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bellarkeismymockingjay  asked:

Hey! I was wondering if you'd like to discuss some of the parallels and similarities between Jasper Jordan's and Charlie Pace's arcs, especially in S4 (Jasper)/S3 (Charlie). I'd love to hear your thoughts on them and what they might mean for Jasper's arc this season.

I have many thoughts! And many feels. First off, let me say that back in the day I was one of the biggest Charlie obsessives in Lost fandom. I can’t quite believe it’s been almost a decade since Charlie’s death episode (it aired in May 2007). I also can’t believe I am going to be “celebrating” ten years since losing Charlie by almost certainly losing Jasper Jordan. As soon as I started watching this show I commented my old friend @cylune that Jasper was so blatantly the Charlie Pace of ‘The 100′. And whenever I find myself a surrogate Charlie character in a new fandom, I start worrying that this character will be doomed suffer and then die tragically. So it goes. Onto the parallels then.   

Firstly Charlie and Jasper are very much the same stock of character. They are the snarky sidekicky beta males. They’re the ones with no special survival skills, they are not tough guys or super-brains, they are the underdogs of their groups. They have little control over their emotions. If they fall in love with a girl then they will be prepared to DIE for that girl even if they’ve only known said girl for a few weeks or days or hours. These boys wear their hearts on their sleeves. They’re good friends. The Charlie/Hurley bromance was very much the Jasper/Monty bromance of Lost. But Charlie and Jasper aren’t just cute little jokers. They’re both dark and broken. They are both addicts. Drugs and alcohol bring out the worst in them. They’re also both trauma victims.     

So first obvious parallel comes in Season 1s of both shows. Charlie and Jasper were both the first people to be attacked and almost killed by the Others and the Grounders. Both of them get strung up in trees as a warning to the rest of their camps. Charlie gets hanged by his neck but he doesn’t get the spearing Jasper gets. Saving Charlie and Jasper when it looked like they were goners is a big moment for doctor heroes, Jack and Clarke, who both need to save people for their own self-validation. After these near-death experiences, both suffer from PTSD, become fragile shells of themselves, then become unexpected badasses - Charlie shoots Ethan and sets his own head on fire, Jasper shoots the bomb, fires the Dropship rockets and leads a revolt in Mt Weather.

In S2 for Charlie and S3 for Jasper the characters hit rock bottom, alienate their friends, struggle with addiction issues and mental illness. Charlie was given the recovery story that Jasper’s never really had, but both seasons do at least end with them reconnecting with someone they love (Claire and Monty). Then in S3 for Charlie and S4 for Jasper both characters learn that they’re going to die. In Charlie’s case it’s him alone who gets marked for death, where as in Jasper’s case the world’s ending. But Jasper found out the world’s ending at the exact moment he was trying to commit suicide and he has always thought he was cursed so I can see why Jasper might have taken it personally and feel like the universe has got it in for him. Certainly the writers have got it in for him. He’s had two deleted death scenes already. So if Jasper dies in S4 it’s the writers who are course correcting and making death Jasper’s inevitable fate.  

I think it’s possible that writers realize that and that’s why they have chosen to mark Jasper with this obvious ‘Not Penny’s Boat’ stamp in an upcoming episode. It might be a clue that ‘Jasper’s Journey’ (to be a S4 DVD feature) might mirror Charlie’s journey in the end. Charlie went from being a funny sidekick, to being broken and traumatized, to being told he was doomed, to choosing to sacrifice his life to save his friends. Jasper’s been on that same arc apart from the ending and that death would seem like the best case scenario for Jasper at this stage. I say that, but then - I was never okay with Charlie dying and I don’t think I’ll ever be okay with Jasper dying either, especially when in Jasper’s case there is no time left for a recovery story and there’s no way to avoid Jasper’s death feeling like some form of suicide from a mentally ill teen.           

Well, that’s all I got. Please add your own thoughts on Charlie/Jasper parallels @bellarkeismymockingjay I’d love to hear them.