip, “I gotta go”

You passed by him, practically running away. “Y/N! Wait!”, Juice grabbed you wrist to make you stop, “I want to talk to you”

“I have to go Juice, I got things to do”, you sighed. Something has been bothering you and he wouldn’t let you go without telling him.

“Please”, he begged, “I thought we were friends, you don’t talk to me anymore”

“Fine”, you whispered after a moment thinking and followed Juice to his bedroom. You let the door slightly open and crossed your arms when Juice turned to you, “What do you wanna talk about?”

“What is going on?”, he blurted, “We miss you around, we haven’t seen you in weeks and when we do, you’re always in a rush”

“I told you, I have been busy”, you shrugged. Juice wasn’t convinced, it was something else.

“That’s a lie”, Juice calmly said. You narrowed your eyes and opened your mouth, ready to snap at him, but after a second you just sighed. “Y/N”, he raised an eyebrow, waiting for your answer.

“Crows”, he barely heard when you spoke again.

“What?”, Juice asked.

“Crows”, you embraced yourself and looked down, “They say I don’t belong here. I don’t have the right looks, clothes, hair… I’m a nerd, I’m never gonna find a boyfriend and…”

“Y/N”, Juice cut off your rambling and got closer, raising your chin so you would look at him, “Hey, don’t listen to them. Crows can be mean sometimes and they’re wrong, you do belong here, everybody likes you and… I think you’re perfect, just the way you are”

“Y-You do?”, your eyes got big and you blushed. Juice thought you’re the most adorable girl he had ever seen.

“Yes”, he smiled, “And crows are jealous. You’re competition”

“Me?”, you frowned. Juice nodded and you shook your head, walking away from him, “No, I’m not. I mean, look at them and… Look at me”

“I am looking”, Juice grabbed your hand again and gently pulled you to him, “I can’t take my eyes off of you Y/N”, he whispered and kissed you. You tugged on his kutte, the kiss got deeper and then Juice lifted you just to fall on the couch with you straddling him. You pulled back, breathless, with your cheeks red and pupils wide. Juice thought you would run but you didn’t move, just stared at him as you breathed deeply. 

“Are you saying you like me?”, you blurted, “Are you saying you want me, the nerd?”

“Yes”, Juice said and to prove his point he pulled you to another kiss. You melted in his arms and couldn’t help but whimper when he moved his lips to your neck.

“I like you too Juice”, you whispered. Juice looked up at you and smiled, hugging you tighter. “I can’t believe you looked at me, from all girls, all the beautiful girls around you”

“I told you Y/N”, Juice grunted, “You’re beautiful”. He suddenly laid you on the couch and hovered over you, looking into your eyes, “Now could you please stop saying things like that? I’m trying to make out with my girl here”. You pressed your lips together and nodded, making Juice smile, “Good”, he grinning and kissed you again, proving you were his girl, the only one he wanted.

Shirtless and Cake. What a great combo.

Request: 26. No shoes, no shirt, no problem. 27. Oh, damn. 30. I love you…and cake too. Maybe a little more than cake. With Juice.

A/N: Kinda short

Coming home to Juice working on his bike without his shirt on was a surprise but a pleasant surprise. You didn’t say anything as you stood in the garage opening and just watched your man work.

“Oh, damn.” You said, making him jump. He turned around and gave you a perfect view of his lovely chest. You smirked at him as he looked at you surprised.

“Hey, baby. I didn’t know you were home.” He said as he made is way over to you.

You wrapped your arms around his neck and smiled at him. “Well, if I knew what I was coming home to, I would’ve come home a lot sooner.” You told him. He laughed.

“Oh, yeah?”

“Yeah, I like the view.” You told him as you then ran your fingertips over his arms and across his collarbones. You felt him shiver.

“Hey. No shoes, no shirt, no problem.” He teased you.

You giggled. You sighed as you let him go. “Well, I’d love to stay but I got a cake in the oven.”

His face lit up at the mention of cake. “Cake? I love cake.” You started walking back into the house.

You turned around and put your hand to your chest as if you were seriously hurt. “What?! I thought you loved me?!”

He laughed but walked up to you and put his hands on your arms. “I love you….and cake too.” He looked in deep thought for a moment. “Maybe a little more than cake.” He chuckled and pecked you on the lips as you giggled.

It’s About Time

Requested by an Anon: Can you do an imagine where the reader is with Juice and is Chibs’ daughter. Juice and reader have been married long before he ever joined the club and everyone finds out the two are married and is surprised except Chibs.

AN: I’ve changed time frames, to make the story work.

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Request: Mine

Request: Well, i was thinking about an imagine in which get drunk at a party an Juice drives you back home and you confess that you love him and you are jealous of the crow eaters?

Originally posted by carlos-juanortiz


My father was a mechanic at Teller-Morrow Automotive and I had grown up around Samcro; I knew all the bikers and they were my friends. Their queen, Gemma Teller, was an important person in my life. She taught me a lot about that life, among other things that helped me to become a strong woman. However, crow eaters and sweetbutts still underestimated me, thinking I was just an innocent little girl.

“You don’t curse. You don’t get into fights. You don’t get drunk”, Chibs liked to remind me whenever I complained about it, “You’re a sweet girl”

Yeah, I got that often. I could be an old lady, I just had to prove to them and, more important, have an old man. That’s the hardest part. Do you know why? Because the man I wanted wouldn’t look at me like that. 

Juice was the sweetest guy I’ve ever met. He was nice to me and always respectful, but I wanted him to want me, look me like he looked at the other girls. Chibs knew I liked him and was constantly telling me I was better than the crows, but I couldn’t stop comparing me to them. Like the one who was touching Juice when I walked in the clubhouse that night.

He saw me but I quickly turned my look to the bar, walking toward there to get a drink. Chucky raised an eyebrow at me but put a glass in front of me. I glanced over my shoulder and Juice was still there, across the room, talking to Kozik while the crow stroked his arm. I was so angry that get drunk seemed to be a good idea, so I grabbed the bottle from Chucky’s hand.

“Aye lass”, I bumped into Chibs on my way out, “Where are you going?”

“Bite me”, I barked, though he didn’t deserve it. I walked to the swing Gemma had bought for the kids and sat there, drinking alone.

Chibs’ POV

He had finished his first beer of the night and was going to get another one when Y/N bumped into him. She was storming out the clubhouse and snapped when Chibs talked to her. That wasn’t like her at all and it took just one look around the clubhouse for him to understand why she was acting like that. A crow eater was all over Juice and he was letting her. Stupid boy.

Chibs shook his head and sat by the bar. Soon Tig joined him, “Did you see Y/N?”, his brother asked, “She just passed by me and is in the swing, drinking all alone”

“Aye, I saw her”, Chibs nodded and motioned at Juice’s direction. Tig turned around and followed his gaze.

“Idiot”, his brother mumbled.They had noticed, a while ago, Y/N’s interest on Juice and couldn’t understand why they weren’t together already. The young Son liked her too, always following her with his puppy eyes when Y/N wasn’t looking. “Should we do something?”, the blue eyed man asked.

“I don’t know Tig”, Chibs sighed, “I don’t know”


They were playing pool and Chibs didn’t know how much time had passed until Y/N come back. She was drunk, carrying the empty bottle as she tried to get to the bar to asked for another one.

“Lass”, he walked to Y/N, to hold and stop her.

“Let me go Scottie”, she mumbled as he made her sit down. Chibs asked the prospect to bring her water and when he looked at Y/N again she was glaring at Juice, “Bitch! What is that crow doing?”

She got rid of him and crossed the room, faster than Chibs thought she could walk. Y/N grabbed the crow’s hair before Chibs could stop her.

Juice’s POV

He was talking to Kozik when Y/N arrived, but Juice saw her. Actually, he seemed to know whenever she was around, not being able to look away. Well, at least when she wasn’t looking because he couldn’t get caught. Why she had to be Gemma’s favorite? The Samcro queen would kill him if Juice tried to date Y/N, he wasn’t enough for Gemma’s favorite girl. 

She was beautiful, as always, but didn’t even look at him, going straight to the bar. The crow eater stroked his arm again, she had been doing it since the party had begun, trying to get his attention. Juice wasn’t into her at all and told her to get lost, the girl pouted and walked way. He looked at the bar but Y/N was gone. He wondered where she was and thought about looking for her, but Jax called him before Juice could even get up.


Juice got Jax a phone number he wanted and got back to the party. His brothers were playing pool and Y/N wasn’t nowhere to be seen. He found a empty spot at the couch and sat there with a beer on his hand, thinking that Y/N must have gone home. The crow eater came back and sat on his lap.

“Get lost”, Juice sighed and was ready to push her away when someone grabbed the crow eater’s hair.

“Your bitch!”, he heard Y/N yell. Chibs was fast, holding Y/N before she could hurt the crow eater who was squirming on Kozik’s arms as he held her.

“Her keys!”, Chibs hissed at Juice. He ran to the bar and Chucky handed him Y/N’s car keys. His brother carried Y/N to her car and put her inside, “Take her home and come back. We need to talk lad”

“What?”, Juice looked at his sponsor and creased his brow. He couldn’t take Y/N home, she wouldn’t want him to do it.

“Now!”, Chibs barked and Juice rushed to get in the car. He watched Y/N through the rear view mirror as he drove to her house. She was laying on the backseat, mumbling on her drunk sleep. He found the house keys inside her car and carefully carried Y/N inside. He gently laid her on the bed and admired her for a moment, thinking she was the prettiest girl he had ever met.

“Juice?”, he jumped when she called his name.

“Yes”, he whispered, “Sleep now Y/N, you had quite a night”

“Ugh I’m drunk”, she mumbled, covering her eyes with her arm.

“Yes, you are”, Juice chuckled. He couldn’t help it, she was adorable, “Luckily you didn’t hurt that crow, Chibs stopped you”

“Yeah”, Y/N smiled, already falling asleep again, “Nobody touches my man”

“What?”, he asked but she was already soundly sleeping. Her man? The crow was touching him. Juice closed the bedroom door behind him, thinking about what Y/N had said. He texted Chibs to say he wasn’t going back to the clubhouse, but got no answer from his brother. Juice stretched on the couch, pulled the blanket up and tried to relax, but he couldn’t stop thinking about what Y/N had said.


I opened my eyes and immediately closed them again. The blinds were open and the sun was hurting my eyes. I grunted as I tried to get up, feeling my head spin. Ugh, I had a terrible hangover. I slowly walked to the kitchen, desperate for some water. How did I get home? I had a vague memorie of someone putting me inside my car, probably Chibs, I wasn’t sure. Poor Scottie, he must have drove me home; he always took care of me. I had to call Chibs and thank him.

I was looking for my phone, when I walked in the living room and saw someone on my couch. I had a natural reaction, I screamed and the person jumped.

“Juice?”, I whispered when I saw him.

“What the hell?”, he cursed, rubbing his face.

“Sorry”, I grimaced, “I just saw someone on the couch and you were under the blanket, I didn’t know you were there”

“I drove you home”, Juice explained. He yawned and blinked a few times.

“I don’t remember it, I thought Chibs did it”, I said and Juice shook his head. Suddenly, I realized what he had to do. He had to carry me inside and put me in my bed. Oh my God! I had dreamed about him carrying me so many times, but none of them involved an unconscious me because I had drunk too much. I turned around and walked back to the kitchen before he could see me blushing.

“No”, Juice followed me and I started to make coffee, keeping me busy and buying me time to calm down, “You got into a fight with a crow, Chibs put you inside your car and told me to bring you home”

“Yeah, I… I remember that”, I mumbled. Damn it, why my hands were shaking?, “I mean, the car, not the fight. Did I really get into a fight?”. That was a first!

“Yes”, his tone made me stop what I was doing, “And that reminds me… Shit, you probably don’t remember it”

“What?”, I breathed as I turned to face him, panicking a little bit. What have I done?, “What is it?”

“I put you in bed and… You mumbled you were drunk and I said yes, you got into a fight with a crow and…”, I held my breath as he looked at me, “You said nobody touches your man”

“What?”, my heart was beating fast inside my chest and I was pretty sure he could hear it, “My man?”

“You punched the crow who was on my lap”, Juice bit his lip as I turned pale. I was so stupid! He wasn’t supposed to know like this, in a drunk confession. To be honest, I wasn’t planning to confess my feeling at all, not sober and certainly not drunk, “She was touching me Y/N”

“S-Sorry”, I stuttered, holding the counter behind me, “I was drunk”

“You’re blushing”, Juice raised an eyebrow as he got closer to me.

“No, I… I’m not…”, I couldn’t find the words. He was so close and he was looking at me differently, there was something new on his eyes.

“Tell me”, he asked in a whisper, “Tell me the truth”

“She was all over you and I got jealous”, I admitted before I even knew what I was doing, “It was supposed to be me, the girl who fell for you the first time I saw you”. I looked up at Juice, waiting. He gently grabbed my arms and put them around his neck, “What are you doing?”

“No one touches your man but you”, Juice pulled me closer, making me gasp. Then he kissed me, gentle but dominant. I melted on his arms. I knew we had to talk about this, about us, but that was the last thing I wanted to do as Juice, my man, kissed me. My man. Mine.