char: james king

James is a Girl photographed by Nan Goldin for The New York Times, 1996

James is big today, and there are people in the fashion world who believe that she could be huge. She has long, straight blond hair and a heartbreaking face – sexy and sorrowful. She has an endearingly snaggletoothed smile and the luminous skin of a child. She is a slender girl and a voluptuous woman. She is growing up before our eyes, and she is growing up very, very fast.

New York man breaks into a New Jersey home where police find him doing the dishes naked

James King entered a Hackensack, New Jersey home on August 2nd that belongs to sisters Sheena and Mikah Diaz. Sheena was taking a shower at the time, and said she heard someone enter the bathroom. She assumed it was her sister, but when she peeked around the shower curtain she saw James getting undressed, and he was trying to get into the shower with her. Sheena says she was able to get out of the shower and run to a bedroom where her sister and one year old nephew were playing. She locked the door and called police. Mikah says her sister was really shaken up and crying.

Police say when they arrived they found James naked in the kitchen. He was washing dishes, and he told them that he was the family caretaker. Sheena and Mikah said they have never seen the man before in their lives. Police made James get dressed, and they arrested him for burglary and lewdness. The women told police that all of their doors had been locked at the time, so they believed that James climbed into their house through an open window.