char: jack benjamin

Someday– possibly someday soon– Sebastian Stan’s agent is going to call him with a script.

“What’s the role?” he’ll ask.

“Well,” Sebastian Stan’s agent will say, “he’s the closeted son of a politician, struggling with PTSD after his military service.”

“Uh-huh. What’s he named?”

“Theodore Roosevelt O'Toole, but–”

“I’ll take it.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to read the script first?”

“No. No need. This is the role I was born to play.

how have i never seen this picture before?

anonymous asked:

Could you make a list of the order you would bang Seb and all his characters?

1. Always is daddy Mr. Barnes. I’d put a ring on him any day and let him smash after every single mission. ;)

2. Of course, it’s my future baby daddy, Sebastian himself because I love that Romanian sex god. 

3. Jefferson, my kinky babe. God knows all the dirty shit he’s into. 

4. Clay Appuzzo. I’d let him hit it in the back of that comedy club every single night Y’all. He’s daddy af. 

5. The sexy southern daddy, Hal Carter. I’d let him smash in the hay fields lmao.

6. That sexy asshole, Lance Tucker himself. I hate to love him but I love to hate him. 

7> The Space Daddy, Chris Beck. Imagine sex in zero gravity ;) 

8. My troubled love, TJ Hammond because he’s a pro at sex, we get a first hand in this show ;) 

9.Dayton White, I’d totally fuck him right on that race car after a big race ;D

10. Will from Labyrinth (just for the pool sex haha) 

11. Cater Baizen, my sugar daddy that can get it day or night. <3

12. Chase Collins, that demented, sexy lil shit. 

13. Jack Benjamin, I’d pull him right into a closet at one of those fancy parties for a quickie in that sexy military uniform. *swoons* 

14. Joshua from Ricki and the Flash, imagine the wedding night sex with this sexy ass

(that’s about as far as I go for his characters, there’s a couple more but I wasn’t really feelin’ those ;)