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Maybe Skaikru really won't get the bunker..

Maybe Octavia will die a warriors death, like she wanted.

Maybe Roan will win the fight and his clan will move into the bunker.

Maybe Bellamy and Clarke will just decide to finally run off together since there is no way to save everyone and they’ve accepted that.

Maybe Raven will get her final spacewalk and float among the stars for eternity.

Maybe ilian will just continue to plant seeds as the death wave rises over the mountain.

Maybe Murphy and Emori will run to the lighthouse bunker and live long enough to see the wave swallow the world.

Maybe Abby and Kane will finally say I love you as they hold hands and wait for the Ark walls to implode.

Maybe Jaha will finally be able to see his son again.

Maybe Monty will hold onto Harper and Jasper as the small bar room slowly starts to heat up and blister their skin.

Maybe they’ll all be happy in the end.

anonymous asked:

How would Shawn react to you getting matching tattoos with your best friends but not him (jealous ?)

I don’t think he’d get like ~jealous, like real jealousy, but like i TOTALLY think he’d get butt hurt about it.

Like you’d be all like “Hey babe, me and ___ are gonna get this together lol” 

and he’d be like “???” and you’d be like “what?” 

and he’d be like “so you’ll get a matching tattoo with ____, but you won’t get one with me?” *insert offended pouty face* 

and you’d be like “yeah because this tattoo is cool. the matching one you want me to get with you is of a fucking lion with your name branded on my ass cheek!”

and he’d be like “Yeah, well yours would be branded on my ass cheek, too, so”

anonymous asked:

This is really random so feel free to not answer this but do you have any good anime recommendations?

Sorry, there are no good animes