char: harper mcconnell

Back Down South ; Into the Night; PG-13 (?)

As it wound down to the wee hours of the morning, as did the campfire. She’d spent most of the time alternating between talking to the others and dancing to the tune he’d strummed out on his guitar.  Whatever alcohol she’d consumed had worn off by the time she settled herself on the ground next to him.  Digging her chin into the curve between his shoulder and neck, she brushed her nose against his stubbled jaw. “Hi,” he said quietly, a smile pulling at his mouth.
“Hi,” she grinned, slipping her hand to his lower back and giving him a comforting rub, her fingers unnaturally hot through the fabric of his shirt. “Let’s go somewhere.”
Raising an eyebrow, he peered at her sideways. “Somewhere? Where’s somewhere?” She blinked at him slowly, withdrawing to bundle up blankets onto her lap and avoid his glance. Catching the smile threatening to surface on her face, he replied almost decisively, “Somewhere.”
“Somewhere,” she smiled, getting to her feet. Tucking the folded blankets under her arm, she extended a hand to him. Unable to avoid the engaging grin on her face, he took it and pulled himself to his feet as well. 
They tread across her backyard to the fence, where she opened a gate that he, to be honest, hadn’t noticed (they were mostly homebodies).  She shut it behind him and took his hand, leading him on a trail towards… he didn’t know where, but she seemed to know where she was going.  It didn’t take long, just long enough to get out of the earshot of the others, to get to a clearing that seemed as if it was deliberately made.  Letting go of his hand and unfurling one of the blankets, she handed one to him and laid hers flat on the ground Shedding his sweatshirt, she sat on the blanket, shooting him a smile and patting the vast space left of the blanket.

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Five Harper McConnell Head Canons:
  1. Harper McConnell is the one who makes it:  Harvey doesn’t.  Theo doesn’t even try.  But Harper McConnell makes it to Broadway for a moment.  For one fantastic run of what turns out to be a stellar flop of a show, Harper McConnell was on a Broadway stage.  She was grateful, however, that it ended so soon, because she realized during the run that she really wanted to be back home with her friends– and Macon, of course.
  2. Harper never quite got over Nate–Or Theo:  For the rest of her life, they stayed in her head as a “what if”.  She knew that she loved Macon, yes, but she often wondered what could’ve been if she had pursued Nate, the other guy she liked, or Theo, the one she never could’ve loved anyways.  The bottom line always came down to her loving Macon, however, which she never once regretted even for a second.
  3. The Smythe-Madisons youngest daughter grew up with her namesake: Harper Valerie Smythe-Madison, Theo and Harvey’s youngest child, adored her ‘Auntie Harper.’  Whenever they needed someone to watch her, she was never left alone with her siblings, but with Harper, who spoiled her rotten, seeing more of her own attitudes in the girl that she ever thought she’d see.
  4. Harper saw Theo and Harvey coming:  I mean, obviously she must have.  They were far from subtle.  And she was grateful for the realization, too, because it allowed her to forgive herself for abandoning Theo, knowing that it lead to him falling for Harvey, a love that would serve him better than hers ever could.
  5. Harper kicked Alejandro in the crotch: And it was fan-fucking-tastic.
I missed Smytheconnell.
  • Harvey: Harper. You are fully aware that I cannot speak other languages.
  • Harper: Really? Because Voltaire or Purple or whatever her name was seemed to think you spoke French pretty fluently.
  • Harvey: VIOLETTE also thought escargot was a nickname for Jacques Cousteau. Who she mistook for Christopher Columbus. Who she thought discovered Canada in 1776.
  • Harper: What a winner. We really should have put her on Jeopardy.