char: jamie scott


OTH meme - [8/8] friendships: Jamie and Quinn.
“Hi, aunt Quinn. I wanted to come see you because I knew something was wrong, and I know you’d never miss one of our days together unless you really had to. I’m sorry that people do bad things like this, especially to good people, like you. Well, I’m just sorry, that’s all. Anyway, I know you’re gonna be okay, but just in case, I brought you something. I love you, aunt Quinn. And don’t worry, ‘cause you look really pretty.”


It must have been fun having a brother growing up. It’s like having a best friend over all the time. Yeah. But remember, Uncle Lucas and I weren’t really that close when we were your age. The important part is we became more like real brothers once we got a little bit older. But you’re right. Having a brother is a lot like having a best friend. It helped make me the man I am today.

Mikor elvesztet az utad, és a harc elkezdődik,
A szíved összetörik
És szükséged van valakire.
Csak hunyd be a szemed, köréd fonom a karjaim
És törhetetlenné teszlek.
Az esőben áll, csak, hogy elrejtse mindezt.
Ha valaha megfordulsz,
Nem fogom hagyni, hogy lezuhanj.
Esküszöm, hogy megtalálom a mosolyod,
És törhetetlenné teszlek.
Törhetetlenné foglak tenni.
—  Jamie Scott - Unbreakable