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just something quick & short to post while i work on a tiggy fic 💖 

it was going to be a long night tonight. chibs said that he had to work late at TM and you had missed him.

lying down in your bed, wearing nothing but one of his t-shirts and his favourite black set of panties, you picked up your phone and called fillip’s number. it had picked up straight away.

“hello, love. are you alright?” he questioned, the sound of the music and the party buzz was loud around him.

“i need you to come home.” you began sliding your hand down your stomach, venturing your fingers into your underwear.

“lass, ye know i can’t, clay wants me at the clubho-” before he could finish rejecting you, you pushed a finger into yourself and cut him off with a soft moan.

“daddy, i’ve been a bad girl and i need you to come home,” you started and inserted another finger, pushing them in and out of yourself slowly. “and punish me.” you continued.
you heard his breathing hitch and smirked to yourself.

“what are ye- what are ye doing, Y/N?” his accent was thicker now, coated in desire for you.

“i’ve been touching myself without you, daddy..” you bit your lip, you could practically feel him tense up through the phone.

“i’m on my way home now. ye little tease.” he growled and hung up.

you set your phone down and grinned, content with knowing about the fucking you were going to receive when he arrived home.

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Mother Nature

Request from anon for a Happy x Reader using the following prompt:

#7 - “Tampons? You want me to buy tampons?”

Originally posted by wakinguptheneighbours

You groan as you lay curled up on your side, the first day of your period always being the worst. The random TV show that you’ve put on to distract yourself fades out into the background, the amusing characters not helping at all.

Your phone rings, a huff leaving you as you reach for it, not in the mood to talk right now. “Hello?”

“Someone’s grumpy.” Happy jests, and you can tell he’s smiling to himself. You feel yourself perk up slightly, the sound of your boyfriends voice having that effect on you.

“Sorry, babe. You coming round soon?” You look at the clock as it shows six pm, Happy promising you that he would be home earlier today, and you really hope he remembers.

“That’s why I called, I’ve just stopped at the store. You want anything?” he asks, your heart melting at his simple yet thoughtful gestures. “I’ve already grabbed your favourite ice cream.”

“If only SAMCRO knew how whipped you are.” you tease, pulling yourself to sit up as you smile down the phone. “Could you grab me some tampons, please?”

You laugh as Happy coughs down the phone, your request catching him off guard. You’d never asked him to get them for you before, but you’d been together for eight months now. It’s not like you decided to almost run out of your favourite kind.

“Tampons? You want me to buy tampons?” he questions once he’s recovered from his coughing fit. God, for someone with a name like Killer he really was a baby.

“Did I stutter?” you sass, enjoying your boyfriends squirming. You hear him move around the store, his boots moving around loudly. “The blue ones will do.”

Blue ones? There’s about fifty different blue ones.” His tone is stiff and full of embarrassment, a smirk slipping onto your lips. You’d had to buy condoms in the past, and damn if you weren’t embarrassed. Now it was his turn.

“Yes, the blue ones. They’re the bigger ones, suitable for heavy flow.” You have to restrain yourself from laughing as you Happy curses lowly down the phone, a sound of accomplishment leaving his lips once he finds the right ones.

“You owe me for this, baby girl.” he warns, though you know he’s only joking. He’d do anything you asked him to, you having him wrapped around your finger, even if you didn’t know it.

“Maybe if you’re lucky I’ll put my mouth to good use.” you flirt, your tone teasing and seductive. You receive a growl in return, a snicker emerging from you.

“Behave, (Y/N). I’ll be there in ten.” You hum in response, pulling yourself up from the sofa.

“Drive careful, I love you.” The words never lose their touch, a giddy feeling rushing through you everytime you say it, just knowing that Happy is yours and only yours.

“I love you, Princess.” he responds, your cheeks flushing even though he can’t see you, a dorky smile on your face.

A/N - Thought I’d do a Happy request for a change since I’ve been doing a lot of Jax lately, not that I’m complaining ;) hope you enjoyed❤

You know I might be reading into this picture too much, but I believe that this was a “foreshadowing” of events to happen.

Here we see at the top Clay preparing to punch Tig with his right arm. This signified Tig once being his right hand, his Sargeant-at-Arms, but no longer as he has his fists raised to him. Tig is leaning back and away, which could also signify the distance that grew between them.

Then there is Bobby who is in the middle of “the fight” trying to break it up, but not being able to. This could very well signify his role in trying to stop everything that happened during the series but being unable to do so. His hair is also spread out as if he would be laying on the ground (his death) because honestly why else would his hair be spread out in a standing up right position such as that.

Then down below them, we have Jax, Tara, Gemma, and Juice.

We can see that Jax is of course in the middle of Tara and Gemma, trying to stop them from each other (he was a constant go between in the show, even more so toward the end) and we can see Gemma clinging to Jax as he is trying to keep her away from Tara in an angry like manner. Trying to “keep her safe” if you’d say from his own mother.

But then we see Tara clearly clinging onto Gemma’s arm which might show that she was trying to hang on in the end. Something that Gemma caused, Tara was trying to hang in there. And then the way Tara’s face is turned it looks like she’s been attacked in some way (punched, smacked, stabbed maybe?) And her eyes are closed (death) all while trying to hold onto Gemma.

Not to mention that Jax, Tara and Gemma’s eyes are all closed which could have meant that the three of them caused each other’s deaths. Because they are the only ones with their eyes closed. (Bobby is looking down, but they’re not closed)

Now Juice. Being below Jax and yet his arm is between both Jax and Gemma, almost as if trying to pull Jax away from Gemma (protecting her). This could be showing that Juice (being on the bottom of the club) was going to be dropped by them, that they’d no longer care about him. And being below Jax showing that Jax was “above Juice” or “using him” in said manner.

And now Chibs, being in the top left corner being above everyone else, this could have signified his place as president at the end of the series. And what’s even more odd is the placement. Looking at the picture all three men who were once or is now president form a line down slightly sideways with their bodies.

Tig, also being to Chibs’s left could have meant that he was to become his VP (since the VP sits on the left of the Prez)

As far as Happy, Opie and Piney being in the picture, it could have meant that Piney and Opie were already dead. As far as Happy goes he wasn’t really an “important role” to the future events. Not saying that he isn’t important, but thinking about how this picture was taken and drawn up – Happy isn’t important here.

And as far as the black a deep white picture goes. Death, destruction, loss of hope, take your pick. It’s just as plain as day in black and white as the saying goes.

Of course I could be completely wrong but it’s just something that caught my attention. The more I looked at this picture the more I came to see.

Request: We got you

Request: How about a story where Y/N is a new girl in Charming, working as a waitress at the club’s favourite dinner. You start to get close to them and they ask you to help serve at some parties and at one a prospect, or hangaround, gets a little too handsy and they have to step in?

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: harassment

Originally posted by karladahmer

They got divorced. After years of happy marriage, my parents got divorced. I guess it wasn’t such a happy conjugal life after all. I was in college and my last summer break was close, I had no idea where I should go. My father was still living in our house, but mom had moved to California. My only plan was to work during the summer, save money, and when mom called, telling me her friend had a job for me, I made my decision. I packed and hopped on a plane to California.

The job was as a waitress in a Charming’s diner downtown and I just glad to have my own money and that experience. I had been doing fine, getting good tips, especially from the Sons. The Samcro bikers were regulars at the diner, coming over from breakfast or lunch after a run to somewhere out of town. I liked them, despite all the things I had heard around town. They were always nice to me.

That morning, they were talking about a party and it would be a big one apparently. They sounded so excited that I thought I had become invisible as I poured coffee on their cups, but then Bobby talked to me.

“How about making some extra cash sweetheart?”, he looking at me over his glasses, “This is gonna be a huge party and Gemma could use some help. You have experience, should help serve at the party”

Gemma Teller. I had heard a lot about her and, to be honest, she was the one who scared me among the Samcro family. I bit my lip, “I don’t know Bobby”

“I know you heard about our parties and that we’re savages”, Tig smirked, “But we will keep you safe. I promise”

They were looking at me, waiting for an answer, “I’ll think about it. I promise”

I did thought about it and realized, looking at my plans for next semester, that the extra cash would be great. I knew my mother wouldn’t like it, but I said yes anyway. Boys showed up at the diner on the next day and Jax gave me his mother’s number, I had to deal with Gemma now. I was so nervous when I called her, but she was gentle and said the boys had said good things about me. She needed me at the clubhouse on Friday night, but if I could be there earlier it would be even better. By the end afternoon I met Gemma at her office and she introduced me to the other girls helping at the party. They were used to those parties and I felt a bit intimidated, worried about doing a good job.

I had been helping Chuck all day and was seated outside, on a break, when the boys arrived. They hopped off their bikes and Chibs was the first one to see me, wrapping ar arm around my shoulders, “Hi darling. How are you doing?”

“Good”, I smiled, “Gemma is great, she told me to help Chucky, stay close to him”

“Don’t worry sweetheart”, Bobby entered the clubhouse as we all followed him, “And tells us if anybody bother you”

“Okay”, I nervously nodded.

“We mean it”, Tig emphasized and kissed the top of my head. They were being nice, but I was still nervous. I decided to find Chucky and go back to work. 

Boys were right, it was a big party indeed. I saw kuttes from at least two different places and many hangarounds too, people who knew the Sons and were friends of the club. Chucky wanted me to stay behind the bar since I was new around there, said he didn’t want anyone taking me for a sweet butt or crow eater. I did what he told, but that didn’t stop men from hitting on me. I had said no a dozen times already and it had worked so far. 

I just had opened a new bottle of whisky when this young Son leaned over the counter, asking for a drink. I served him, but he didn’t let me go, grabbing my wrist. 

“Let go”, I calmly said, but he just smirked. 

“You do know that you’re here to please, don’t you babe?”, he licked his lips and I only felt disgusted. He was drunk and couldn’t hold my wrist when I pulled back.

“I’m not your babe”, I hissed. I knew I should tell one of the boys, but I also wanted to handle it on my own, “Get lost”

He glared at me for a second and then shrugged, walking away from the bar. I rolled my eyes when I saw the prospect patch on his back. I breathed deeply as I looked around and noticed Gemma staring at me across the room. She just raised an eyebrow; I nodded that everything was fine and continued to work. At some point, people started to leave, find rooms or just fall on the couches or floor. Gemma told me I could go, paid me and kissed my cheeks, saying I had done a good job and she hoped to see me again soon. I grabbed my car keys and walked outside. I just had closed the door behind me when someone grabbed my arm and pulled me to his chest.

“Leaving without saying goodbye to me?”, his drunk giggle was enough for me to recognize the man as the idiot that was hitting on me later. 

“Let me go”, I clenched my jaw and was ready to hit him if I had too. My father had insisted on self-defense classes before I leave for college. He laughed but it got choked on his throat when someone else held him in a lock. Chibs kept me from falling, holding me by my waist.

“Are you okay?”, he asked. I nodded, watching Tig and Happy hold the prospect as Jax approached him. Samcro president had a smirk on his lips and I couldn’t listen him, but he clearly was threatening my stalker, whose eyes widened. 

“Do. You. Understand?”, Jax asked louder, the prospect nodded and he told Tig and Happy to let the boy go. He ran as the devil himself was after him and Jax finally turned to look at me.

“Are you okay darling?”, he asked.

“Yes”, I nodded, “Thanks… What did you just say to him? You scared the shit out of that boy”

“Don’t worry about that darling”, Jax winked as him and Chibs walked me to my car, “We got you”


*** Who wouldn’t want to give Juicy a full body massage? ❤ ️I blended two requests together because they were nearly identical with subtle differences so I made them into one request.***

“Welcome to Stockton Spa and Massage. Do you gentlemen have appointments?”

Juice fell back a little while Chibs and Tig were standing in the front, the Scotsman smiling at you across the desk while he answered the receptionists question.

“Aye, our friend here does. He’s got a lot of stress he’s holding onto and we figured we’d drop him off for some relaxation. Been here a couple of times myself and I know those wee hands of Y/N can work some magic.”

Chibs threw a wink your way and you laughed lightly, resting against the desk as the intern smiled as well, noting that you all clearly were familiar with each other.

“And the appointment is for…”

“For this lad right here. Full head to toe, fancy oils, all that. On me.”

Chibs clasped a firm hand on Juice’s shoulder and tugged him forward, a bashful smile on his face as he looked at you.

“Hi, I’m Juice. Well Juan but they call me Juice. But you can call me Juan if you want. Or Juice. I’m fine with either.”

He laughed nervously and your smile widened, already taking a liking to the awkward man with the shaved head. He was a stark contrast to the other Sons that had rolled through. His brothers on the other hand rolled their eyes, Chibs pushing a fake smile.

“He’s ready when you are, love.”

With a nod, you walked around the desk and pointed to a door in the hall.

“You can get undressed in there, there’s a robe hanging and some towels to cover yourself with, whichever you feel most comfortable using. I’ll go get the supplies and meet you in there.”

The tree of them smiled and you walked away, heading into the supply closet to gather your oils and creams while the two older Sons slowly turned to Juice.

“Really? Not 30 seconds in and you’re stumbling over telling her your name?”

Chibs laughed lightly as Tig stayed staring at him.

“Come on Juicy, you gotta get it together. She’ll only give you a massage and send you packing if you keep it up.”

Juice squinted his eyes in confusion as he looked at his blue eyed brother.

“But that’s what I’m here for…a massage…”

Tig’s eyes sparkled as he grinned, shaking his head and leaning closer to Juice, his voice low.

“You’re here for a massage with a happy ending, if you know what I mean. We already spoke to her. Y/N is gonna show you a good time, help you release more than just those kinks in your neck.”

Tig pushed his shoulder into Juice’s, shoving him and waggling his eyebrow suggestively.

“But you gotta play into her. Be calm, be cool. Quit stuttering. Just lay on that charm and she’ll do anything you want.”

Juices eyes were wide as he looked between his brothers, both of them nodding even though Chibs had no idea Tig was going to say that. He just wanted to help Juice let loose, not lie to the kid and get his hopes up. Tig didn’t give Chibs the chance to intercept though and pushed Juice forward towards the rooms.

“Go get em Juicy. We’ll be out here.”


Two soft knocks sounded, knocking Juice out of his daydream about you and what it was that you were going to do to him.

“Come in!”

You swung up open the door slowly and smiled as you walked in, a small basket of supplies in your arms.

“You ready?”

Juice nodded and you placed your basket down on the stand beside the massage table.

“Good. I’m just gonna set this all up, you can hop on the table while I get everything ready.”

Juice held onto his towel and quickly climbed into the bed face down as you stood all the lotions and oils up on the stand, turing on the radio to play the usual relaxing sounds of nature. Grabbing the jar of warm oil, you poured some into your hand and turned towards Juice, rubbing your hands together.

“So this is your first time here?”

“Yep. Never even heard of this place.”

“It’s a bit of a hole in the wall but we get things done.”

Juice gulped at your words but you didn’t notice, no double entendres meant in your words. You were a massage therapist that helped with rehabilitation mostly but you’d switched over to the spa recently, the workload a little lighter.

You brought your hands down to his neck and began to gently work your fingers, finding a knot on the right side almost immediately. You worked at it, a soft sigh leaving Juice’s lips. You could tell he wasn’t really one for words so you kept your talking to a minimum, just wanting him to let loose. Slowly you felt his body start to relax, his shoulders not as stiff as you finally worked out that knot, your hands now working down and around his back. His skin was warm and soft, even without the oil and you found yourself actually paying attention to every little detail rather than just going through the motions like usual.

You noticed how muscular and toned his back was, how broad his shoulders looked, even laying down. You moved your hands up and down his back all the way to his hips before getting started on his arms. You rubbed all along his biceps then his forearms and then began to massage his hands before pulling back slightly.

“I’m going to move the towel up a little so I can get the back of your thighs, is that alright?”

“Yeah that’s fine.”

You folded the edge of the towel up twice, just covering his butt and exposing his thighs, which you noticed were also toned just like the rest of him. They were thicker and full of muscle unlike some men who seemed to only focus on their upper half in the gym and you found it becoming increasingly harder to focus. You tried to push through and simply dig your fingers gently into the muscles, working out any tension that was built up. Running your fingers along his thighs once more, you pulled your hands back and cleared your throat.

“Uh, you can turn over now and I’ll get started on the front.”

The biker lifted his head and nodded, turning over on the table slowly. You grasped the towel and held it over him to cover as he turned before letting it lay flat as he situated himself. Relaxing back on the table, he let his arms lay at his sides tensely. You scrunched your brows, wondering what had gotten him so on edge after he’d been as relaxed as he was. Suddenly your eyes caught the tent lifting up the towel slightly at his hips and you smiled lightly.

“Don’t be embarrassed, it happens. Honestly. It’s pretty common actually. Your body is reacting to being caressed and relaxed,”

You got more oil on your hands and began to run your hands over his chest, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallowed.

“It’s perfectly natural and ok. In fact, I think I’d be a offended if you weren’t at least a little excited with me touching you.”

You laughed softly and so did he, the thick tension in the air dissipating as you continued to massage along his pecs, moving down to his tummy. The more your fingers traveled along his body, the harder he got and the more needy you found your hands growing. This had long since stopped being a purely professional appointment and was now more about this growing sense of lust and attraction filling the room. You’d been doing massages for various sons for some time now and yet you had always kept things strictly professional and ethical, even when the gorgeous Jax Teller had come in to see you all glittering eyes and sweet talk. This Son on your table though might just be the lucky one.

You slid your hands down his tummy to his hips, placing your hands on the growing tent sticking up from the towel. His eyes quickly shifted up to meet yours and a smile formed when he saw no signs of you joking.

“So are my massages really that good?”

“They are. It’s more you though.”


“Yeah. You’re beautiful. And your hands are so soft.”

You nodded and thanked him with a light squeeze, his hips jolting up slightly. You gripped the edge of the towel in your fingers and looked up to see his eyes, his blown out pupils giving you the OK. With a tug, the towel slipped off of him and left him entirely exposed to you. Wasting no time, you reached forward and wrapped both hands around him, the oil slicking up his shaft and making obscene sounds as you pumped. Juice head fell back against the table and he left his eyes slip closed, the feeling of your hands so soft and warm, destroying any self control he had. His hips swiveled and bucked up into your hands as you smiled, leaning down to kiss him on the side of his mouth. He tried to turn his head to catch your lips but you were too quick and pulled away before he had the chance, a sly smile spreading across your lips.

You began to work you hands faster, stoking him with tighter fists as he writhed beneath you.

“Fuck, that feels good.”

His own hand reached out to grab onto you, any where he could and he settled for your shoulder. You squeezed your thighs together at his touch and moans and started rotating your wrists in opposite directions as you stroked him, a shudder coursing through his body as his back arched slightly off of the table.

“J-Jesus Christ.”

You could feel he was close, his whole body tensing up as he neared his release.

“Come on Juice. Come for me.”

His hand on your shoulder gripped you tighter, looking for something to cling to and you leaned down, finally pressing your lips against his. He kissed you urgently, a deep groan rumbling in his throat as he spilled over onto your hands, his abs contracting as he came. You kept stroking him, dragging on his orgasm and working him through it until he shuddered, overstimulated. Pulling both your hands from his cock and your lips from his, you stood up straight and looked down at him as he laid there, eyes heavy and a smile on his face.

Letting him rest, you pulled a warm towel out of the heater and began to wipe him down, cleaning both the oil and his release from his skin before cleaning your hands as well. When you were finished, you tossed the towel into the trash and patted his chest gently.

“Take as long as you need to recover. You can go ahead and just leave when you’re ready, Chibs covered the cost.”

He nodded weakly and sat up on the table, a goofy smile on his lips as he watched you start to leave the room.

“Nice meeting you. Thanks, for this.”

You turned to look at him over your shoulder and threw him a wink.

“You’re welcome. Come back and see me.”

Chibs Telford - Sneaking Around


Imagine secretly being with Chibs until you get hurt one day. Chibs’s emotions make everyone believe there’s more than just friendship going on.

Some people would say you had nerves of steel while others would say you were just stupid. But regardless on whichever it was, you knew damn good and well that the man laying next to you was worth the risk.

It had been a very long day and both Chibs and you were beyond exhausted. Laying there next to him at the end of the day was - to you - one of the best ways to end it. You looked at the man laying next to you. The man that was old enough to be your father. The man that you knew your elder brother Jax, would skin alive if he ever found out about the two of you.

You were over eighteen, you weren’t stupid, but even though it made you an adult you knew Jax wouldn’t see it that way. Ever since Thomas’s death all those years ago, Jax had made sure to be extra big brother protective over you. It was tedious sometimes, mainly when he butted into your and Chibs’s time when the two of you were sneaking around the Club, but you both still made it work.

Chibs was different that was for sure. You liked how mature he was compared to some of the other guys in the Club, yet still holding a playful side when the time called for it. You loved how his hair was styled, the lines on his face, the scars, his eyes – you could lay there and name things all day long if you had the time. But what you had to love most about him, aside from his personality and his good looks, was his voice. His voice made you melt even if he was just yelling over something stupid that Juice had done.

The accent had you hooked from the get go.

You don’t know what you would ever do without the man laying beside you. Slowly closing your eyes you sighed and rolled into him and felt his arm wrap around your body while he was still sleeping. You fell asleep with a smile upon your lips that night.

The next morning you woke up to not having Chibs by your side. You weren’t suprised, knowing he had to leave before his Brother’s came looking for him and found you and him together – that wouldn’t be good at all.

Climbing out of bed you got ready for the day before proceeding outside of the clubhouse and finding chibs sitting there on the picnic table alongside Tig, Opie, and your brother. Looking across the parking lot you seen Clay and your mom standing in the doors of the garage.

“Mornin’ sleepy head.”

Jax teased as you walked out and stood beside Chibs at the table. You scoffed and rolled your eyes before you sent him a playful glare.

“I manage to sleep in for one day, and I’m instantly a sleepy head. What does that make you then, Jackson?”

Opie and Chibs both chuckled. Jax just smirked and hopped up off the table before grabbing you around your neck and pulling you around in a playful manner. You squealed and squirmed as you hit Jax on the arm and tried to break free. As he pulled you around in circles by the headlock he had you in he could hear the guys laughing.

You yelled for him to stop, which only caused Jax to laugh harder. You started to get dizzy and lightheaded from all the spinning. Your stomach started to do flips and you couldn’t tell up from down.

“Jackson! Stop God damn it!”

You yelled and he finally let you go. But that was a mistake as you couldn’t walk right and your balance was shit which caused you to stumble and hit the edge of the picnic table and catch your ankle on the edge. You screamed out in pain as you tried to turn around to grab the edge of the table, but it only caused you to flip over the seat backwards falling onto your back and hitting your head on the cement flooring.


You heard several of the guys call out as you laid there motionless. You were so dizzy you didn’t even want to open your eyes, let alone move. You felt someone remove your foot from being stuck on the bench and pulled you up into their arms.

“Y/N? Y/N!?”

You felt their hand run through the back of your hair before yelling your name in panic. You groaned and batted your eyes open to see Chibs sitting on the floor and holding you up. You blinked a few times more before looking confused.

“Is that – Is that bl–blood?”

You asked before passing out as you felt light headed.

You woke up in one of the back rooms with your head bandaged up. You groaned as you ran your hand along the bandage.

“I wouldn’t do that, baby.”

You looked over and seen your mother sitting on the edge of your bed. Gemma looked at you with a frown as you lowered your hand back down.

“What happened?”

“You fell over the picnic table rough housing with Jax and split the back of your head clean open, baby. Tara came over and stitched you up, took eleven stitches for the gash you had.”

She explained. You groaned again feeling the pain throbbing in the back of your skull.

“That’s not all either baby…” Gemma said causing you to look at her. “Chibs has a busted lip.”

You raised a brow. What did she mean Chibs had a busted lip? Gemma had seen you didn’t understand what she was talking about so she continued.

“Jax found out about you and Chibs sneaking around. Both Jax and Clay lost it. Jax yelled while Clay – Clay actually popped Chibs in the mouth.”

You gasped and tried to sit up only to have Gemma push you back into the bed.

“Calm down baby it’s okay. I talked to them both and even though they don’t like it – they’ve accepted the fact that you’re gonna do what you wanna do. You’re not a little girl anymore, you’re a grown woman. Don’t get me wrong baby, I don’t like it either – but at least you didn’t go for Tig.”

She chuckled at the end. You felt more at ease now after hearing that she had taken care of things while you were knocked out cold. You still felt bad about what happened with Chibs, but apparently his emotions had gotten the better of him and the cat was out of the bag.

Regardless of how it had happened, everyone finding out, the good news now was the two of you didn’t have to sneak around anymore. Back news, you were probably gonna get a talking to from both Jax and Clay.

[ Request: Chibs imagine, where he’s watching his twin daughters while his wife is at work and it’s kinda tough ] - i didn’t know how old you wanted the twins to be, so I decided to make them toddlers to give him a little extra slice of hell. 😂 

“You sure you can handle them all day, babe?” you asked. You turned to your husband who was leaned against the doorway, watching you with a smile as you applied your makeup in the bathroom mirror. “I mean, I’m not going to be home until at least five, and they can be a lot to handle for just one person.” 

You were getting ready to leave for work when your nanny had called and said she couldn’t watch your twins today. Chibs insisted he could stay home with them so you wouldn’t have to miss work, but you weren’t sure he really knew what he was signing up for. Your daughters were just a few weeks shy of four, and they were 100% energy all the time. As much as you loved your girls, you knew they were more than a handful, and they left behind a trail of chaos wherever they went. 

Today would be the first time Chibs had stayed with both of the girls entirely on his own, and you were skeptical of how he was going to handle it. Chibs may have been able to deal with all the shit that happened with the club, but three-year-old twin girls were an entirely different story.

“I’ve dealt with much worse,” he laughed, “I think I can handle my own girls.” He flashed you a toothy grin before leaning over and placing a kiss on your forehead. “Don’t worry, love.”

You smirked and turned back to the mirror. “If you say so.” 


“Aye, stop running in the house, loves,” Chibs groaned. He pushed his hair back and sighed loudly as he collapsed onto the couch. He had never witnessed two children with as much energy as these two seemed to have, and they were wearing him out. The moment one kid mellowed out, the other was off somewhere getting into trouble. He couldn’t seem to keep up with them, and he was convinced they were multiplying. It’s like they were challenging each other to see who could make their dad wave the white flag first, and he was at a loss. He was amazed that you managed to have the energy to chase down two toddlers every single day. It had only been a few hours, and they were already kicking his ass.

“Daddy!” a soft little voice called from somewhere in the hallway. 

Chibs looked up in confusion. There was now just one of the twins sitting on the living room rug. “Shit,” he mumbled to himself, wondering how the other child had managed to sneak off so quickly without him noticing. He stood from the couch and walked down the hallway. The second twin was standing at the end of the hallway, a crayon in her hand and a grin on her face. Chibs made a face. He already knew what had happened. 

“Daddy, look!” the precious child exclaimed.

Chibs pursed his lips and turned his eyes to the wall. Your child had drawn what Chibs could only assume was an artistic representation of how he felt right now. The squiggles and lines went halfway down the hall. The little girl looked up at her father, her brown eyes bright and excited. She was clearly proud of her work. Chibs couldn’t even be mad at her. Especially not with a face like that.

“I see, love,” he told her, flashing her a loving smile. The little girl’s eyes may have looked like Chibs’, but the way they shone with excitement and wonder reminded him of you. 

He let out another loud sigh and scooped the toddler up from the floor, walking towards the kitchen to grab any cleaning products that might help remove the new decorations on your walls. He loved his daughters more than he could ever explain, but he couldn’t wait until you finally got home.


You opened your front door to reveal Chibs standing in the middle of the living room. His hair was a mess, and his eyes were wide and distraught. He looked like he had just emerged from battle, weary and defeated. You couldn’t help but smirk at his appearance. You had given him fair warning after all.

“Jesus Christ.” Chibs dropped the toys he had been holding in both of his hands. He crossed the living room and enveloped you in a tight hug. “I’ve never been so happy to see you, love,” he mumbled against your shoulder. He looked up at you, a bewildered expression on his face. “I don’t know how you do it,” he continued, shaking his head. “Our children are absolute heathens.” 

You let out an amused laugh and pulled back from your husband. “Tough day, huh?” 

He nodded his head. “They’re a lot to keep up with.” 

You playfully rolled your eyes and walked into the living area, glancing around the room. “Speaking of keeping up with them, where are our kids, babe?” 

Chibs sighed and tiredly flopped himself down onto the couch. “They’re sleeping like little angels now.” He watched you sink down onto the couch beside him. “You’re amazing, you know that?”

You kicked off your shoes and snuggled up beside your old man. A smirk played at your lips. “Yeah, I know.” 

“Honestly, I don’t know how you do it,” he continued. He took your hand in his and raised it to his lips, placing a kiss on the back. “You’re a saint, love.” 

Chibs looked down at you as you lay with your head against his chest. A proud smile formed on his lips. He knew now that he didn’t tell you nearly enough how much he appreciated you and everything you did for him and your girls. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was to have a woman as strong as you. 

You looked up at your old man and grinned. “Tell me more about how amazing I am.” 

Chibs pressed a kiss to the top of your head. “Anything for you, my love.”