char: john alden

Reasons we should watch Salem on WGN

1. It has a really good plot with amazing twists

2. Characters you care about, characters you can’t stand, and all of them develop. Some of them even flip to the opposite side of the spectrum.

3. A really flipping awesome set that is historically accurate (yes, the actual Salem had a brothel, and so does this show.)

4. Themes about hypocrisy in the Puritan lifestyle, themes of overcoming obstacles, themes of forbidden love

5. Features a variety of relationships to watch: a girl loves another girl quite openly, which is sorta rare on tv; an abusive marriage; a mother daughter relationship; a young girl and an older man (I know, gross, but interesting); and friendships that are unlikely and a little disturbing.

6. Tituba

7. The special effects

8. They portray feelings honestly

Reasons Not to Watch Salem:

1. If a child dying is a trigger of yours.

2. If you’re triggered by blood or violence

3. If you don’t want to see the frick frack

Basically if it’s safe for you to do so watch Salem because it’s not widely known and it is so amazing it deserves a fandom like supernatural or doctor who has but no one knows about it.

It’s only like seven episodes into the first season and it’s still airing it comes on every Sunday night you guys can catch up just fine

Please please please please watch Salem