char: hilda

Hilda: You see, I met this boy…

Hilbert: Tell me all about him.

Hilda: Well, he’s a Pokemon trainer

Hilbert: Yes.

Hilda: He took me on a Ferris Wheel

Hilbert: Umm-Hum.

Hilda: Aaaaand, he’s the king of team Plasma.

Hilbert: [Slaps Hilda] What are you thinking?!?!

Hilda: What?!

Hilbert: The king of Team Plasma!

Hilda: Yes, but…


Link Between Worlds: Stained Glass

Adobe Photoshop, March 2017

I know everyone’s been crazy playing Breath of the Wild recently, but my husband has been hogging the Switch so I’m stuck here reminiscing about Link Between Worlds. I loved this game - one of these days I’ll finally finish it… or just move on to BOTW like everyone else. xD