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I just realized something...

Almost everyone has been saying that Paige’s last episode is 7x15 (as far as we know). But my questions is: if she works at Rosewood High along with Ali & Emily, & she plays an important role at the hs because she’s the athletic director, (hypothetically speaking in a realistic way) how the heck is she just gonna leave Rosewood High and abandon the the athletic department, especially the swim team, in the middle of the school year?

I mean it’s possible that she could just quit her job & move somewhere else, but this is PLL we’re talking about here. And maybe one can assume that she’ll still be around at the school, & we just won’t see her anymore, but that seems highly unlikely to me, because as I mentioned above, Ali & Emily work there.

So here is my theory/guess: she’s most likely gonna die. I’m not sure how, but that seems to be what my gut is telling me. Paige has consistently & consecutively been in episodes recently & I fail to believe that there’s no point to that. She’s been seen too much recently for her to just stop appearing after 7x15, so I think the only way it would somewhat make sense is if she dies. I’m just making this assumption based on the stuff we’ve been told & how her last appearance will be in 7x15.

Thanks to anyone who took the time to read this❤

anonymous asked:

Does AD have something against Hanna? She seems to be getting it pretty bad??

IVE BEEN THINKING IT TO. She seems to be getting it pretty bad since 6x20. Getting taken and tortured, the whole dress thing, Rollins death, being trapped in a cage and DRILLED AT! While the other girls (besides Spencer getting shot) have had it easy. It could be jealous Lucas or maybe Wren? I didn’t think Wren liked her that much but she did deny him, “friends don’t date friends ex’s.” Maybe Wrens just mad at Spencer and Hanna?