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Going home with Damon was beyond awkward. Five hundred years away from your siblings had left you with so much to talk about that you both retreated into guarded silence.


“I’m sorry I couldn’t find you.” He finally said as he rolled the car to a stop.


“Well… it doesn’t make me feel any better.” You sighed as you got out and slammed the door.

He was in front of you in a second with his fists raised, bouncing on the balls of his feet as he tried to encourage you to hit him. You half-heartedly slapped a hand over his and he broke into a round of laughter.


“Come on Tesoro, I taught you to hit harder than that.” He chuckled as he stood up again.


“I don’t want to hit you Damon it’s unnecessary.” You huffed.

“Wow, you’ve spent to many years with Elijah.” Stefan chortled as he appeared next to you. “Now she’s far too sophisticated to fight her brothers.”


With a deep breath and what the Mikaelson’s had dubbed the Salvatore smirk you turned on them, taking Stefan by surprise and catching Damon with ease.

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Stefan x Fem!Reader x Damon

Requested By Anon

Warnings: sex, threesome, oral

There was only one thing the Salvatore brothers could ever agree on. You. Oh how they loved the sound of your heart beat, the scent of your blood, how soft your warm skin felt under their hands. Damon had been the one to find you, to catch you cruelly and snatch you away from the weary world.


Stefan tried to make up for his brother’s actions with gifts and long hours of his company and soon found the same addictive quality in you that his brother had. It became a silent understanding, you were delicate, fragile and human, they were to protect and provide you with everything they could.


“Damon?” You hummed, skipping into his room and remaining unfazed by his lack of clothing.

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