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Yes!!!! For a long time that I wanted to draw her! :__D
I don’t like her (her personality) but I like how a character she is and how is involved in the saga, she’s important that the story works!
I would like to draw to the main characters with this style (with the background of a color and the name ^^)

Hope you like it!!

Version of Auri

Patrick Rothfuss © Denna

The connection between Denna and naming

On my current reread of WMF, I noticed there was a parallel drawn between Kvothe’s ability to find Denna and naming. In chapters 13 and 14, Kvothe buried himself in the Archives, and ignored all of his friends, including Denna. At the end of chapter 14, he tries to go visit her, but she is gone. This leads into chapter 15, when Elodin is having his class do Interesting Fact. Fela won, and Elodin gave her the  milkweed pod. The more effort Elodin put into catching the seeds made it more difficult to actually succeed. He only gets one when he accidentally inhales one while swearing. We know that for all his ridiculousness, Elodin was actually teaching Kvothe. With naming, there is not an easy direct way to succeed. Kvothe doesn’t gain full knowledge of the name of the wind until the end of the book. Every time he’s called it, it’s been by accident. He can’t easily find the name of the wind, just as Elodin can’t easliy catch the milkweed seeds.

This connects to Denna because the more Kvothe looks for her, the less likely he is to find her. Later in the same chapter, Kvothe spends a lot of time in Imre intentionally looking for Denna, but only succeeds when he hears her laugh from across the street and sees her with Ambrose. Denna has a habit of turning up where she is least expected. The first instance is when she was at the Eolian and sings the part of Aloine with Kvothe. She was then in Trebon, Severen, and in Tarbean. In each instance, Kvothe had no reason to believe that she would be there, and yet she was there. Also, they always have an exchange that consists of seven word sentences. Denna cannot be found directly, like the name of something.



“It’s easy to forget when you’re around.“ She stopped walking for a moment and I had to stop too, as she’d linked her arm in mine. "That’s not right. I mean to say that when you’re around, it’s easy to forget.”
“Forget what?”
“Everything,” she said, and for a moment her voice wasn’t quite as playful. “All the bad parts in my life. Who I am. It’s nice to be able to take a vacation from myself every once in a while. You help with that. You’re my safe harbor in an endless, stormy sea.”

-Patrick Rothfuss

“Gather round and listen well,
For I’ve a tale of tragedy to tell.
I sing of subtle shadow spread
Across a land, and of the man
Who turned his hand toward a purpose few could bear.
Fair Lanre: stripped of wife, of life, of pride
Still never from his purpose swayed.
Who fought the tide, and fell, and was betrayed.”

Another fanart of Kingkiller Chronicle. Lovin’ this story!

Kvothe and Denna in Severen, part 73 of Wise Man’s Fear.

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a brief commentary on Denna

So, after having finished the Kingkiller Chronicle (or at least the first two books, The Name of the Wind and A Wise Man’s Fear) by Patrick Rothfuss, I found myself poking around reddit (oh God, when will I learn?) and across the startling revelation that a LOT of people really, really don’t like Denna.

To me, that’s confusing. What has Denna done to inspire so much hate? Being in the ASoIaF fandom, I’m more than familiar with fans despising female characters for the most mundane reasons. For most people, it seemed to boil to down to a few things:

  1. She leads Kvothe on/doesn’t want to commit to him (even though he’s a “nice guy”)
  2. She “friendzones” Kvothe
  3. She flaunts her patrons around Kvothe, and that’s… mean? (I guess?)

All three of these reasons are so confusing to me, because they all seem to revolve around one thing, that is Denna isn’t giving Kvothe the romantic attention some readers think he deserves. They believe that since Kvothe is kind to her and gentlemanly, that she owes Kvothe her romantic attention.

Which is such bullshit.

Deoch explained that Denna is trying to survive by way of her patrons. She doesn’t want to resign herself to being someone’s wife or picking up a useful trade; she doesn’t want to be tied down or stay in one place. So, she roams from place to place, offering her companionship in exchange for luxuries that only rich men can afford. She certainly doesn’t love any of these men, but she needs them to help stay afloat while still retaining a good measure of personal freedom. She can leave these men whenever she wants, before they start demanding things of her that she doesn’t want to do, and in the end she escapes (largely) unscathed and with enough amenities that she can survive off of. Even Kvothe understands this way of life.

And that’s because Kvothe does the exact same thing. Kvothe can walk away from anyone, any place, without a second thought. Kvothe is more than willing to exchange his talents for some money and a place to eat and sleep. Kvothe in his own way effectively “friendzones” Denna by insisting to himself that he won’t actively pursue her like other men too, because he believes he’s above the mistakes that men make with Denna when trying to capture her attention. And when Kvothe finds his sexual awakening after his time with Felurian, he develops a reputation for being non-committal in his romances and sleeping around, a reputation that Denna had caught onto by the end of the second book.

So why do people hate Denna? Something tells me that a bunch of men in fedoras reading the books saw something in Denna that they’ve seen in women that have rejected them in their personal lives. They translated her fleeting but non-committal affections with Kvothe as her “friendzoning” him, while completely ignoring the fact that Denna, in several ways, particularly in the romance and lifestyle department, is just a female Kvothe.

Which is not to say that people aren’t allowed to dislike Denna. But if your reasons include any of the above, then quite frankly, your reasons are shitty.

So I guess this just rounds back to one fundamental thought: If you hate female characters for the same reasons you love male characters, then you’re a misogynistic piece of shit.


I tricked you, I lied to you, I hurt you… Why won’t you leave me? Are you blinded by what you’re looking for or… do you see things I cannot see?

Hehehe I promised you a little Brandenna comic a looong time ago TvT here it is, finally !! I also take the opportunity to draw Brandon’s annoying tendency to be a condescending jerk with his love conquests… Good thing, he remembers that girl who noticed his “dead eyes”. But she ended up hating him too, and rightfully so. First he seduces you and then he makes you hate him. Why would you stay by his side ..?

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