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Art Freebie Masterpost!

Free art. Everyone likes a bit of free art right? Right? If you’re seeing this post & nodding, then good for you, you’re in the right place! See, every now and then (okay, more now than then, I like drawing =P) I like to randomly draw pencil portraits for people of their lovely OCs, like these;

Look okay, don’t they? (please don’t say no, I have fragile feelies sometimes XD) If you’re still with me and haven’t wandered off to get a snack during this long post, (thanks ;) and are wondering how to get yourself a fancy doodle of your OC, then wonder no more.

So here’s the deal. I can be lazy. I want to draw art but that means hunting down pretty chars. You enable my laziness, I give you free art, it’s a wonderful symbiotic relationship.

So to help me (give you a free thing XD) , simply reply to OR reblog this post with the tag (or tags) that I can use to search in your blog for references of your character/s - I am opening this to Dragon Age, SWTOR, Mass Effect & World of Warcraft chars ONLY currently (that may expand).

There must be AT LEAST ONE decent VISUAL reference in there (ie: good sized, and not terribly lit, can’t drawn what I can’t see & I like to work from actual visual references like a screenshot for my freebies ^_~)

You can suggest one char or many - however that’s all you can do, I’m not taking clothing requests or any specifics, these are freebies after all ^_~

And that’s about it! I’m going to leave this open ended as I plan on returning to it throughout the year (please note that I won’t be going through requests chronologically, I draw the things that inspire me in the moment, so please don’t think you’ve been missed or skipped)