char: donna paulsen

Things that I want brought up between Harvey and Donna in 7B

Literally playing on my mind as I write fic. 

1. I need Donna to explain to Harvey that he did a shitty shitty thing by going to Paula to date her the second Donna said she wanted more. 

This has been glazed over so far, and it’s awful that he did this and got away with it.

2. That Paula also shit on Donna when you consider that she opened up to Paula about her and Harvey’s situation in Season 5. 

Again, how this is allowed, I just can’t even. It makes her character look awful. Harvey needs to know that Donna went to her.

3. That Harvey is projecting his feelings onto Paula, and no one is mentioning this. 

It can’t be a coincidence, either that or the shows are just screwing with us for the crack, because it look so bad. 

4. I want them to admit that they felt something. 

Because let’s be real people, if neither of them felt anything during the kiss then why is Darvey still a thing? In real terms if two people are in love they’re gonna feel something if they kiss. Even in a kiss as brief as that…

5. Harvey’s second dream, and Donna saying she can’t work for him now that she’s with in within that scenario.

Clearly, that’s what spooked Harvey. I need him to admit that he’d gone through that in his head. Otherwise he’s just the dumbest guy on the planet. Harvey needs thought process going on in his head, when it comes to Donna.

6. I want Harvey to find out about Mark Meadows.

Events seem to happen one sided with these two. I need the lines to join up now. Harvey needs to know that her ex boyfriend wants her again. It’s literally been too long.

7. I need Harvey to say more than just ‘You made me cheat on my girlfriend’ 

To have the infidelity thing be the biggest issue, is bullshit IMO. Yes it’s a factor. But I only support it if it gives Harvey the realisation that, sometimes when you love someone you fuck up. That his Mother fucked up, but at the end of the day, just loved Bobby more than Gordon. Otherwise, making Donna the home-wrecker-maker and it be all about him and Paula rather than the bigger picture is a useless waste of show time.


If someone you care about but aren’t in love with, kisses you, you would lean back, create distance and say ‘Whoah, what you doing, I’m sorry.” Or something to that effect. I need this to be part of their dialogue as it’s a huge thing.

If anyone can think of anymore let me know and I’ll add to this!!


# you guys know my obsession with hands in love scenes # it’s well documented at this point # and holy shit do her hands tell a story # they’re so gentle and soft and almost reverent # this isn’t about lust or attraction # they did that already # this is about love # the kind of quiet love that develops between two people who know each other better than anyone else # the kind of love that has always been there waiting in the wings # she touches him like he’s precious # that hand in his hair and the fingers tracing his cheek # the barest brush of her nails on his jaw # she is a woman who is familiar with these things already # but who wants to give herself one moment to cherish them # this is what love looks like at its purest # treasuring another human being # treating them carefully in the fullest sense of the word # treating them with care (@universallongings)