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Breakfast In Bed/Damon Salvatore Smut

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Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

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Request:  Hello can I have a Damon smut where the readers wakes up to Damon fingering her but she’s going to be late for school so she has to hurry up and take a shower and she locks the door so Damon won’t get in but somehow he dose and it ends up being shower sex

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old friend | klaus mikaelson x reader | chapter one

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“Absolutely not, Klaus.” 

“You will because I asked you, nicely, (Y/N).” 

“That doesn't make it any less ridiculous.”

You were sitting on your bed, the oxblood felt sinking under you.The light sound of your computer keys, typing away. Niklaus’ sudden entrance did not surprise you, actually, it happened quite frequently. He entered you room when ever he needed something. Something he couldn't trust his siblings with. You were always his go-to choice.

Three years ago, you were a normal sixteen year old girl with a normal boyfriend and a dumb chastity ring. A ring that meant everything to you until he he cheated on you with a girl, you didn't care to listen long enough to his excuse. So then, you ran along to Klaus, who was your friend at the time (you, then, didn't know he was a thousand year old vampire) and, well, one thing lead to another and… lets say promise broken.


“Is the oh-so powerful Niklaus Mikaelson asking for me to go on a secret mission for him?” You mocked and then sighed knowing that if you didn't agree he’d probably bleed the vervain out  of your system. Okay, Most likely not, but you weren't taking any chances. Especially, with the Originals.

And, surprise-surprise “Fine.” You said, looking at your slightly sore hands, the typing was taking a large toll on your slim fingers. 

You looked up to see Klaus smirking. “I'm glad we came to an agreement.”

He got off your bed, the mattress popping up at the action. He left your bedroom, his heavy footsteps lingered til he reached the door. “Goodbye, (Y/N).” He whispered. 

Thank God for vampire hearing.

 You arrived at Mystic Falls. A place of supernatural beginning’s, or , as you like to call it a place where hell started. But, that didn't matter now, Today you were meeting an old friend. 

An old friend you were going to meet before going off  to kill someone. Brutally.

Oh well, You thought. There is nothing wrong with a little me time. Your phone rang, the generic ringtone filled the air. You sighed, the name ‘Klaus’ popped up on your phone screen. You pressed the red button, he’d be angry, no helping that.

“Elijah.” You greeted.

“I'm surprised you noticed I was here.” He said, removing his gloves. His dark hair slicked back, wearing his usual formal attire.

“If you wear that everyday, does it still count as ‘formal attire’?”  You questioned , turning to face Elijah, he just chuckled. You scoffed, looking at your destination. 

Around you, it became tense, the sudden urge to that question made your heart break. Did he not trust you? “Are you here to make sure I do it?” Your voice quivered.

“You have a soft spot for her.” He said sharply.

“Well, she is my mother.”


Imagine: Meeting Stefan in 1863, while he’s still human and leaving him speechless


“Brother, that girl wants to be courted by you,” Damon said to his little brother, but even though he knew that, every time he saw you, he was speechless.

You cursed at yourself walking back home. You stayed at the library trying to catch up on some notes and time just flew by, next thing you know it’s 8:30. Your parents were out of town for the week so you had to walk home. Which isn’t that bad it’s a 15 minute walk but in Mystic Falls literally anything can happen in those minutes. Queue the creepy fog, you honestly hated walking at night everything spooked you out. You entered your neighborhood when you heard twigs snapping in the woods.
Living next to the woods is good sweetie, ya it’s cheaper super convenient.

You mocked your parents comments in your head. You felt some wind coming from behind you. You felt some hands turn you around before facing a guy. He’s eyes we’re bright blue. His eyes were looking straight at mine. “Don’t scream” You seemed to calm down not caring even when veins started popping under his eyes. You felt his breath on your neck you expected the worst you shut your eyes just waiting for it to finish. When nothing happened you opened your eyes seeing the guy just looking at you confused. He was battling himself in his mind

“Why didn’t you kill me?” You didn’t mean to say it but you did. He didn’t say anything to you. He came closer to me focusing on me. His eyes dilated before speaking again.

“You won’t remember anything that happened to you now, forget everything go and walk home and go to sleep” You nodded understanding him leaving him behind.

You opened the door to your house locking right behind you. At least you didn’t die. You looked at your phone. Woah it took you 30 minutes to walk home? Why the hell did it take you so long. You shook it off heading straight to bed. You got very tired and just wanted to sleep. You got into bed shutting your eyes, you had a massive headache like if your struggling to remember something. You dreamt remembering these bright blue eyes.

(Away from your house)
Damon went back to Enzo upset. Enzo was confused and angry

“Why didn’t you kill her?” The waited behind the forest for another victim.

“I couldn’t” Damon tried to act normal again.

“Did she have vervain, why didn’t you kill her she knows how you look now.

"No she didn’t have vervain on her I just couldn’t, something in me didn’t allow me to drink her” A random girl was walking into the same neighborhood as you were “Just leave it alone. look someone’s coming it’s your turn” Damon was already annoyed by Enzo, he pushed Enzo to another girl for his drink. All Damon could think about was you and all you could think about were these bright blue eyes.

When you spend all day/night reading imagines

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Damon Salvatore : My All Time Favourite Moment EVER