char: ethan

Beautiful creatures
  • Lena: "Odio essere costretta a nascondermi, sentire sempre persone che mi parlano alle spalle,vivere nella paura che gli altri scoprano quello che sono.A volte vorrei solo essere normale..E ora perché sorridi?"
  • Ethan: " Lena tu sei un miracolo. Perciò perché mai dovresti essere normale?".
Thoughts on I.E.D. (Immature Emotional Drama)

Scott your bouncing baby beta is a hot mess of anger management issues

Parrish is a Something with a capital S

Also, some of you may have heard the theory that everyone’s favorite deputy is secretly Camden Lahey in some form (They would be the same age). Lahey is an Irish name (Banshees are Irish) and the family motto (at least according to in-depth Googling) is “All comes from God” while the name Jordan can mean ‘descend’ and Parrish can be related to religion (and Paris, France). I’ll just leave everyone to ponder about that.

These are not the mournful, emotional, heart-wrenching Allison remembrance moments I ordered. Send them back .

Why isn’t our favorite pack of maladjusted paranormal misfits trying to meet/warn the targets on the list?

Check out Derek’s big sad I’m-losing-my-supernatural-specialness puppy eyes

And since Aiden came up will we get to see the other, living half of the twinsformers?

Lydia is dangerously close to some form of break down.

Chris Argent don’t you blindly repeat “The Code” (BTW I thought it was “We protect those who cannot protect themselves”?) you know better than that now, don’t let your grief-induced facial hair cloud your judgement. Bad hunter! Bad!

To be completely honest I think they’re going to have a hard time following up the intensity of season 3 (Especially season3B)

And of course the list is in threes because all bad things in this show seem to come in threes

So far, we’re missing $21,750,000 of the $117 million that Stiles believes is fueling the list.

And finally, I found the most terrifying theory regarding The Deadpool yet


The only good thing I saw the whole hour was Derek trying to be all big-brother-encouraging and Scott not believing a minute of it. But there was a legit Derek Hale Smile.

P.S. We all heard Malia in the promo right? “Maybe we should all be running from Beacon Hills, running for our lives, as fast as we can.”

She gets it and she’s been in Beacon Hills for like 5 minutes.  At least she’s learned something.