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#felicity always believing in oliver even though the others doubt him is such otp goals#even though she doesnt know that oliver has help she still thinks that he can save them alone#she is the one always believing in him

Fic Recs #22

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I haven’t picked up a physical book in months, but I’ve been reading enough fanfiction to baffle a Cambridge scholar.

Let’s continue on this journey together. But wait until I’m done with this chapter.

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Lady in Red by @felicityollies - Oliver really, really enjoyed that red and white outfit Felicity wore in 5x21. Including a brief Curtis cameo.

The Unexpected by @faeriefantasy - Oliver and Felicity got back together… physically, at least. But they have some unexpected news for everyone…

Cuddle Quota by @deadlybingo - Felicity is having a hard time letting her newborn baby sleep in the nursery. Oliver tries to get to the bottom of things.

What Happens In Vegas by @realityisoverrated-fic - Felicity is in Vegas for a conference and she’s having dinner with Donna. After revealing she’s “ended” her relationship with Oliver (to avoid the whole polyamory discussion), Tommy shows up to entertain the Smoak women.

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Nobody Else Could Love Me Like You Do by @charlie-leau - Felicity Smoak and Oliver Queen are famous actors. Seven years ago, they starred side-by-side in a movie that changed both their lives. Five years ago, their engagement ended with heartbreak. Now, writer John Diggle is back with a movie sequel guaranteed to change their lives again.

Edelweiss (Bless My Homeland Forever) by @lovejesusarrowavengersblog - Sequel to “The Sound of an Arrow.” Olicity and Co. are hiding in the French countryside from the Bratva, but that’s no way to live. Unfortunately, as soon as they decide to go after the Bratva to take back their lives, Felicity makes an unexpected discovery.

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Words We Couldn’t Say by @dmichellewrites - Felicity goes to Donna with some news. But Mama Smoak has some news of her own, and it isn’t as good.

The Long Way Home by @ohemgeeitscoley - An update! An update! Felicity was hired by Tommy Merlyn, Band Manager to film the tour of Green Arrow. She gets more than she bargained for when she starts to see beneath the band dynamics and its broody lead: Oliver Queen.

Honey, I Shrunk the IT Girl by @felicityollies - Felicity is working with Barry and Cisco on a shrink ray. Unfortunately, it explodes.

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Got to Give It Up by @machawicket - Felicity and Oliver meet at Tommy and Laurel’s wedding. They both have interesting relationships with the wedding party, and end up connecting. In more ways than one.

Not Just A Sock Fetish by @alexiablackbriar13 - Oliver really just wants some socks.

Begin Again by @releaseurinhibitions - Olicity. College professor/student AU. Sometimes this trope can fall flat for me (like it’s creepy? idk), but Olicity just JUMPS off the page in this AU. I love it so much!

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What’s in a name by @jasminemai - Oliver and Felicity are back together and engaged, but in dealing with the fallout of S5 and taking care of William, they just don’t find the time to get married. Then the renaming of Palmer Tech comes up.

Smoaked by @hope-for-olicity - Felicity and her daughter Molly moved to Star City to escape Felicity’s crazy ex, who insisted Molly was his daughter despite all evidence - and a paternity test - to the contrary. Now, she owns a coffee shop. Then one day, Molly’s father - a man whose last name she never knew - shows up and says he’s hunting for her ex and it’s his job to protect her.

Secrets Don’t Make Friends by @felicityollies - Bev, back at it again with the THIRD FIC on this list! Idk how you write so much, girl. Anyway, enjoy a oneshot of Felicity accidentally stumbling into Verdant’s basement and having a spicy encounter with the Hood.

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The Summetry Will Keep Me Close to You by @theshipsfirstmate - Olicity S3.5 bliss. On their way back to Star City, Felicity stops to get a mani/pedi.

Running Hearts by @nodecaff4me - Felicity Smoak is working for her father, Noah Kuttler, until one day she disappears from her apartment. Noah claims she stole highly confidential company information, and hires Verdant Inc. - a PI company - to find her. Little do they know, there’s more to this story than meets the eye.

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Somewhere With You by ME! - I know what you’re thinking. Madalyn, you haven’t updated this story in ages! And you’re right. I’m sorry! Real life has been rough lately, but I AM slowly working on the next chapter of my high school-beach town AU and it will be out soon!

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