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Sleeping Together - Game of Thrones Preference

First Game of Thrones thing on here I think. I wasn’t entirely sure who to include so I kind of included everyone. Or everyone who seems to be considered attractive on this. If you want me to add anyone just ask and I will. 

Robb Stark

You and Rob would sleep side by side, your arm across his chest, his arm around your shoulders. Holding each other close so he knows you’re safe and to keep warm. He’d often look over at you while you slept and smile, pulling you closer against him.

Jon Snow

You and Jon always sleep facing each other. He likes to be able to wake up and instantly see you. He often rests his forehead against yours, as close as possible so your eyes are only a centimetre from his and your breaths are shared. His hand will often rest gently on your waist or on your upper thigh, a gentle feathery touch.

Theon Greyjoy

Although Theon is usually the one who likes to have his hands on you, on your hips usually, when you sleep together he likes your arms to be around him. He’s used to be the one who initiates touching so he really appreciates it when you touch him first. 

Ramsay Bolton

Ramsay is obviously quite possessive so whatever position the two of you end up in he always has arms wrapped tightly around you. He often moves one of your legs to lay over him and likes you to have your arms around his neck and shoulders.

Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion likes to sleep with his head on your chest so he can hear your heart beating. It’s also comfortable apparently. He likes your hands to be in his hair and he often has his arm draped across your chest. He likes it when you talk before falling asleep. The way you trail off when you’re really tired. 

Jaime Lannister

Jaime and yourself don’t have that much contact all the time while sleeping. He likes to have his arms free. But sometimes he’ll pull you towards him, his hand on your shoulder and press a kiss between your shoulder blades and that’s how you know he actually does care.

Jojen Reed

Jojen would hold your hand, often holding it against his chest or you’d bring your hands to rest on your chest. Jojen often slept resting his cheek on his other hand, watching your eyes flicker as you slept, a small smile on his lips. 


Yourself and Gendry would sleep holding each other tightly, his arms wrapped around you, a hand between your shoulder blades. Your legs would be intertwined, one of your hands resting on his neck. He’d often wake up and smile seeing you so close to him, looking so peaceful in your sleep. He liked to kiss the crown of your head gently, hands stroking your hair. 


Fandom: Game of Thrones
Pairing: JojenxReader
Warning: N/A
Writer: unitefandomsoftheworld
Summary/Request: requested by anon: Jojen one-shot where he meets the reader and discovers they have the Sight as well. The reader sees Jojen’s death but Jojen sees that he marries the reader and they try to figure out which will come true?

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Imagine: Jojen getting approval from your wolf so he gets approval from you

You watched at your wolf approached the stranger, leaning towards his out reached hand and sniffing it for a while. They bowed their head in respect and backed up to your side, sitting next to you and watching him walk towards you.

“Who are you?” You asked warily, wondering if it could be some sort of trick.

“Jojen, Jojen Reed. But you know that, don’t you? You’ve seen me in your dreams,” he said, sitting in front of you, eyes connected with yours.

You nodded. “I have. I’m y/n.”

He just smiled and stroked your wolf’s nose. “I know…”


Imagine Meera teasing Jojen about his crush on you

Y/N: Well this was a lovely talk, but I’ll be right back.

Jojen: Okay, don’t be too long. I have to make sure you’re safe.

Meera: Ooh, is that a smile, brother?

Jojen: And what is that suppose to mean?

Meera: Nothing, just that I’ve never seen you smile before. You’re in love, how cute.

Jojen: Oh silence, Meera.

Meera: You are!


You loved Jojen, you would’ve married him even if you weren’t bound by law. He was your one and only, and you were his, the two of you always understood one another and you’d do anything for him. That was why it pained you to see him have to suffer with the sight, you hated having to see him deal with the nightmares knowing there was nothing you could do to keep them away permanently. It was a gift, he told you but from your point of view it looked more like a curse. 

You were woken by the sound of quiet whimpers, not very loud–in reality not loud at all–but you heard them. You rolled over wrapped your arms around Jojen, you gently shook him awake. “Jojen.” You whispered as he emerged from his slumber. “What was this one about?” You asked concerned, his nightmares were happening more and more often and it was starting to worry you. 

He looked up at you and shook his head, this one obviously took a lot more out of him than the others usually did. You laid down next to him placing your head on his chest. “Alright, let’s not talk about it.” You said tracing patterns on his chest. 

“I saw you.” He said suddenly. “I saw you die, that’s not going to happen. I will protect you. I promise.” He said fiercely.  You looked up at him. “I’m right here, nothing bad is going to happen to me. I promise I’m never going to leave you. Now let’s purge all thoughts of nightmares and death, it does not do well to dwell on dreams.” You said placing a gentle kiss on his lips.

He returned the kiss fiercely, pulling you closer to him, tighter, he felt a need for you. He wanted nothing more than to forget the outside world and keep you with him forever. And right now you wanted the exact same thing, you wanted to become his, permanently. 

Requested by Anon


Imagine Jojen getting jealous when Bran calls you pretty.

“She’s very pretty isn’t she?” Bran mumbled staring at y/n from across the crackling fire.
Jojen raised his eyebrows slightly turning his head to face Bran.

“Y/n, she’s very pretty.” Bran repeated.
Jojen followed Bran’s gaze to you. A sudden twinge of jealously spiked in his chest.

After a moment of silence he spoke,“Beautiful.”

“What?” Bran questioned, a slightly confused look on his face.

“Y/n isn’t just ‘very pretty,’ she’s beautiful.“ Jojen straightened himself on the log he had been sitting on before getting up to prepare his tent for the night. “She’s also going to be the next Reed.” He muttered to Bran before leaving.

As Jojen disappeared into the forest and Bran’s thoughts wandered, a very specific, beautiful girl sitting in front of a fire hid a small smile.

jojen  asked:

hey, im a theon greyjoy fictive looking for others from game of thrones/a song of ice and fire, especially those familiar with book canon! im kinda uncomfortable around other theons + i already know a robb and wouldnt want to meet another, and for obvious reasons i dont want to interact with any ramsays, but im happy to meet pretty much anyone else whether we knew each other in canon or not (squid emoji)