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“I was built to predict people. But to predict them, you have to truly understand them. So, I began by breaking their lives down into moments. Trying to find the connections - the things that explained why they did what they did. And what I found was that the moment that often mattered the most - the moment when you truly found out who they were - was often their last one.” 

My love letter to Return 0

I’ve meant to write this for a while, and I thought the finale’s first anniversary was the perfect date for it. Especially when I realize that it’s been precisely a year (365 days!!) and how this finale and the whole show still haunts me.

I’ve watched quite a few series end in the past couple of years. Of course, as POI was is particularly dear to my heart, I had lots of expectation for it, and was particularly emotional about it. And of all the series finale, this was by far the best one. The main reason why I loved Return 0 so much is that it totally delivered, both emotionally and in term of story. It was neither cheesy not over the top, it was exactly Person of Interest and everything I was hoping it’d be.

Well, ok, maybe the one teeny tiny little complain I could have is that we don’t know how the Machine won against Samaritan, and that bugs me a little. But this little plot handwave is by far surpassed by ALL THE FEELINGS.

As I was watching the episode that first time, both dreading and  hopeful, I felt that the show was truly saying goodbye, and that it was holding me by the hand, saying “it’s gonna be okay”. All the conversation between Harold and The Machine was basically this: the show holding my hand and telling me not to cry. And that they were sad too, but we had fun while it lasted. It truly felt like it was just as hard and emotional for the writers to say goodbye as it was for us. And that even though the show was over, as long as I’ll remember it, remember them all, it won’t be really dead. It was now up to me to carry the torch… And so I did.

That got a little long, so I’m putting a break, click to read the whole thing.

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John Reese Portrait

I solemnly swear that from now on I will measure my portraits properly and carefully lest I spend three days getting bamboozled by a dude’s jawline and questioning my life choices. If I break this oath someone will come and hit me over the head with my drawing tablet.

I originally wanted to stick some binary over it but in the end I liked it as it was. Nice practice for proportions, shading and skin textures.

And I realised what day it is today. This is dedicated to John Reese, one of the best characters to appear on the small screen and the man behind him, Jim Caviezel. 

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POI + the blue/yellow colour palette 

Earlier, I made a comment on one of @imageryofinterest‘s gorgeous 10 shots sets about the use of this palette, and I decided to compile some of my own favourite screencaps here. They’re from Root Path (317), If-Then-Else (411) and Return 0 (513). (I suppose there may be other episodes that used this scheme too, but these are the ones that most readily came to mind.) 

What I noticed was that this palette seemed to be associated with the characters making some of their most pivotal decisions in the show. 

In Root Path, Root chooses to save Cyrus in lieu of the chip. This marks the beginning of her redemption arc and leads to her becoming a part of the team. However, as Reese notices, the chip has been stolen, and Samaritan is later able to come online. 

In If-Then-Else, we see Root gazing adoringly at Shaw, who, to everyone’s surprise, has managed to get to the Stock Exchange to help the team, dramatically increasingly their odds of survival. Shaw sacrifices herself and gets captured. 

Finally, in Return 0, Reese overhears Finch’s conversation with the Machine and decides to switch the briefcases, ultimately giving up his life to save the world and Finch. 

[Leon is stuck on a roof and can’t get down]

Leon: I deserve this. This is all because I forgot to feed my turtle, Sheldon, in kindergarten. He went to Heaven and now my life is bad. YA HAPPY SHELDON? WE’RE EVEN!

Reese: [from below] Leon?



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