char: don't tell me what i can't do

I’ve always really been on the “Snape is one of my favourite characters, but part of that is because he’s problematic” but now every time I see a post telling me not to enjoy him or ‘schooooooling’ me in why I’m problematic and incorrect, my brain rewires and I just end up liking Snape more intensely.  

This 5-mile route I like to run goes right past a local branch of the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. It’s just south of Lake St. there on the left-hand side of the route.

I like to run past there because that’s where I went, two years ago, after a young, arrogant, hotshot neurosurgeon at Rush told me my back was too fucked to fix, and that I was too old to bother with, and I should just settle back and get into a pain management routine for the rest of my life.

The people at RIC didn’t think I was too old to be worth fixing, or that I was too far gone to even try. They listened, they put me on a program, I worked hard, they coached, and I’m fixed. There’s still pain now and then, but I live my life the way I want to. I am active.

I suppose when I run past there, it would make sense to slow down and appreciate them, but as the numbers in the app show, that’s usually my best split of the route. Fires me up.

Thank you, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.

Fuck you, hotshot Rush University Medical Center neurosurgeon.