char: dorothy gale

Do you realise that Emerald City is essentially the story of an illegal immigrant that cannot return to her home country because of circumstance and is met with apprehension and hatred by everyone she meets because they perceive her as a threat to the order of the country and still all she wants to do is help out in any way she can by applying the unique skills that she brings with her?
—  This show is BRILLIANT
Why we Oncers need to give our attention to ‘Emerald City’

A lot of people are understandably jaded by OUAT these days. Dropped storylines, questionable plots, atrocious dialogue/characterization, to name a few. For whatever reason, many of us, including myself, are still mostly loyal to Once. However, we NEED to give our attention to the new show, ‘Emerald City’ on NBC. Why? Let me tell you:

Dorothy is a POC lead (Adria Arjona is Puerto Rican)

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Each episode is directed by the very talented Tarsem Sign, who is Indian.

A large cast of very diverse women in general:

Creepy af imagery (do you see the skinned man in the corner?)

Hot couple:

The brilliant Vincent D’Onofrio

Beautiful costumes

This amazing Witch of the West (who may very well give Regina  run for her money)

Oncers, we have an obligation as lovers of fantasy to give this show a chance. Please watch it January 6th on NBC. Please give it a chance. I have a feeling it’ll be everything Once wishes it could be–amazing sets, good writing, POC characters who actually stick around, and a beautiful reimagination. Here’s the trailer: