char: dacey

Future Kavan TV Projects

:: Avan can be the Romeo to Kylie’s Juliet

:: Kylie can be Jasmine to Avan’s Aladdin

:: Avan can be Mark Antony to Kylie’s Cleopatra

:: Kylie can be Guinevere to Avan’s Lancelot

:: Avan can be Tristan to Kylie’s Isolde

:: Kylie can be Catwoman to Avan’s Batman

:: Avan can be Mr. Smith to Kylie’s Mrs. Smith

and so much more… ok let’s be real, I just really want to see more of:







YES PLEASE, I want more KAVAN on my screen!!!!!!!!!!!


►she was all I had left in my heart.

So, we'll never hear what happened in this scene

Or the cryptic: ‘I can’t believe I let you (…)’ that Lacey threw when shit hit the fan?

Like, was it a video of them having sex or…?

Like, was Danny shitting everyone at the party when he threw sidelong looks at Lacey when Jo was throwing some unwanted eyesex his way or…?

Like, was Danny messing with everyone when he looked at Lacey first or…?


Like, wasn’t he going in for a kiss in episode one or…?

Like, did he not try and kiss her or…?

Like, did he not decline Jo’s endeavors left and right or…?

Like, was he not proving he’d risk it for Lacey or…?

Like, did he not chase her in 1a or…?

Like, did he not look at her like she was the one for him or…?

Like, did this scene not happen or…?

Like, did he even realize Jo was in this scene or…?

Like, did this kiss not happen in 1b or…?

I think you’re going to have to explain to me when Jo was ever the one.